Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Loreal Paris Fall Resist Anti Dandruff shampoo

Hi Everyone, 

Loreal Paris Fall Resist Anti Dandruff shampoo Review

Does hair fall scare you?
Have you ever had dreams like you are getting bald....?
I often have such dreams and believe me there is nothing scarier than this. 
I have dry, thin and curly hairs, prone to frizz, dandruff and hairfall. 
However hard I try there is a cycle of hairfall and dandruff too and that always coincides. 
Again this time when I found that my scalp is getting deposits of thick sticky dandruff; hairfall, obviously had to start (dandruff being one of the main reasons behind).
Within few hairwashes, I was like loosing hair and dreaded more thining. 
I first concentrated on getting rid of Dandruff and started looking for something I have not tried so far.
Loreal Paris is a brand which hardly disappoints and I extremely loved its 6 Oil Nourish range. When I found an Anti dandruff Shampoo from Fall Repair Range, immediately picked it from the counter with great expectations.
So today I am reviewing Loreal Paris Fall Resist Anti Dandruff shampoo.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Richfeel Skin Logix Advanced Night Repair Serum

Hi Girls, 

My love for face oils and serums is not new for my readers. It always leads me to explore new options, brands everytime and this time its a Serum Again, from +Richfeel Trichology Centre .

Richfeel is a brand known for its Trichology- hair care consultations and solutions since so many years and it has forayed into skin care too with a wide range of products.
I have already tried Eye Cream from the brand and while searching for something light for night care as facial creams can also be heavy during summers so serums are the best choice. I came across this new Range- Skin Logix from Richfeel. This is Skin Logix Advanced Night Repair Serum with swiss apple stem cell.
Richfeel Skin Logix Advanced Night Repair Serum Review

Price- 749 INR for 25 ml. Reasonably priced as compared to other serums in the market. Available on shopping sites like Nykaa, Amazon etc.
Although I could not find any information about the product or the range from their website but gathered little information from the shopping site. 


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