Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wass’up these days?-OCM….Clean & Pamper your Skin.

As soon as I started realizing that I should be little more serious about my skin care and physical fitness, I delved into all possible online sources to find all GOOD ways of finding methods for skin care, makeup and fitness regime for me. Apart from maintaining a healthy lifestyle its essential that skin should be kept clean and with some topical treatments as well.

OMG! All what I came across was little difficult to believe yet an amazing way to SKIN CARE. Can you believe it was Oil Cleansing Method, popularly known as OCM.  Although it’s hard to believe that how OIL can be a good cleaning agent…..when it is one of the biggest culprits!!!!  Cleaning your face with oil....have I gone crazy, No Way! When whole world is looking for oil free skin care products why would I do this folly? But but but the answer lies here-----


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