Views and Reviews would be an integral part of my blog but those would be solely mine. 
Since these are personal views hence does not apply universally for all others hence personal wisdom and discretion is advised.
Words, articles, recommendations, reviews and views are not influenced by any person or agency as such even if i review a PR sample. Usually products reviewed are my purchase for self use. In case of a PR or Promotional sample Review, would be separately communicated as 'sponsored post' at the end of post. I do not personally promote or endorse any brand or product. Views & reviews are not meant to offend any brand, person, Community or Religion.

In case of Images used, most of them (as marked) would be mine but i pick images from public sources like Google or other websites which i specifically mention in my posts. In case if you are the owner of the image, you may contact me to remove those.

Information and updates regarding products, places or people are picked from sources open to public and hence does not call for any legal binding or copyright unless specifically mentioned in the post.

Views expressed are absolutely fair, unbiased & genuine even if i am reviewing or expressing my views & experiences about some sources, supplies or vendors.

If you have any queries, please mail me at meghasaundaryasansar@gmail.com which will surely be replied as soon as possible.


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