Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Facial Oil: Kaircin from Kairali Ayurvedic

Hi All, 

While sharing my Great Grand Mother's beauty secrets, my grandmother used to tell that how she used to apply things available in kitchen like butter milk for cleansing and detaning, Ghee for hair massage and Almond oil for skin. 
She was very particular about applying ghee/almond oil to skin to keep it healthy and glowing. Later I also started using oils and found how good they are contrary to the usual belief that they may harm oily/acne prone skin. Infact my skin is far better since i have started using oils on face. 
I usually keep one or two kinds of facial oils along with several carrier and essential oils for my own DIY's for face oils. I can say i cant think of day going out or sleeping without ,my favourite oils on my face. 
So today again i am sharing one of the recent face oil i have tried and tested- it is Kaircin from Kairali Ayurvedics. 
If you are following my blog posts, you must have read about Eladi Thaliam from Kairali which became an absolute favourite as body oil. Even I have tried the oil on face too and it worked really well. SO this prompted me to try their Face Oil- Kaircin. 

Kaircin Face Oil Review

Price- INR 700 for 10ml. Available online on purplle and the company website.
Company Claims and Usage Directions- 

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

DIY: Anti Frizz and Curl Boosting Hair Spray

Hi Girls, 
Today I will be sharing one of my favourite and most used hair care has been really the one helping me in several ways- 
1. its controls my extremely frizzy hair
2. it conditions too to reduce dryness
3. it helps me revive my curls when i have not washed my hairs
4. last but not least, makes my hair smell sooooo good. 
DIY: Anti Frizz and Curl Boosting Hair Spray

Thursday, 13 July 2017

My Body Shop Mini Haul and The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid- Goa Magnolia (026)

My Body Shop Mini Haul
The Body Shop Mini Haul
Hi Girls, 
Finally Monsoon has arrived in its full bloom....its green everywhere. 
North Indians usually call it- Saavan. Month of celebrations and makeovers...
Entire wardrobe takes 360 degree turn from soft soothing mild pastel shades to bright, popping colours and heavy accessories. 
You automatically get attracted to bright colours, deep stronger citrusy fragrances and the same happened to me too. Latest addition of Pinks, purplles in my wardrobe and i guess yet to grab more- probably a leheriya sari. I dont know but these days I am little more obsessed to bright pinks and purplles. In this obsession, i have bought so many lippies in shades of pinks-purplles. (if you have my read my last few posts, you know this)
Last time when I went to The Body Shop outlet, obviously could not resist myself, why??
Reason #1- The Body Shop has recently launched their new range of Matte lip liquids and that too in INR 695....whooooohoooo, probably the most inexpensive one in their range.
Reason #2- Who would say no to TBS Fragrances and when you catch hold of your favoruites Citrus one.
Reason#3- Hair Care and Skin Care from TBS is a must buy. cant leave without buying atleast one. 
Last but not least----Its THE BODY SHOP, who would say -NO???

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Cleansers: Hits or Misses

Drugstore Cleansers Review

Hi Everyone, 

Today its about some common Cleansers which I have been using quite often lately and if they really worked or not??
These are most commonly available ones- can say Drugstore brands. 
Reason behind using them- all of them are not only cleansers but were claimed to be packed with targeted actions like acne clearing or Blemish or dark spots fading etc
And as I said in the post topic- some were real big Hits for me and some....thumbs down!!!!


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