Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Colouring your Hairs?...Get Salon shine with BBLUNT Salon Secrets

BBLUNT Salon Secrets- High Shine Creme Colour-Review

if you like your colour vibrant, rich and deep (who doesn't) this new salon secret is for you. The shine will blow your mind. - Adhuna B, founder BBLUNT

BBLUNT holds an indispensable place in my hair care regime and I just cant live without my BBLUNT curl defining cream. So when the brand approached me for trying their new BBLUNT hair color, my reply was all affirmative. Although I am not a hair colour user but my Man is. And He has probably tried all possible hair colour brands- from Loreal, Garnier, streax and so on. This time we were already looking for a brand which could be better option.
So today it is BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Colour on my review table- A revolution in At-home hair colour (199 INR). The brand intends to offer salon quality hair colour and that too with added shine and an affordable price tag too.
Easily Available online while I am not sure if it has hit the retail counters. The hair colour set is an attractive unique pack in pearly sky blue and silver carton. BBLUNT hair colour system claims to be free of ammonia and with 100% grey coverage along with soft and shiny hair with lasting upto 8 weeks. 

Sunday, 25 December 2016

LA Girl Pro Conceal: Pure Beige

My first tryst with makeup was when I gave my first stage appearance for my dance show. I still remember when I went to market with my mom (who herself was total naive in makeup knowledge),all what we bought with our little so-called knowledge- blush (earlier called rouge), a lipstick and a foundation. And my first makeup teacher was my dance teacher who taught me what is makeup?

LA Girl Pro Conceal: Pure Beige Review

During the years my love for makeup was more of nail paints and Kajals and now, its not just makeup, its all an art of discovering new self. I am trying all possible makeup products which helps me give a clear radiant finish without being heavy. Recently I tried LA Girl Pro Conceal in the shade Pure Beige to conceal the acne spots and blemishes. 

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Voylla Handmade Artistic Jewelry Haul from Myntra.com: My shopping experience

Voylla Handmade Artistic Jewelry Haul from Myntra.com: My shopping experience

This month I did a huge haul from cosmetics, skin care to jewelry and so much more!. No it was not just SALE going on with online shopping sites, I had a valid reason- It was my Anniversary Month!
Being my readers, you must be already aware of my craze for designer traditional but quirky pieces of art. So when I found this new section of Voylla- studio voylla, which specialises in handmade designer jewelry.
All What Studio Voylla is about-
Handcrafted masterpieces, affordable luxury, unique artistic jewelry from some of the finest designers in the country are now at your finger tips with Studio Voylla. Created by a team of exceptional designers, crafts people and connoisseurs of style, Studio Voylla features limited edition jewelry for those who know their style from fashion fads and are willing to spark a trend rather than just follow it. Each piece of jewelry has been crafted exclusively for Voylla, the leading digital-first fashion jewelry brand in the sub-continent. Each piece is meant to start a conversation with its outstanding karigari and lyrical aesthetic. Not just the exquisite jewelry, the prices too will add a sparkle to your smile.

The studio features designs under various collections and as I saw, developed an immediate sense of fondness for their Kutch and Madhubani Collection. Although the other collections were also impressive and unique with a concept behind and hence were named so like Rangrezz, Darbari, Jaipur, Warrior Princess etc.  I picked few pieces of my choice but was disappointed to find them out of stock!
I grew so desperate with the designs that I kept an eye if the piece comes back in stock but no..... 

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Remedies for a cleaner scalp with natural ingredients

remedies to clean itchy, infected scalp

Hi Girls, 
If you keep struggling with your dandruff which recurs every few months or you are embarrassed when your scalp gets too itchy to resist.  
Today its all about hair care-I will be sharing some easy home remedies to treat itchy and infected scalp. I have been trying these remedies recently and was pleased to find satisfactory results. 
Although You may find several medicated and herbal treatments in the market to treat the scalp but then the results are temporary and moreover putting so much of chemicals on the scalp calls for other troubles. 
In my case, I have dry hairs and dandruff prone scalp, in attempt to keep my hairs free of dryness and frizz, I use a lot of conditioning products and probably the reason why my scalp catches infection. This time its all about remedies with NATURAL ingredients- 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Just Herbs FAIR'E mulethi-Khus skin lightening gel

Just Herbs FAIR'E mulethi-Khus skin lightening gel Review

I have had this affinity for Just Herbs since the day I was introduced to the brand with its product- Just Herbs Fagel Gel. Since then Just Herbs has booked a permanent slot in my skin care regime. 
Herbal and Chemical free products has been always been my first picks and Just Herbs lives up to the expectations- not only by ingredients but its results too. 
Today I will be reviewing Just Herbs FAIR'E skin lightening gel with Mulethi and Khus for oily to combination skin. (INR 545 for 50 gms). Available on the company website and other online stores too.
I have acne prone oily to combination skin which goes erratic during summers and my cystic acne never leaves me alone even in winters at times. While I was using Just Herbs Plump Up day gel during the day for hydration and anti ageing effects, needed something light and targeted to remove acne spots and blemishes with hydration for night. I got hold of this FAIR'E. While reading about this on site, you will find these details- 

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Makeup Revolution Eye Palette- What You Waiting For

Makeup Revolution Eye Palette- What You Waiting For-Review, Swatches

Last few weeks gave me several opportunities to try out many of my recent makeup purchases- Anniversary, Weddings etc. One such Makeup product is My Makeup Revolution Eye Palette. Although I bought it few months back but I needed to apply and test this atleast for 2-3 times to give my verdict...

So today it is a Makeup product review- An Eye Shadow Palette from +MAKEUP REVOLUTION INDIA , it is What You Waiting for. MRP- 1350 INR for 13g but you can get this at attractive discounts online at Nykaa, Jabong etc. 

Makeup Revolution Eye Palette- What You Waiting For-Review, Swatches

Makeup Revolution Eye Palette- What You Waiting For- Review, Swatches

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

SOS Organics Handcrafted Luxury Bath Soap- Frangipani

SOS Organics Handcrafted Luxury Bath Soap- Frangipani Review

Hi Everyone, 
Skincare freak like me never leaves a chance to try any skincare product which comes across. And the best is window shopping while you are on trip. Last time I shared Mitti Se scrub along with which there was one more Natural and Organic product I bought.
This is another Bath and Body product from +SOS Organics. So today it is a soap- SOS Organics Handcrafted Luxury Bath Soap- Frangipani. (INR 140 for 11 gms). 

SOS organics believes in Natural and chemical free living and hence in pursuit of providing chemical free, organic and pure form of food and cosmetics. 
You can find more about the company at their site http://sosorganics.com and can buy products from their site. Minimum order value should be INR 750 with free shipping.

Friday, 2 December 2016

The Faces Shop in india, My Haul: Demyang Bamboo 99% gel, Rose water perfumed hand cream

The Face Shop Haul Review
Hi Everyone, 
If you all have been reading and following beauty blog world, you must be aware how Korean brands are becoming a rave in beauty world and one such brand is THE FACE SHOP. 
While adding other stuff to my cart at Amazon, added this recent entrant in Indian Market. 
I got two skin care products- 
1. Demyang Bamboo 99% Fresh Soothing gel.
2. Rose water Eau De Rose daily perfumed hand cream 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Mitti Se...Wild Essence Face Scrub- Fights Acne, Exfoliates and Rejuvenate Cells

Hi Everyone, 

Its not everyday that you spare time for yourself- just for ME only. Pampering yourself needs time- but who says so???
For Me its not that, not anymore. I have reserved time for myself in my daily routine. Simple effective products and DIY's made it easier. So today I will be sharing one such effective and simple product, from +Mitti Se

Mitti Se Wild Essence Face Scrub Review

It is Mitti Se...Wild Essence Face Scrub- Fights Acne, Exfoliates and Rejuvenate Cells. (Price-  40 gms for 190 INR) easily available online.
A couple of months back I got this while on my business trip to bhopal and as i have read a lot about the brand and its organic products- got hold of this. 
Mitti Se means 'From the Earth'.
We offer Pure, Natural and highly effective Body Care, Cleaning & Health products which are free from harmful, toxic chemicals. 
You can find more about the brand here at www.mittise.com

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Stay Hydrated and Fresh with Loreal Paris Hydrafresh Deep Boosting Essence

Loreal Paris Hydrafresh Deep Boosting Essence Review

Hi Everyone, 

Advent of winters gives you a chance to explore n number of things to try on your skin, you hardly have the fear of breaking out rather my skin, it starts getting dry, patchy and craves for extra moisture. Still I have a combination skin prone to acne so caution is must where hydrating and moisturising skin without making it greasy and oily is a challenge. 
So today I will be sharing one of the recent hydrating formula i have tried from one of my favourite brands- +LOrealParisIndia 
This is Loreal Paris Hydrafresh Deep Boosting Essence (INR 685 for 50 ml)
I was eyeing this since quite long for the reason it was gel based and claims to have hyaluronic acid for better hydration. 

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

My Pepperfry.com site haul & Review

Hi Everyone, 
Being a working woman, we are on toes all time and when its family- kid, hubby and so much of daily chores, you have to be geared up with all types of tools, aids which may help you or save your time and energy- online shopping is one such thing. 
Every of my stuff (leaving clothing) i am heavily relying on online shopping these days, it saves so much of my time and energy and of course money. This time again when I was looking to replace my kitchen stuff, I was ll out if time so Tried some new sites for kitchen stuff. 
Pepperfry.com haul and review

One site which I liked was- www.Pepperfry.com (+Pepperfry.com)
1. Amazingly large variety of home utilities- from furniture, decor, furnishings, kitchen,      Garden and even for kids. 
2. Free Shipping
3. Browse and choose from wide range of bespoke styles.
4. Wide variety of pretty kids stuff- I loved those cute furnishing stuff.
5. Easy Returns- although i did not try that.
6. They are currently running- CASH ME NOT Offer too. 

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Tresemme Spa Rejuvenation- Nourish and Revive Conditioner

Hi Girls, 

Today I will be reviewing one of my recent favourites from Hair Care segment- Hair conditioner. I have very dry, rough, curly and frizzy hairs and its pretty difficult to maintain such hairs. Specially for people like me who prefer leaving hairs in their natural form i.e no artificial treatments like ironing, straightening or even combing. I usually comb my hairs while oiling otherwise I leave them as it is after washing. 
Tresemme Spa Rejuvenation- Nourish and Revive Conditioner Review

When I got to know about this range - Spa Rejuvenation from +TRESEMME . I was excited to try that and as usual, i picked conditioner. So its about Tresemme Spa Rejuvenation- Nourish & Revive Conditioner. Its been more than 3 months I am using this conditioner. 
Price- INR 204 for 200 ml. Easily available online and on retail counters too.
Why use rejuvenation conditioner?
Nourish your scalp and give your hair the benefits of a spa at home. our fresh, scented, professional grade formulas, infused with hydrating marine minerals complex and essential nutrients, deeply nourish your scalp. Result: your hair is moisturized and conditioned. it is detangled and beautifully soft to touch. 

Saturday, 5 November 2016

My jewellery haul from Ozanoo.com//Giveaway Closed

Artificial SIlver Jewellery haul from Ozanoo.com

Hi Girls, 
Today its about my Jewellery love again. If you are reading my blog since long then my craze for antique silver jewels is not new for you. 
My jaipur visit was the last I bought some awesome silver jewels and again this time I came across an this site- Ozanoo.com
Its a group of people from Jaipur who went online from 9th July with an aim to provide exclusive and designer stuff at affordable prices.
Artificial SIlver Jewellery haul from Ozanoo.com

Monday, 10 October 2016

Two Neem Face washes in your Anti Acne regime- Jovees Vs Himalaya Herbals

Jovees Neem Face Wash and Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Wash Review

Neem is considered as one of the best anti bacterial agent and works wonders in infections and all kind of skin infections. Indians use it in all possible ways to keep the infections at bay. Just pluck fresh new leaves of neem and grind them to apply on scalp and you will be suprised to find a cleaner dandruff free scalp while applying the same paste on skin would dry up pimples and pustules. Take fresh twig and brush it on your teeth to them free of bacterial attack.
But when this benefit comes in a ready pack, you don't have to put so much of effort just apply and you are sorted! Here is one such solution- Neem face washes. It hardly happens that I miss a Neem face wash and Anti Acne regime is not complete without a neem product.

Today its about two popular Indian Brands-Jovees +Jovees Herbal India  and Himalaya Herbals +Himalaya Store . 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Maybelline Color Show nail enamel- Coral Craze, Nude Skin

Hi Girls, 

Today I am sharing my views on recent nail enamels I have tried- They are from +Maybelline New York India  and this is one of their popular range - Maybelline Color Show. 
Earlier I have tried their Go Graffiti- Blue Beats and was really impressed with the quality and performance. This time I have chosen subtle shades which can be used as ideal office wear. So lets see how this looked on my nails...
Maybelline Color Show nail enamel- Coral Craze Review, swatches

Maybelline Color Show nail enamel- Coral Craze Review

Maybelline Color Show nail enamel- Nude Skin Review, Swatches

Maybelline Color Show nail enamel- Nude Skin Review

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Fabindia Fragrances- Citrus Rush Body Spray and Wild Rose Perfume Oil

Fabindia Fragrances- Citrus Rush Body Spray and Wild Rose Perfume Oil Review

Hi All, 
Waiting at Airport for flight gives you real good chance to explore amazing stuff for Window shopping and who would say- No. 
While my friend was busy looking for bluetooth speakers and spent lot of time trying and testing the available brands and options, I spotted the small store- fabindia . Although fabindia has store in Indore too but I hardly get time to go there. 
The fabindia counter was too small with limited stock, I am a fan of their stuff from clothes to accessories but somehow I always close on- personal care products. 
This time What I got- Body Spray in Citrus Rush and Perfume Oil in Wild Rose. 

Friday, 23 September 2016

Just Organik Gulab Chandan (Rose-Sandal)- Handmade Soap with essential oils

Hi Everyone, 
Just Organik Gulab Chandan (Rose-Sandal)- Handmade Soap with essential oils, Review

What is your favourite bath essential? Something which you indulge in and carries you away from your world of pain, fatigue and worries. 
My favourite is handmade soaps and if they are with my favourite set of ingredients- its icing on cake!!!
Today its one of my bath essentials- you guessed it right!- Handmade Soap. 
it is from +justorganik . This is Just Organik Gulab Chandan (Rose-Sandal)- Handmade Soap with essential oils. 
Price- 82 INR for125 gms. Although I bought this from joybynature.com but it is available on the company site, you can buy it here.
Sandalwood or Chandan oil retains moisture levels. Skin friendly cleanser with the fragrance of rose & sandal.

Key Ingredients- Gulab Petals, Chandan Perfume, Soap base, essential oil. 
What is the soap base and which essential oils are used is not clearly mentioned. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye definer- 230 Deep Ocean

Hi Girls, 
Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye definer- 230 Deep Ocean Review and Swatches

Last few days I have been trying few makeup products and if you might have not missed, my last review was of Lipsticks. Usually I try to stick to basic products and that too -pocket friendly so that there is no second thought about trying it for women at home or college going girls.
Today again its a makeup product and for women like me who loves defining their eyes, may not be with a heavy makeup but a liner, khol and mascara is staple. 
So its a Eye liner aka Eye definer from +RimmelLondon
It is Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye definer in shade 230 Deep Ocean. 
Price- 345 INR for o.28 gms. Easily Available online but I have not yet seen this on counters.

Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye definer- 230 Deep Ocean Review and Swatches

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Faces Go Chic Lipsticks- Chestnut Brown and Seude Pink-Review and Swatches

Hi Everyone,

Faces Go Chic Lipsticks- Chestnut Brown and Seude Pink-Review and Swatches

Today I will be sharing my views on a makeup product, something which I is not must have for me but then its needed at times to finish the look. Here I am talking about- lipsticks and it is from Faces. 
Faces Cosmetics is known for its affordable and quality products and has gradually become popular in India Market. I will be reviewing two of the Faces Cosmetics Lipsticks from Go Chic range- Chestnut brown and Seude Pink. 
Price- 275 INR for 4gms. It is easily available online and retail counters. Buy here from Flipkart at 20% discount.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Crystal Heels//Comfortwear-Slip ons

Hi Girls, 
Local Shopping- Cyrstal Heels Slip Ons

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!
The word just excites, isnt'it but I guess its usually for we Women. For me, shopping is fun, adventure but more than that- stressbuster. If in stress, I prefer shopping and I am all sorted, strange??? I don't think so. 
I can shop for hours, days and keep on going till I find my kind of stuff. But my choices end up to utility and comfort and then I don't mind compromising with brand too. That's how you never know where you may end up catching great treasure!!
This time my local shopping at Vikram Tower, Sapna Sangeeta Road in Indore was WOW! I  was wandering how come I did not come to this place while staying in Indore since years. Anyways this time it was dresses, rakhis, bangles and lot of chunky Jewels. But what I loved was SALE, yes! Sale on a footwear shop. 
I spotted these Slip Ons but then...that day I was so packed up that somehow resisted from buying. But thought of loosing the pair could not let me sleep. 
So going back to the market but luckily stopped by my cousin's place and while discussing the marketplace and stuff, she reaffirmed my choice and then this SLIP ON was in my hand.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Luster Dark Secrets...Is it a Dupe of Lush Dark Angels???

Hi Everyone,

Luster Dark Secrets Charcoal Scrub Review

Usual skincare routine says- Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising while a weekly routine involves - Scrubbing. 
I have pretty oily, acne prone skin (usually whiteheads) so scrubbing is one of the safe ways to get rid of extra deposits on my skin. And online shopping has given me far more options to explore varieties of scrubbing products. 
Today its a charcoal scrub from an Indian brand, Luster Skin Care- handmade beauty products. it is Luster Dark Secrets. 
Price- 290 INR for 100 gms. Available online. buy here at Amazon.
Reason why I bought this- it caught my attention as the packaging and labelling resembled a lot to Lush Dark Angels. And this gave a thought to try this even if it is dupe.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Tender EDT by All Good Scents...Review

It was quite long since I have bought a nice perfume. I was actually so much in love with my current stock of Giordani, FE etc that I forgot to try new ones. 
So while looking for some offers from my Favourite brand Oriflame, sudden flash came to my mind about - All Good Scents. 
If you remember, I tried their Fragrance Box and it was really good except the fact that before I could finish, they were almost gone.... evaporated.....
Anyways this time I made my mind to try an EDT from ALL Good Scents. 
SO here it is -- TENDER EDT from ALL GOOD SCENTS. (INR 750 for 50 ml)
you may buy this from the company website here but I got this from flipkart at 10% discount COD- here.

Tender EDT by All Good Scents. Review

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Nivea Total Face Cleanup 5

Hi All, 

Blogging is one such thing which helped me explore and nurture my love for beauty products. I just keep looking for something which would help me pamper and care my skin endlessly. Believe me, i can feel that my skin is far better than people of my age- blogging has made me aware, health conscious, diet conscious and lot more...
Today I am sharing my views about a skin cleanser from Nivea. it is Nivea Total Face Clean Up 5- Wash, Scrub, Pack, Oil Remover and Spot Reducer.

Nivea Total Face Cleanup 5 Review

Price- 50ml/57gms for INR 120. Easily available online and on retail stores.
The reason I picked this tube- it claims be an ALL-IN-ONE product and you dont need 5-6 products for a quick cleanup. 

NIVEA Pure Effect Total Face Cleanup enriched with Active Magnolia Extract provides you 5 benefits for pure and clear skin:
Unclogs pores
Removes blackheads
Reduces spots
Refines skin
Deep cleanses
Total Face Cleanup Regime in 5 Minutes:

Step 1: Apply the product to moistened face by smoothly massaging in upward circles focusing on forehead, nose & chin, avoiding the eye area.
Step 2: Spread evenly across face and leave it on for 3-4 minutes
Step 3: Rinse off with lukewarm water to get the perfect complexion
It can also be used individually as a Face wash every day, as a Scrub 3-4 times a week and as a Pack 2-3 times a week.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Salicylic Acid Foaming face wash- Saslic DS

Salicylic Acid Cleanser- Saslic DS Review

Hi Everyone, 
I am very fond of skin care products, more than even makeup. if you give me a chance to pick - I will always pick skin care products.
I keep hoarding face cleansers and if its meant for oily/combination/acne prone skin, its ought to be in my hands. But this time I somehow went out of stock and nearby medical store was an easy option. The sales person at medical store suggested this medicated cleanser usually prescribed by Dermas. 
So here lays in my hand- Saslic DS, foaming face wash from Cipla.
Price- 229.50 INR for 60ml. Easily available on medical stores.
The Cleanser is primarily salicylic acid cleanser as one of it major ingredients. It encourages the peeling of the top layer of the skin and opening up of the plugged follicles, which helps re-establish the normal skin- cell replacement cycle. Salicylic acid helps unclog pores to resolve and prevent lesions.
This cleanser is having two variants in the market- Saslic and Saslic DS.
Saslic DS has higher concentration of Salicylic acid and is meant for oily and acne prone skin.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Garnier Ultra Blends-Precious Herbs Shampoo & Mythic Olive Conditioner:Review

Hi Girls, 

Past few days were extremely hectic- job, family, blog and a lot of travelling, made me crazy. 
I was getting short of time and spending time on personal care somehow slipped to the bottom of my priority list. Still I was looking some fast and easy products specially for my hairs- something which could give desired results without much of efforts...as we all want.
Sales girl suggested that I should try this new Ultra Blends Range from +Garnier Skin Care .
Although I was looking for some herbal, chemical free and Paraben free formulations and bought this ULTRA BLENDS range along with some herbal shampoos.

Garnier Ultra Blends-Precious Herbs Shampoo & Mythic Olive Conditioner:Review

ULTRA BLENDS- the newly launched range hails its origin to a popular hair Care range- Ultra Doux from Garnier which was quite popular for hair softening and smoothing. This range has 5 types of Shampoo and conditioner Combo. 

1. Royal Jelly and Lavender
2. Precious herbs
3. Henna and Blackberry
4. Mythic Olive
5. Soy Milk & Almonds.

I picked - Garnier Ultra Blends Precious Herbs Shampoo as it claims to detoxify and revitalise while Garnier Ultra Blends Mythic Olive Conditioner for Hydration and Nourishment.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream

Hi All, 

Recently When Himalaya Herbals recently launched their face care range with a multitude of creams and gels with targeted effects. 
I was obviously lured as it was from one of the reliable brands and that too skin care....
I was looking for a good day cream and was looking for something tinted to hide my spots and hydrating without any greasy feeling so picked Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream- Lightens skin tone. Provides UV protection.

Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream review

Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream comes packed in a 50 gm jar and priced at 250 INR. Easily Available online at all major online shopping sites.
The brand claims- 
Himalaya’s Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream gives a radiant glow and brighter skin tone. Our day cream is light and non-greasy, enriched with unique herbal extracts and CINNABLOC™ to provide three effective actions:
Hydrates skin
Lightens skin tone
Clears complexion
The breakthrough herbal sunblock CINNABLOC™ provides UV protection and prevents skin darkening.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Loreal Paris Fall Resist Anti Dandruff shampoo

Hi Everyone, 

Loreal Paris Fall Resist Anti Dandruff shampoo Review

Does hair fall scare you?
Have you ever had dreams like you are getting bald....?
I often have such dreams and believe me there is nothing scarier than this. 
I have dry, thin and curly hairs, prone to frizz, dandruff and hairfall. 
However hard I try there is a cycle of hairfall and dandruff too and that always coincides. 
Again this time when I found that my scalp is getting deposits of thick sticky dandruff; hairfall, obviously had to start (dandruff being one of the main reasons behind).
Within few hairwashes, I was like loosing hair and dreaded more thining. 
I first concentrated on getting rid of Dandruff and started looking for something I have not tried so far.
Loreal Paris is a brand which hardly disappoints and I extremely loved its 6 Oil Nourish range. When I found an Anti dandruff Shampoo from Fall Repair Range, immediately picked it from the counter with great expectations.
So today I am reviewing Loreal Paris Fall Resist Anti Dandruff shampoo.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Richfeel Skin Logix Advanced Night Repair Serum

Hi Girls, 

My love for face oils and serums is not new for my readers. It always leads me to explore new options, brands everytime and this time its a Serum Again, from +Richfeel Trichology Centre .

Richfeel is a brand known for its Trichology- hair care consultations and solutions since so many years and it has forayed into skin care too with a wide range of products.
I have already tried Eye Cream from the brand and while searching for something light for night care as facial creams can also be heavy during summers so serums are the best choice. I came across this new Range- Skin Logix from Richfeel. This is Skin Logix Advanced Night Repair Serum with swiss apple stem cell.
Richfeel Skin Logix Advanced Night Repair Serum Review

Price- 749 INR for 25 ml. Reasonably priced as compared to other serums in the market. Available on shopping sites like Nykaa, Amazon etc.
Although I could not find any information about the product or the range from their website but gathered little information from the shopping site. 

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Davidoff Cool Water Gentle Shower Breeze for Woman

Hi Everyone, 

Summers is the perfect time to try light and cool fragrance products which are not heavy on skin yet nourishing and refreshing. 

Davidoff Cool Water Gentle Shower Breeze for Woman

One of those I am currently using is Davidoff Cool Water Gentle Shower Breeze for Woman from +Zino Davidoff . One of the most famous brands- Davidoff which produces wide range of fragrances for Men and Women which includes toiletries like this Davidoff Cool Water Gentle Shower Breeze.
I got this 75 ml tube in one of the beauty boxes. I tried this once and then the first impression made me save this for summers. Why? lets know...

Monday, 13 June 2016

Votre face Serum Review

Hi Everyone, 

Today I am back to my favourite topics- Skin Care but with benefits of Anti Ageing and that too from an Indian brand - Votre, Pet project Tru Mount Cosmoceuticals.

VOTRE is India’s patented Bio-Cosmetic brand that offers 100% botanical, vegan & cruelty free products. Developed in association with ace-laboratories in France & Tokyo; all VOTRE products are incorporated with highly innovative & patented line of Active molecules imported from US, Europe & Japan! And finest botanical extracts. All VOTRE products are clinically tested, Dermatological approved & 100% effective & safe!

Votre Face Serum Review

Votre has a wide range of skin care from face to body and one of their recent launches was Votre Skin Serum which I received in my January Fab Bag
12 ml of serum is priced at 1670 INR and easily available on online stores. 

Monday, 6 June 2016

Aura Vedic: Eladi Thailum- ultra skin detox treatment

Hi Girls, 

Aura Vedic: Eladi Thailum- ultra skin detox treatment review

Today i am reviewing a herbal body oil from Aura Vedic.  This is usually peak time where I contract skin infections like pustules to blisters which spreads over my body and are immensely painful. So when the dermatologist suggested to use Coconut oil after bath, I religiously followed it. 
Now I was looking for something more potent to fight skin infections. So a safe & potent formula- Aura Vedic: Eladi Thailum- ultra skin detox treatment
Price- 350 INR for 250 ml. Available online here & here at Amazon and Flipkart but currently going out of stock.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

My New pair of Wedges from Limeroad.com

Hi Girls, 
I have been a frequent online buyer if its beauty products & Gadgets but when its about dresses or footwear, I lay back. 

I always had this impression that virtual representation of the stuff is not sufficient. Whether its dress or footwear, it does not give complete idea about the product. I am not satisfied unless I touch or feel the product. You need to wear your dress or footwear to feel it, find if it actually fits you, looking good on you.
Today itself while purchasing my pants, i tried a single piece several times- even post alteration to ensure that it fits me. Thank God! I got to try my dresses so that I can find if my body really fits into it :-).
I am not a Model with a perfect figure to fit into the given size without any alteration so a trial is a MUST. I am sure many of you would agree with me. But .....what if you do not have time to roam in market and still your shopping list is going long day by day.....???
I was in dire need of a nice pair of footwear and this time I tried LIMEROAD, can say just gave a chance.

I was happy to find huge collection and variety of footwear online at LIMEROAD that too with wide range of price. So you are sure to find the stuff in every possible range, budget ones too.
This site has a unique concept of 'LOOKS' which helps you to get an overview of an entire look with the assorted stuff from dresses, shoes to accessories. I liked many of the looks but since I was focussed on my search- footwear. An look what I got- 

Limeroad.com shopping experience

Monday, 23 May 2016

Ponds MEN Oil Control Fairness Moisturiser- White Boost

Hi All, 

Its been little long this time for me - being out of action. I would say 'my work' which made me keep juggling, struggling and its not easy for me to write a post when I am not in 'mood' no matter how many pending posts I may have...
So today I am back with a Men's Grooming product- from the house of Ponds. 
it is Ponds MEN Oil Control Fairness Moisturiser. 
Ponds was considered as a 'female' brand since its inception but today's cosmopolitan Men compelled them to take a Man's drape too. 
Ponds MEN Oil Control Fairness Moisturiser- White Boost Review

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Vacation Trip: #VibrantGujarat and my haul

Hi Everyone, 

Diu Port
Diu Port
Today its all about our summer trip to Gujarat and all what I could gather from the local market there.
This summers my Hubby was in mood to explore #VibrantGujarat and he was back with a travel plan and his travel arrangements done. 
All I was left with..to shop for travel and pack. And we were on our way to Ahmedabad, the first landing point to start with our journey. 
Although it was hot in Gujarat but going to those places and revisiting the tales behind was fun. Most of the prominent tourist attraction places like Akshardham, Somnath Temple,Dwarka temple were all secured with strict arrangements. so could not take a single snap inside but apart from that Diu Beach, Diu Fort and Local market was worth all the pain; bearing the heat under the scorching sun. 
I was desperate to find craft and ethnic stuff which I had heard a lot about since my sis is in Gujarat. And I could somehow grab some amazing local stuff. so today I am sharing snaps of local places and my mini haul which was simply adorable and cant tell how happy I am with these in my hand. 


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