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Patanjali Saundarya Cream Body Cleanser Review

Hi Girls, 

Today Patanjali is one of the well known brands in personal and beauty care and has gained the popularity in a very short span, reason being the trust and faith of people on treatment abilities of Baba Ramdeva and Acharya Balkrishna. But its not only their name, its the quality of their products which speaks for itself and still comes all for a song...

Patanjali Saundarya Cream Body Cleanser Review

Today i am reviewing one of their new launches, Cream Soap Bar- Patanjali Saundarya Cream Body Cleanser. 
Price- 75 gms for 40 INR of the soap bar. Easily Available on retail and online stores.
Made from Natural Oil Base, Zinc Oxide, Milk Cream and Extract of Aloe Vera Which cleanses gently, nourishes and revitalises the skin tissues, makes the complexion fresh, smooth and beautiful.

I am not a fan of cream soaps and prefer glycerine based ones over cream soaps but since it was launched by patanjali, my curiosity led me try this. But did this worked and impressed me like their other cleansers like Mogra Cleanser, Lemon Honey Cleanser and Rose Cleanser??? which has reserved a permanent place in my bathroom shelf.

Patanjali Saundarya Cream Body Cleanser Review

Patanjali Saundarya Cream Body Cleanser Review

Key Ingredients- Every 10 gms of the soap 
Milk Cream (10mg), 
Aloe Barbadensis (10mg)
Borax Purified (5mg)
Zinc Oxide (50mg)
Potash Alum (10mg)
While base Ingredients are Vegetable Oil based noodles (biodegradable vegetable derived fatty acid), stearic acid, decyl glucoside, Sodium cocyl isethionate, Glycerin, Added Fragrance, Water QS. 
This seems to be 100% natural/plant derived formulation. 
This Patanjali Saundarya Cream Body Cleanser seems to be a premium segment soap with its rich and classy packaging (rather is quite inexpensive) - cream coloured carton box with elegant fonts and details on it. The soap bar is oval and creamy solid bar with a mild floral fragrance and name engraved on it. This is probably launched to counter some of the popular branded cream soaps in Indian market. 
The soap bar lathers well on wet body and cleans well without much of the effort. I have tried this on my body and found that besides being a good cleanser, the soap is a moisturising as well. During these winters even, I did not feel any stretchiness or dryness on my body and people with normal skin wont mind ditching their body lotion. 
Moreover the soap like other cream soaps will not melt easily and spoil the soap dish, hence goes a long way without any wastage.
yes I have not tried this on my face so cant tell about its effect on facial skin. 

Overall Patanjali Saundarya Cream Body Cleanser is nice cream cleanser and definitely as Must Try for the given price and results. Highly Recommended!
My Rating- 4.9/5
Have you tried Patanjali Saundarya Cream Body Cleanser?? What is your view??


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