Thursday, 31 July 2014

Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel in #220 GREEN FOREST

Hi Girls!!

Of late i am obsessed with nail paints and always on look out for nice shades and obviously a better payoff is always expected...
Today its Revlon COLORSTAY in #220 Green Forest, the bottle on the counter attracted me and next day it was in my hand.
Quantity and Price- 11.7 ml at 350 INR. Available on all the retail counters or you can purchase it here.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


ITC  emerged as the country's one of the leading FMCG mrketers in a very short span of time with renowned brands like Fiama Di Wills, Vivel, Vivel Cell Renew, Engage and Superia in the Personal Care products segment.

it has recently launched a whole new & unique range of Deo's positioned as ' couple Deo's'. +Engage deo offers an invigorating range of deodorants comprising three pairs - Rush (Male) & Blush (Female), Mate (Male) & Spell (Female), Urge (Male) & Tease (Female), Frost (Male) & Drizzle (Female) and Jump (Male) & Trail (Female) - expressing the inherent need of couples to Engage in playful chemistry.

Engage for men have a bold, modern look and has been designed in classical black with a tinge of effervescent colours. The range for women are in bright hues of Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green on a can shape designed with contemporary feminine patterns.

Engage in RUSH & BLUSH

Engage in SPELL & MATE

Engage in TEASE & URGE


Engage in TRAIL & JUMP


Engage in TEMPT & FUZZ
Product/Brand Info- 'Engage' marks the Personal Care Business’ foray into deodorants with an exclusive brand. This new range of Deo Sprays for men and women provides 24 hour freshness and has been crafted to enhance their personal grooming and confidence.

The brand proposition of playful chemistry has been complemented with the innovative packaging design that brings alive special couple moments engaging in a new language of love. Packed in shaped cans, Engage introduces ‘Silhouettes’ as its key design component. Embodying the proposition of playful chemistry, the silhouette on each pack illustrates a distinct playful, uninhibited moment couples ‘Engage’ in.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Budget Bargains- Patanjali Multani Mitti Cleanser

Hi Girls,

I am again back with one of Patanjali Products but Budget Bargains?....
I have put this cleanser in Budget bargains as it serves many purpose in an affordable price.
Me and my family always prefers either home made or herbal cleansers and Patanjali cleansers is something we have been using since a year.


Saturday, 26 July 2014

Crazy Cravings- Eye Crayons & my mini cutie Haul!

Hi all,

You all might have understood makeup for me is defining & highlighting my eyes.
I tried my hands on eye shadows but for a people like me who lacks patience (time too), you hardly have 10 mins to get ready when your boys are already SET-TO-GO. so find these pencils handy and also love the effect they give...I am CRAZY for Eye pencils, Khols or Crayons.

Be it Retractable or Sharpening ones
Be it Slim or Jumbo chubby ones
Be it Matte or Shimmery ones
Be it Funky or Metallic ones
Be it Single or Dual ones
I Love them all!!! Now, you will say I am CRAZY!!
You dont have to be perfect (unlike with Eye Shadows) while using them and would hardly mess up. More over they are MULTI-PURPOSE....use them as Liner, Kajal (on waterline), as eye definer, eye shadow base...its all up to you.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Patanjali ALOE VERA gel and a Mini Facial at Home

Hi Girls!!

What do you eat?
Where do you stay?
What is your Age?
These questions answers a lot about your Wellness and Beauty. So a nutritious balanced diet and that too on time is vital for your body needs and obviously shows up on your face too. Climate and local weather does have a significant impact on your health and reflects immediately on your skin. And Age...hormonal changes during various stages of your age drastically changes you and your health.
I had the Driest skin till my mid twenties and after that it suddenly transformed to extremely oily one. I never saw a single acne or pimple all my teens but now...i keep looking for solutions and remedies for them.
Now diet i wont disclose that....
But in all these some where your remedies and skin care routine plays an important role which can never be denied.
  • Effective Cleansing with toning and moisturising
  •  Exfoliation at regular intervals
  • Continued use of Sun protection
  • Over night care for better healing and repairing
  • Massaging for better blood circulation
  • last but not least using safe and chemical free skin care products (as much as possible).
One of those options is Patanjali - although i dont think that they completely chemical free but still quite safe & a lot more effective. I have been using one their most popular product- Patanjali Aloevera Gel

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Revlon- New Launches in COLORSTAY for Nails & Eyes

Hi All....

Its monsoons and not only Drops of water but offers and new products are raining your way...
This time its REVLON with its new COLORSTAY range for Nails and Eyes---
But the sad part is they are not launched in India as yet. They are available in Australia and US markets. So you have to source them only through international shopping sites.
  1. Base and color in one
  2. Diamond top coat
Priced at $ 7.99 each.
Update- I spotted them today (24/7/14) on counters at price of ~ 350 INR.

Pretty alluring shades with gel finish, what more to wish for monsoons.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Hi All, 

Taming dry and frizzy hairs is one of the most irritating tasks. it becomes more taxing when you don't get desired results from the least the claimed ones!!! I have tried all possible options from Mehndi pack to deep conditioning, hair masks, leave-ins and what not, but could not find 100% satisfaction. 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Home Made- find a new YOU with De-pigmentation scrub mask

Hi Girls!!

This Home Made section of the blog again features one of my tested & tried formula- De-pigmentation Pack.
it can be used for face and entire body for all skin types but again i would as always recommend a patch test for every recipe i share. Every one has different tone and skin type which may respond differently.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Oriflame Sweden MILK & HONEY Gold Smoothing Sugar HG scrub

Hi Girls!!!
Hope you all had a great weekend but mine was not that great as i met an accident while on my trip to CHORAL (picnic spot at Indore ouskirts). Was really excited to be there as it is a river bank spot. Although it has not much rained here in M.P. but arrival of monsoon itself is enough to excite you, isn't it???
As soon as i stepped there on those rocks amidst water, got slipped  due to water algae and fell off and got severe injuries on leg and back and since then, Oh God..
Anyways i am back with my new post on Oriflame MILK & HONEY Gold Smoothing Sugar Scrub from +Oriflame India.
its been more than 6 months i am using this scrub so i guess this is the best time to share my views on this.

Oriflame Sweden MILK & HONEY Gold Smoothing Sugar Scrub Review

Friday, 18 July 2014

Loreal Paris SMOOTH INTENSE- Instant Smoothing Serum for Unmanageable Dry Hair

Can you imagine a Beautiful woman without hair......its hard to believe. 
However beautiful a women is, she has to have hairs as smooth tresses are inevitable for beauty...aren't they?
Although i have long pretty curly hairs but always keep struggling BAD HAIR Days as i have extremely dry and frizzy hairs. Although i love my curls but wish them to be manageable and frizz-less.
My search leads me trying some reliable brands at times ( as im quite scared to try every other brand which comes my way).One of those reliable brand is LOREAL. 
Last year while travelling i was looking for a temporary solution to tame my flying tresses...i got this Loreal Paris SMOOTH INTENSE- Instant Smoothing Serum for Unmanageable Dry Hair. Name itself was intriguing for me and the SA gave good references too so just thought of trying. Since then i had a love-hate relationship with this. 
Lets see how- 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

VLCC Active Light Range- for Men

A herbal Brand...
Skin Care for Men....
Fairness Range....
Al these 3 in one are sure to have 'lightening' combination.

But have you ever thought that did our Father or Grandfather ever used any face cream or hair gel???
Even every cosmetic ad, cosmetic care shop were meant to cater needs of only- WOMEN. SALON for MEN was just a fad for my father but Fashion for my Brother. Somewhere between lies my BOY. But the way these brands are targeting Men for Skin care products, they will be forced to try at least by Blogger WAG's like us....
In India we have a custom of applying UBTAN to bride & groom during wedding pre-prep days. Those were the only days when a MEN were made to care for their skin.
Even my Husband is no exception, in my serious attempts to make him little conscious about skin care & all, i keep trying some reliable brands.
This time it was VLCC Men Active Light Fairness Face Scrub & Moisturiser.

VLCC Active Light Face Scrub and Moisturiser for Men Review

Monday, 14 July 2014

From THE NATURE's CO Bag.....Barley Volumising Hair Cleanser

When it came to cosmetics or personal care buys, Initially my purchase decisions were usually based on brands availability, popularity and some reliable advice. Once when one of my close relatives told me that she just loves DOVE shampoo as that worked absolutely wonderful on her curly frizzy hairs, i instantly made up my mind to give it a try.
But i guess it usually happens with all of us and we never bother about the content list, Product segmentation or positioning, nor cared whether the company has environment friendly policy or not. SLES, Parabens....what all difference do they make. Should we insist on being Natural, Vegan? Animal Products or Animal Testing - is what we should care for.

While browsing through net for information on various products i intended to use, i became aware of all this. Thats how i came across products like The Nature's Co.
I had subscribed for their Beauty Box which you can also subscribe at 495 INR per month here.
Today i will be reviewing one of the products i received in my June subscription- Barley Volumising Hair Cleanser. Check out my June Box Review here.

Just Herbs-FAGEL-Instant glow beauty gel.....Review

Hi All,
Hope you all had a 'Beautiful' Weekend....
Looking good, attractive, is something inherent to every thing on this earth and god has gifted all of its creations their own ways to look good & attract you...just move around you will find everything beautiful......Blooming flowers, colorful sky, humming birds, dancing peacock, lovely rains,  and so on. Even we the humans from the birth look so innocent and adorable still this desire to be more beautiful never dies the entire life.

And we have devised our ways and beauty treatments. From Sat yug to Treta to Dwapar Yug you will find bountiful herbal & ayurvedic recipes & treatments which has kept Sita to Draupdi, Laxmi to Padmavati eternally beautiful. But you don't have to time travel to Ancient India as JUST HERBS is with you. +Just Herbs 
JUST HERBS brings you some of those awesome VEGAN recipes and that too so wonderfully. I purchased one of their product- FAGEL instant glow beauty gel last month.


Friday, 11 July 2014

Fairness Facial with GARNIER Light 3 in 1

Fairness..not again!!!
This word really hits me. We Indians have been gifted with a nice complexion which highlights our facial features so well yet so obsessed with this word. Malaika Arora, with her chiseled bone structure and her warm complexion accentuating her facial features, proves that. 
I am a big fan of Nandita from 'Earth', 'Ramchand Pakistani'; She is so beautiful and attractive. I simple adore her not only for her acting skills but the way she is associated with the cause - 
'Why fair is lovely'. Read her site here
i would love to associate with such a cause. 

Now you will say then why you opted for and reviewing a so called 'fairness' product. Well i purchased it since i was looking for good scrub and i saw this '3 in 1' tag. So thought of trying this. Actually i skip the info i don't wanna see so skipped that fairness claim mentioned here too.
So lets see- it is about GARNIER Fairness Facial LIGHT 3 in 1.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Orange Blossom Body Wash review

Bathing for just a daily ritual but for some its an experience, time alone for yourself, pamper time. I have seen people with strange bathing habits..People enjoying their hidden talents- Bathroom singers, Bathroom Thinkers, Men who can pamper themselves away from catching eyes- Boys too have right to pamper themselves.
My brother had this habit of spending hours in bathroom and when he is out...whole of the Washroom was fragrant as if he was the only one to BATHE properly and we poor people who never understood the very significance of BEAUTY BATHS.....
My mother was fond of & used to hoard toilet luxuries,best available brands in india. She never used a separate deo or mist or perfumes. it was her way...
But lately i have also started with trying new washes, splashes and in my last haul i got this- Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Orange Blossom Body Wash. its Packaging attracted me.

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Orange Blossom Body Wash review

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

NOTD with Lotus Herbals in Peach Perfect

Hi All, 

if you all might have read my previous few posts, i had a GOOD haul last month. This is one of EASY pick from the haul for review so here's my review on LOTUS Herbals Color dew in Peach Perfect (99).

You can check out my haul here.
Since was looking for a pretty coral shade...i found this is SA stash. Initially i did not like it but since i could not find better options (at that point) so finally agreed for this.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Home Made- Clove and Tulsi Gel for Acne & pimples

Hi All, 

Recently i have been facing several skin troubles, had been to a Dermatologist too as i contracted skin infection a month back. While i've recovered from infection but noticed that my acne (White Heads) and pimple are on full bloom.

Start devising my own ways to fight...
One out of that was to rely on safe home made recipes, so here is one of those which worked well on me.
it is Clove and Tulsi Gel ..

Parachute Advansed Deep Conditining Hot Oil...for Monsoons

Hi All, 
A drench of Rain.....Drops of water.....dripping from green leaves,tall lush green trees swaying with joy, children enjoying with their water boats in small ponds on road, dripping sounds on metal sheets, Hot Moong Bhajiya, Nice gripping Aroma of Hot Coffee...reminds me of a popular composition of R D Burman..
Rimjhim Rimjhim Rumjhum Rumjhum
Bheegi Bheegi Rut Mein Tum Hum Hum Tum

Chalte Hain

Bajta Hai Jaltarang Teen Ki Chhat Pe Jab
Motiyon Jaisa Jal Barse
Boondon Ki Ye Ladi Laayi Hai Vo Ghadi
Jiske Liye Hum Tarse
Ho Ho Ho Bajta Hai Jaltarang Tean Ki Chhat Pe Jab
Motiyon Jaisa Jal Barse
Boondon Ki Ye Ladi Laayi Hai Vo Ghadi
Jiske Liye Hum Tarse

Monsoons are delayed in M.P but we are geared up with our skin care and styling aids and tools. whether its your skin or hair, it needs special care. lets start with hair...(my prime concern actually)

Parachute Advansed Deep Conditining Hot Oil Review

Friday, 4 July 2014

Patanjali Mogra Body Cleanser: Review

Hi all,

YOGA and AYURVEDA- as soon as you hear these words the first image which flashes in our minds is "Baba Ramdev" who has revived our age long belief and culture of Yoga & Ayurveda.
I have been a yoga believer and have inherited affinity to every thing which is either herbal or Ayurvedic from my grandparents. My maternal Grandparents were freedom fighters and were Yoga masters along with their firm beliefs in Ayurveda. They always insisted and made sure that we use 'Indian' products.
Thats why i keep reverting to products like Aroma, VLCC, Himalaya etc.

Patanjali Mogra Body Cleanser Review

Patanjali is one of the most popular brands which has established itself in a very short period of time. Not only because its associated with Baba Ramdev but also as they deliver and give desired results that too with out any side effects.
So today I am reviewing Patanjali Mogra Body Cleanser.


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