Sunday, 25 September 2016

Fabindia Fragrances- Citrus Rush Body Spray and Wild Rose Perfume Oil

Fabindia Fragrances- Citrus Rush Body Spray and Wild Rose Perfume Oil Review

Hi All, 
Waiting at Airport for flight gives you real good chance to explore amazing stuff for Window shopping and who would say- No. 
While my friend was busy looking for bluetooth speakers and spent lot of time trying and testing the available brands and options, I spotted the small store- fabindia . Although fabindia has store in Indore too but I hardly get time to go there. 
The fabindia counter was too small with limited stock, I am a fan of their stuff from clothes to accessories but somehow I always close on- personal care products. 
This time What I got- Body Spray in Citrus Rush and Perfume Oil in Wild Rose. 

Friday, 23 September 2016

Just Organik Gulab Chandan (Rose-Sandal)- Handmade Soap with essential oils

Hi Everyone, 
Just Organik Gulab Chandan (Rose-Sandal)- Handmade Soap with essential oils, Review

What is your favourite bath essential? Something which you indulge in and carries you away from your world of pain, fatigue and worries. 
My favourite is handmade soaps and if they are with my favourite set of ingredients- its icing on cake!!!
Today its one of my bath essentials- you guessed it right!- Handmade Soap. 
it is from +justorganik . This is Just Organik Gulab Chandan (Rose-Sandal)- Handmade Soap with essential oils. 
Price- 82 INR for125 gms. Although I bought this from but it is available on the company site, you can buy it here.
Sandalwood or Chandan oil retains moisture levels. Skin friendly cleanser with the fragrance of rose & sandal.

Key Ingredients- Gulab Petals, Chandan Perfume, Soap base, essential oil. 
What is the soap base and which essential oils are used is not clearly mentioned. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye definer- 230 Deep Ocean

Hi Girls, 
Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye definer- 230 Deep Ocean Review and Swatches

Last few days I have been trying few makeup products and if you might have not missed, my last review was of Lipsticks. Usually I try to stick to basic products and that too -pocket friendly so that there is no second thought about trying it for women at home or college going girls.
Today again its a makeup product and for women like me who loves defining their eyes, may not be with a heavy makeup but a liner, khol and mascara is staple. 
So its a Eye liner aka Eye definer from +RimmelLondon
It is Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye definer in shade 230 Deep Ocean. 
Price- 345 INR for o.28 gms. Easily Available online but I have not yet seen this on counters.

Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye definer- 230 Deep Ocean Review and Swatches

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Faces Go Chic Lipsticks- Chestnut Brown and Seude Pink-Review and Swatches

Hi Everyone,

Faces Go Chic Lipsticks- Chestnut Brown and Seude Pink-Review and Swatches

Today I will be sharing my views on a makeup product, something which I is not must have for me but then its needed at times to finish the look. Here I am talking about- lipsticks and it is from Faces. 
Faces Cosmetics is known for its affordable and quality products and has gradually become popular in India Market. I will be reviewing two of the Faces Cosmetics Lipsticks from Go Chic range- Chestnut brown and Seude Pink. 
Price- 275 INR for 4gms. It is easily available online and retail counters. Buy here from Flipkart at 20% discount.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Crystal Heels//Comfortwear-Slip ons

Hi Girls, 
Local Shopping- Cyrstal Heels Slip Ons

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!
The word just excites, isnt'it but I guess its usually for we Women. For me, shopping is fun, adventure but more than that- stressbuster. If in stress, I prefer shopping and I am all sorted, strange??? I don't think so. 
I can shop for hours, days and keep on going till I find my kind of stuff. But my choices end up to utility and comfort and then I don't mind compromising with brand too. That's how you never know where you may end up catching great treasure!!
This time my local shopping at Vikram Tower, Sapna Sangeeta Road in Indore was WOW! I  was wandering how come I did not come to this place while staying in Indore since years. Anyways this time it was dresses, rakhis, bangles and lot of chunky Jewels. But what I loved was SALE, yes! Sale on a footwear shop. 
I spotted these Slip Ons but then...that day I was so packed up that somehow resisted from buying. But thought of loosing the pair could not let me sleep. 
So going back to the market but luckily stopped by my cousin's place and while discussing the marketplace and stuff, she reaffirmed my choice and then this SLIP ON was in my hand.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Luster Dark Secrets...Is it a Dupe of Lush Dark Angels???

Hi Everyone,

Luster Dark Secrets Charcoal Scrub Review

Usual skincare routine says- Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising while a weekly routine involves - Scrubbing. 
I have pretty oily, acne prone skin (usually whiteheads) so scrubbing is one of the safe ways to get rid of extra deposits on my skin. And online shopping has given me far more options to explore varieties of scrubbing products. 
Today its a charcoal scrub from an Indian brand, Luster Skin Care- handmade beauty products. it is Luster Dark Secrets. 
Price- 290 INR for 100 gms. Available online. buy here at Amazon.
Reason why I bought this- it caught my attention as the packaging and labelling resembled a lot to Lush Dark Angels. And this gave a thought to try this even if it is dupe.


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