Monday, 30 March 2015

At Home Spa with Patanjali Tejus Tailum

Hi Girls,

Caring for skin usually limits to Face or at times hand or feet but what about body??
Its hardly at times a good Soap/Body wash and not more than occasional ubtan & scrub for me.
A good body massage with a nice scrub and treatment pack is the rarest for me. but what if you dont need to spare extra time and need not shell out extra bucks from your pocket an get a healthy spa at home??

Patanjali Tejus Tailum- review

Today its about an Ayurvedic product which is quite popular in India- Products from Patanjali Ashram by Baba Ramdev. Its about Tejus Tailum.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

10 Summer Essentials for your skin

Hi girls, 

Leaving the scorching heat, i love summers as we enjoy all 'cooler' things this season. Climatic changes demands an immediate change in your diet and routine...Ice cream parlors are on full swing and paani puri wala, shikanji wala and Fruit juices tents around every street corner.
This time i am sharing some, Summer Essentials for your skin. The only mantra here is ' Go green, Go herbal' and appreciate what nature has bestowed us with.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Will you swap your Moroccan Oil with this?.........Livon Moroccan Silk Serum

Hi Girls,

Its not quite long when i posted and raved a lot about my love for Argan Oil for hair. its an amazing 'magic potion' for hairs.
To tell you i have thin, wavy, curly and frizzy hairs and they are extremely difficult to bend. Have tried several lotions, potions and creams and they never worked. Either they added to my frizz or made my hair fall flat (killed the bounce). Dove has been my favourite brand but the Dove Elixir also did'nt worked for me.

Livon Moroccan Silk Serum-Review
Today when i was writng this post about Livon Moroccan Silk Serum which is not an oil but hair serum claiming to have Argan (Moroccan) oil as its ingredient & Benefits.  I was thinking that although i am using this but would i swap my favourite Argan Oil with this?

Monday, 16 March 2015

New Anti Acne Find....Soulflower Anti Acne Neem & Turmeric Soap

Hi Girls, 
its not that i do not like non organic products but the way i am smitten with these Vegan and Herbal formulations and their effects on my skin...just cant get over it!!!
Today its again a herbal product which claims to be an anti acne one...gotcha, my reason to pick this one.
Soulflower Anti Acne Neem & Turmeric Soap- Review

Soulflower Anti Acne Neem & Turmeric Soap- Review

it is Anti Acne Neem & Turmeric soap from +Soulflower . I got this as a part of anti acne combo pack of Primrose oil and the soap worth INR- 600 which i got at 50% discount from my +Nykaa purchases. 
Soulflower offers a wide variety of hair and skin care Aroma products from Essential to Carrier oils and thus the same benefits through their handmade aroma based soaps too.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A drop of green to keep your face healthy & clean....Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash

Hi Everyone, 

When you have a skin concern- combination skin/sensitive skin/Acne and pimples......All you need is a reliable remedy to take care of your skin issues.
Thanks to the cyber technology and world wide infrastructure is that just you just need a reliable information about the product and its is at your doorsteps!!!

Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash- Review

Today i will be talking about Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash from Cholayil. Being an avid lover of Medimix soaps, a face wash from the same brand was bought with higher expectations.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Lotus Herbals Apriscrub-Fresh Apricot Scrub (Review)

My first encounter with scrub was some 12-15 years back when i saw the Cheryl's scrub tub on my cousin's dressing table.
I was thinking why would someone prefer putting such rough particles on their skin when so may soothing skin care cosmetics are available in the market. My cousin told me that how this scrub sloughs off the dead skin and black heads to a great extent. its an integral part of facials from then onwards.

Lotus Herbals Apriscrub- Fresh Apricot Scrub Review

Today its about the product which is not new in the market but i used it first time. This is Apriscrub- Fresh Apricot Scrub from +Lotus Herbals . The tube has been lying in my stash since long and i forgot it. Now i am using this quite often since last one month. Lets read on to see how it worked on me.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Vedantika herbals skin polishing scrub (Review)

My convalescence phase has not only made me physically weak but also little lethargic to sit and finish my pending posts of last month. Some how i am trying to come back to my normal routine.
Today my post is about an Ayurvedic skin polisher from +Vedantika Herbals . its Skin polishing scrub.

Vedantika herbals skin polishing scrub (Review)

Vedantika herbals skin polishing scrub (Review)


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