Thursday, 24 November 2016

Mitti Se...Wild Essence Face Scrub- Fights Acne, Exfoliates and Rejuvenate Cells

Hi Everyone, 

Its not everyday that you spare time for yourself- just for ME only. Pampering yourself needs time- but who says so???
For Me its not that, not anymore. I have reserved time for myself in my daily routine. Simple effective products and DIY's made it easier. So today I will be sharing one such effective and simple product, from +Mitti Se

Mitti Se Wild Essence Face Scrub Review

It is Mitti Se...Wild Essence Face Scrub- Fights Acne, Exfoliates and Rejuvenate Cells. (Price-  40 gms for 190 INR) easily available online.
A couple of months back I got this while on my business trip to bhopal and as i have read a lot about the brand and its organic products- got hold of this. 
Mitti Se means 'From the Earth'.
We offer Pure, Natural and highly effective Body Care, Cleaning & Health products which are free from harmful, toxic chemicals. 
You can find more about the brand here at

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Stay Hydrated and Fresh with Loreal Paris Hydrafresh Deep Boosting Essence

Loreal Paris Hydrafresh Deep Boosting Essence Review

Hi Everyone, 

Advent of winters gives you a chance to explore n number of things to try on your skin, you hardly have the fear of breaking out rather my skin, it starts getting dry, patchy and craves for extra moisture. Still I have a combination skin prone to acne so caution is must where hydrating and moisturising skin without making it greasy and oily is a challenge. 
So today I will be sharing one of the recent hydrating formula i have tried from one of my favourite brands- +LOrealParisIndia 
This is Loreal Paris Hydrafresh Deep Boosting Essence (INR 685 for 50 ml)
I was eyeing this since quite long for the reason it was gel based and claims to have hyaluronic acid for better hydration. 

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

My site haul & Review

Hi Everyone, 
Being a working woman, we are on toes all time and when its family- kid, hubby and so much of daily chores, you have to be geared up with all types of tools, aids which may help you or save your time and energy- online shopping is one such thing. 
Every of my stuff (leaving clothing) i am heavily relying on online shopping these days, it saves so much of my time and energy and of course money. This time again when I was looking to replace my kitchen stuff, I was ll out if time so Tried some new sites for kitchen stuff. haul and review

One site which I liked was- (
1. Amazingly large variety of home utilities- from furniture, decor, furnishings, kitchen,      Garden and even for kids. 
2. Free Shipping
3. Browse and choose from wide range of bespoke styles.
4. Wide variety of pretty kids stuff- I loved those cute furnishing stuff.
5. Easy Returns- although i did not try that.
6. They are currently running- CASH ME NOT Offer too. 

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Tresemme Spa Rejuvenation- Nourish and Revive Conditioner

Hi Girls, 

Today I will be reviewing one of my recent favourites from Hair Care segment- Hair conditioner. I have very dry, rough, curly and frizzy hairs and its pretty difficult to maintain such hairs. Specially for people like me who prefer leaving hairs in their natural form i.e no artificial treatments like ironing, straightening or even combing. I usually comb my hairs while oiling otherwise I leave them as it is after washing. 
Tresemme Spa Rejuvenation- Nourish and Revive Conditioner Review

When I got to know about this range - Spa Rejuvenation from +TRESEMME . I was excited to try that and as usual, i picked conditioner. So its about Tresemme Spa Rejuvenation- Nourish & Revive Conditioner. Its been more than 3 months I am using this conditioner. 
Price- INR 204 for 200 ml. Easily available online and on retail counters too.
Why use rejuvenation conditioner?
Nourish your scalp and give your hair the benefits of a spa at home. our fresh, scented, professional grade formulas, infused with hydrating marine minerals complex and essential nutrients, deeply nourish your scalp. Result: your hair is moisturized and conditioned. it is detangled and beautifully soft to touch. 

Saturday, 5 November 2016

My jewellery haul from Closed

Artificial SIlver Jewellery haul from

Hi Girls, 
Today its about my Jewellery love again. If you are reading my blog since long then my craze for antique silver jewels is not new for you. 
My jaipur visit was the last I bought some awesome silver jewels and again this time I came across an this site-
Its a group of people from Jaipur who went online from 9th July with an aim to provide exclusive and designer stuff at affordable prices.
Artificial SIlver Jewellery haul from


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