Monday, 28 December 2015

6 Skincare Goof ups! to avoid

Hi Everyone!
Today i am going to share some of my personal experiences and some from my people around, about skincare goofups!. Actually i should say- they are tips or tricks, usually suggested and recommended. But how they actually turnout. lets see-

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Moha Big Gift Box- perfect gift for winters! Contents-First Impressions!

Hi girls, 

Last month i picked up lot of skin care stuff; had many reasons to shop-winter is on its peak, sites are showering offers while i had many gift vouchers to encash too. So lot of reviews lined up...
Today its new product range from +Charak Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Yes you guessed it right- its Moha- their range of personal care products. This is about Moha BIG Gift Box.
When i got the box, i was impressed to see the packing which was expressing luxury as if the box was not just a box but an artist's canvas showcasing not only the products but the very concept behind. spellbound! Each product is housed in a carton box with pretty images featuring their key ingredients. 
Moha Big gift box- contents,first impressions

Moha offers 2 options BIG gift box - where entire product range is included while Small gift box- has 3 products from the entire range.
price- 1145 INR for 7 products and I got a chance to grab this from at a huge discount for 525 INR. 
Moha Big gift box- contents,first impressions

Moha Big Gift Box Contains :

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Ponds MEN Pollution Out Deep Clean Face Wash

Finally, a skincare solution that’s designed with your active outdoor lifestyle in mind! Pond's Men Pollution Out All-in-one deep cleanser is powered with Charcoal Mask and Coffee Bean Scrubs to pull out ven micro-pollution particles from deep inside. Your face looks brighter and instantly energized! 
Ponds MEN Pollution Out Deep Clean Face Wash Review

Hi Boys,
Its your day at Saundaryasansar with a Men's product review on the blog!
A face wash for you all and as always my man has tested this for my dear readers (big smile).
Today I will pen down his experiences as user and if this is something worth giving a try or not. This is Ponds MEN Pollution Out Deep Clean Face Wash from +Ponds India .

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Wipro Safewash Fabric Conditioner- Ocean Breeze : Review

Hi Everyone, 

Safewash helps to retain the newness of your clothes longer. it prevents them from fading while retaining their shine and softness. Safewash also neutralises the damage done by harsh detergents and hard water, filling your life with fragrance at the same time.
its been quite a long since i have written a post for Ghar Sansar section. Today i am reviewing Safewash Fabric Conditioner in Ocean Breeze. This is a fabric softener after wash from +Wipro . 
Safewash Fabric Conditioner- Ocean Breeze : Review

Most of you being homemakers or working women might definitely be looking for handy options to manage your laundry. But this time it is not about cleaning, its about keeping them soft and shiny post wash.
Price-  48 INR for 200 ml. (got 15% free), easily availble on retail counters and malls.
This is a blue liquid with medium consistency and nice fresh fragrance packed in a thick plastic bottle. Liquid is safeguarded with a screw cap and label with all details about the product. 

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Oriflame Sweden Beauty Blush in Glowing Peach: Review

Hi Everyone, 

Today i am reviewing one of my on-the-go blush. This is Oriflame Sweden Beauty Blush in Glowing Peach. 
Price- 529 INR for 4 gms. you can buy it from oriflame website/from amazon here.
I bought this through one of my Oriflame sales representatives. 
Oriflame Sweden Beauty Blush in Glowing Peach: Review
Oriflame Sweden Beauty Blush in Glowing Peach: Review

Oriflame Sweden Beauty Blush in Glowing Peach: Review

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

STOP #Hairfall this winter!

Hi girls!

As the season changes, we gear up with our skin and hair care arsenal...and when its winters approaching....
I love winters as i can apply loads of skin and hair care products and can pamper my self.
but the biggest problem we usually face is Hairfall. My mum always used to tell me that its the time when hairs always fall but then its the time too to take the utmost care. So here are some of my tried and tested tips- 

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Sunsilk Natural Recharge- Strong & Abundant infused with Ginseng root & oil Conditioner :Review

Thicker, Fuller* Hair, 5X Stronger**, Strong & Abundant Conditioner
Infused with Ginseng Root & Oil
Ginseng root keeps the plant strong and nourished day after day so it can grow more abundant. This conditioner recharges the natural vitality of your hair*
1. Nourishes & strengthens from roots to tips
2. Revitalizes and enhances volume* to make hair full of life.
Sunsilk Natural Recharge- Strong & Abundant infused with Ginseng root & oil Conditioner :Review

Today i am sharing my views about one of the hair products by +Sunsilk India +Hindustan Unilever Ltd. 
It is Sunsilk Natural Recharge - Strong & Abundant conditioner. it claims to have Ginseng Root & Oil.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Neem and Tea tree Face Wash- Acne Control & Oil Balancing

i am 100% free of paraben, soap, alcohol, artificial colouring and fragrance. I cure acne with my neem & rose extracts. I help prevent blackheads and soothe skin irritations with my blend of tea tree and lavender essential oils. The vitamin in me lighten scars, blemishes and improve skin tone.

Aroma Magic Neem and Tea tree Face Wash- Acne Control & Oil Balancing

So today its a bath and body product- Face wash from +Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic .

it is Aroma Magic Neem and Tea tree Face Wash- Acne Control & Oil Balancing. 
Price- 110 INR for 100 ml of tube. Easily available on retail counters and online too.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Empties from the last Season

Hey Everyone!

Today i am sharing a little long list of my Product Empties. The list this time has gone long since it was a compilation of last few months. 
You know girls that its so tough to reach the bottom of the pack especially when you have loads and tons of options to explore. 
Still i managed to compile few of them which i felt i should share with you all.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Khadi Neem-Tulsi Herbal Face Pack: Review

Hi Everyone,

Does that happen to you that when you wish to look glowing and flawless, a small zit drops-in saying- 'hello, did you miss me?'. Oh God! you just feel that why me? but believe me, you are not the only one. 
So in my never ending search for effective skin care solutions and that safer ones, i keep trying so many skin care products and some DIY recipes and what not. But today its another good skin care herbal formulation from +Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan.
It is Khadi Neem-Tulsi Herbal Face Pack
Price- 90 INR for 50 gms of pack. You can buy it at from Khadi Website or from Nykaa too.
Khadi Neem Tulsi Herbal Face Pack Review

It is useful for removing pimples. It also reduces skin wrinkles & make skin tightend & beautiful.
Key Ingredients- Neem, tulsi and Rose Extracts. 
although the complete ingredient list is missing but you can feel Multani Mitti and camphor in it.
Take 5 gms of Khadi face pack Neem and mix it with rose water, plain water or milk. Apply a thin layer all over your face, neck, shoulders and chest area. Leave on at least for roughly 10-15 minutes. Splash with water and then gently scrub to exfoliate. Rinse off.
Khadi Neem Tulsi Herbal Face Pack Review

Monday, 9 November 2015

Festive Preps: DIY Body Polishing Scrubs or Ubtans

Hi All, 
This is part of the series is about your body- how to clean and get glowing with some simple and easily available ingredients from our kitchen.

Traditionally in India, we call them UBTANS but essentially they are amazing cleaning and scrubbing formula. My Mom always used to ensure that we all enjoy the festivals, not only by eating good but also looking good. Pre Diwali days were not only meant for cleaning houses but ourselves too - with beauty baths.
I will be sharing two of those festive body masks and scrub.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Festive Preps: DIY Hair Oil for strong and shiny hairs

Hi Girls, 

In my Festive Series, today its an hair oil which i have been using lately. 
Why an hair Oil?
Of course your festive look is not complete without nice shiny tresses. 
This is a home made preparation which worked immensely for my dry and dull hairs. 
I am sharing the recipe as this would surely help you to groom and shine your hairs for the upcoming festival looks.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Festive Preps: My Body Detox the traditional way

Hi All, 

Today i am starting with Festive Prep Series for this festival season where i will share some personal experiences with trials, DIY's and some recipes to prep ourselves natural way and look beautiful with an healthy inner glow.
Lately i have been fighting with lot of skin issues and also had some other health troubles too. So i decided to start with a BODY DETOX but a little traditional way- along with my fasting (which i tried during this Navratri till karwa chauth) for clean and healthy body system. This is something i tried in my attempt to stay fit and healthy.

How i did it? I followed a strict regime (for trial) and happy to find that it worked. There is no rocket science behind but just a simple way of cleaning the body without starving. Lets see how-

Monday, 26 October 2015

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion Review

Hi Everyone, 
The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion

Today I am sharing another treatment based product from a famous international brand- The Body Shop+The Body Shop India 
I get lured with skin care products and have special affinity to Tea Tree based products. While looking for The Body Shop products- i was super happy to find out their Tea Tree Range. My first TBS purchase was The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub which i am loving a lot as it worked really well on my acne and pimples. 
Alongwith i was using this - The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion.
I got this 30 ml of lotion for 995 INR from Flipkart. Price is little high as compared to other treatment based products.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

nYah Rose & Honey Natural Face & Body Gel

Exploring with further more bath & body options, I tried a new herbal brand- nYah. I was looking for a soothing, cooling and fragrant body wash and whats better than a Floral one? I got this nYah –Rose & Honey, Natural Face and body bath gel.
nYah Rose & Honey Natural Face & Body Gel

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Lotus Herbals LICORICEWHITE Skin Whitening Cleanser

Hi girls, 

Its been a little long since i was away from my and professional occupancies kept me away.
Today i am sharing one of the recent skin care product from one of my favorite brand- Lotus Herbals +Lotus Herbals 
Lotus Herbals LICORICEWHITE Skin Whitening Cleanser

it is Lotus Herbals Licorice White Skin Whitening Cleanser
A 100% Ayurvedic natural remedy that effectively controls melanin thus making the skin glow with fairness. For All skin types.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Bio Bloom Lip Balm- Mint: Review

Made out of 100% natural beeswax, is closest to Organic. It moisturizes the lips and protect them from external exposure, lips being the most vulnerable because of the thin skin.
FREE from all harmful chemicals like PARABENS, SULPHATES, PETROCHEMICALS etc.

Today i am reviewing one of the products i received in my July MSM Box- its is Bio Bloom Natural Lip Balm in Mint. 
Price- INR 99 for 8 gms. You can buy it here.
Ingredients- Spearmint oil, Carrot seed oil, Aloe Vera gel, Natural Bee Wax, Cocoa Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Vegetable glycerin, Castor oil, Citric Acid & Sodium Benzoate. 
Glad to find that its free of chemicals.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shikakai Hair Cleanser: Review

Hi All, 

Today i am back with another herbal hair care product from Patanjali. 
I have this special affinity for Patanjali. i have tried most of their Personal care and Therapeutic products and they usually do not disappoint.
it is Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shikakai Hair Cleanser Review on my today's blog post.

Friday, 4 September 2015

My Envy Box- August 2015: Review-Contents & First Impressions

Hi Everyone, 

Few months back, while doing a compilation post on Beauty Box/services in India, i did an extensive research on so many beauty kits/bags etc and since i had this in my mind that i will definitely try My Envy Box. I got to grab My Envy Box- August 2015 edition, my first Envy box! Excited!

My Envy Box- Get 4-5 trial sized products at INR 850 per month/INR 2500 for 3 months and for more information and to subscribe, click here.

My Envy Box for August 2015 was entirely based on 'Indian Theme'- Indian Mon Amour, celebrating this festive month with Indian rich culture and heritage; focusing on Ayurvedic high end brands.
The contents (all 4 which i mistakenly took as 5 initially) were all ayurvedic and from Ayurvedic Brands. 
The Box is again was ALL INDIAN -displaying indian theme with the pictures of TajMahal, Lotus, Elephant and other things which represent the best of Indian cultural heritage.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Oriflame Sweden Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls in Natural Radiance: Review & Swatches

Hi All, 

A simple swirl with the brush and the perfect blend of micro pearls will give your skin a seamless, natural glow and flawless luminescence. Enriched with precious mica and silica minerals for a more radiant look.
Oriflame Sweden Giordani-Gold-Bronzing-Pearls-Natural-Radiance-Review-Swatches

Today I am reviewing one more makeup product from Oriflame, its Oriflame Sweden Giordani Gold bronzing pearls in Natural Radiance. +Oriflame India 
This is actually a blush with meant to add color and glow to your cheeks. It is available in 3 shades- Natural Radiance, Natural Bronze and Natural Peach.
I am reviewing the shade- Natural Radiance. I bought this just out of curiosity as it was first time i would use pearl blusher. I bought it under the impression that it would be something for Highlighting and Bronzing.
Price- INR 1299. You can buy it here and here.

Monday, 31 August 2015

SOS Organics Rose Geranium Soap: Hand-Crafted in the Himalayas

Hi Everyone, 
How was your weekend and that too coupled with Rakshbandhan! I was too occupied with preps and people who are marwaris have something more to double up as Rakshabandhan is followed by 'Sattu Teej'. 
If any of you have ever watched some marwari serials like Balika Vadhu or Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai. (Although i too do not watch TV serials but i know that these serials have shown these festival celebrations and gave a mass reach) then you might understand that this one of the biggest festivals for Marwari women who fasts for their family and prepares a special dish called Sattu and worships Teej Mata on the day. Any ways this is a part of my current routine but away from that today i am back to my love- my Blog (broad smile).

Today its a handcrafed luxury bath soap from SOS organics +SOS Organics - it is Rose Geranium Soap. I bought this from, 100 gms of the Soap retails at 140 INR. You can buy it here.
If are following my last few posts, you might have read, how much i love Khadi Rose soap and Ishalife Honey soap. I was looking for more Rose based/Jasmine based soaps but i gave a try to little different one.
Looking into the description that this product is from an organic brand, free of parabens and SLS/SLES along with cruelty free- i had enough reasons to spend. lets see how it fared.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Oriflame Sweden Organic Tea Tree Purifying Blemish Solver: Review

Hi All, 

So I am back today with one more super performer from my Anti Acne/Blemish arsenal. if the product has tea tree, its for sure that i am going to try that. I love tea tree oil and the products which has pure tea tree as one of its ingredients. 
This time it is Oriflame Sweden Organic Tea Tree Purifying Blemish Solver (with Organic Tea Tree Oil) from Oriflame Sweden+Oriflame India 
Actually this was purchased a long back but could not put a review. Recently the product has got a two new versions-  Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree and Rosemary Purifying Blemish Solver. and Love Nature Blemish Solver tea Tree.
The Product is priced at INR 349 for 14 ml and can be purchased from here.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel with PA+++ & SPF 50: Review

Hi Girls, 

I am one of the most lazy bums and even i keep struggling with skin issues, then too I often skip my skin care essentials.I also believed that while in indoors and other seasons other than summers, one hardly needs sun screens. Keeping your skin clean is enough- but that was not correct. My laziness made me fall prey several skin issues and then I decided to stick to at least basic regime.
This time i am sharing one of my skin care essentials- Sunscreen from Lotus Herbals.
I trust Lotus for their sunscreen formulations. It is Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel with PA+++ & SPF 50+Lotus Herbals . 
Lotus-Herbals-Safe-Sun-UV-Screen-Matte-Gel-PA+++ &-SPF-50-Review

Monday, 24 August 2015

Garnier Fructis Oil-in-Cream Triple Nutrition: Review

The new generation of hair oil is a cream. Now get twice the nourishment* of hair oils in a non sticky cream format with the benefits of :
3 Oils – Coconut, Olive & Almond
Nourishes & makes hair 10X stronger*
Restores beautiful shine into your lengths
Binds repairs and helps reduce split-ends. The new generation of hair oil is a cream

Maintaining healthy, bouncy, shiny tresses may not be Rocket Science but not less than that. and if you have unruly hairs like mine, i bet you are always on look out for something to tame those. This time Garnier came up with something different, Oil in cream formula.- Garnier Fructis Oil-in-Cream Triple Nutrition, so when it is meant for hairs how can I ignore it. +Garnier Fructis India 

Friday, 21 August 2015

Himalaya Herbals Intense Oil Clear Lemon face wash- For Him:Review

Hi All, 

Today's post is little different, Why?
its because this time its my Man, who is sharing his views about a product which i brought but its for him. So he is the one who can tell you about - 
Himalaya Herbals Intense Oil Clear Lemon face wash- For Him from Himalaya Herbals India. +Himalaya Store 
I have just pen down his experience. 
Himalaya-Herbals-Intense-Oil-Clear-Lemon-face-wash- For-Him-Review

Dear Boys, firstly i am not quite a shopper (as we all men are). when it comes to personal products, all i need is a good face wash to keep my face dirt and oil free. 
Till i met my lady, my purchases were limited to Himalaya Neem face wash when i talk about any toiletry product apart from Soaps.
Thanks to my beauty freak wife & so many brands who came up with the idea of separate products for Men. So she has something more to add to her shopping bag and ME to loose!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub: Review

Hi Girls!
With the onset of monsoons, i too was showered with acne & pimples. I went back to my anti acne/pimple regime. Meanwhile i read about this scrub and was lured to find that it has organic tea tree as its main ingredient. it is The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub from The Body Shop. 


This skin-clearing facial scrub combines micro-fine exfoliants with bursting beads to help unclog pores without over-drying. Use a few times a week for skin that feels super clean and instantly smooth.
   -Suitable for blemished skin
   -Skin instantly feels soft, smooth and super clean
   -Pores look visibly clearer and face feels purified

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Current Empties#2

Hi All, 

Last few months had been really hectic and when it comes to collecting empties i am quite lazy but this post usually helps me giving some mini reviews for the products which i missed/loved/hated.
So lets see what's in my store, they are last few months empties out of which i threw some & rest are here (always in hurry to dispose the scraps).

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Kronokare- Hydrate the Hair Shampoo and Hydrate & Untangle the Hair Conditioner: Review

Hi All, 
Last month i received my MSM Box- July 2015 edition which had some amazing stuff, out of which was Kronokare Combo. 
So today its Kronokare Hydrate the Hair Shampoo and Kronokare Hydrate & Untangle the Hair Conditioner on my review desk.
Kronokare is a new brand to me and i am using their product for the first time. I was happy to find that the brand claims to be free of SLS & parabens.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Oriflame Sweden: Giordani Gold Eau De Parfum and 24H Anti Perspirant Deodorant

Hi Everyone, 
Today i am back with one of the most popular perfume range of Oriflame Sweden +Oriflame Cosmetics. It is Giordani Gold Eau De Parfum and Giordani Gold 24H Antiperspirant Deodorant. its been a long time i am using this range and extremely in love with it. Although i finished the deodorant long back but the EDP is still going tell you the fact i dont want this to get over ;-)
Price- you need to pay,
Giordani Gold EDP- 2099 INR for 50 ml
Giordani Gold 24H Antiperspirant Deodorant- 189 INR for 50 ml
It has fragranced body talc too priced at 118 INR.
The entire range ensures to keep you fresh and fragrant for long hours.
You can buy it through their Sales reps or here & here online. you can even mail me.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Clean and Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash: Review

Worried that your pimple is taking away all the attention from that special dress, your new shades or that bouncy hairstyle that you’ve always wanted? Worry not, here’s what you need to know about those annoying pimples.
What are these pimples?
Spots or pimples form when your skin has too much oil, allowing bacteria to breed. The bacteria clog your pores, causing swelling and redness.
Well, then, how do I actually get rid of pimples if I’ve got ‘em already? 
We recommend using Clean & Clear Pimple Clearing Facewash to fight and remove pimples. Its special neem-lemon formula reduces redness and prevents spreading right from first use, so that your pimple does not take the focus away from what you are and so the world can see the real you!

Surprised! What is this???
Actually this is an excerpt from a long Questionnaire, picked from Clean & Clear-website, which intends to introduce the product to the readers.
So, the product is Clean and Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash
You can find detailed information about Acne/pimples, causes, precautions on their website- 
But now what am i talking about then??
its about my experience and review of the product. 
I have oily to combination skin, highly acne prone and keep having cystic/adult acne quite often. i already good experience with Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily scrub and also using their Morning Energy face washes since quite long. Clean and Clear never failed. You can now understand how much was i lured to see this new baby of theirs.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Himalaya Herbals Natural Sun Protection Lip Balm: Review

Nourishes, moisturizes & protects against UV rays
Free from synthetic sunscreens and preservatives, our petroleum-free lip balm is specially formulated using vegetable oils, and natural sun block to nourish, moisturize and protect your lips from harsh UVA and UVB rays. Our lip balm is enriched with Sunflower Seed Oil which effectively moisturizes and nourishes your lips. Grape Seed Oil protects against the harmful effects of UV rays, leaving your lips soft, smooth and protected.


So today its about lip care- its Himalaya Herbals Natural Sun Protection Lip Balm. 

Retails at INR 100 for 4.5 gms. Available at Himalaya Counters and online too. You can buy it here.
Key Ingredients:
Sunflower Seed Oil & Grape Seed Oil. All herbal with no chemicals/preservatives.
Directions for use:
Apply liberally on lips when needed.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Olive Almond Conditioner:Review

Hi All, 
Past few months i have tried a number of hair products in search of some good ones which may help in tackling Dryness & frizz along with retaining bounce, volume & shiny curls which i have inherited.
My Experience has compelled me to reiterate that luxury and performance of the product comes at a price but is always not expensive. One of the products from Patanjali- Kesh Kanti Olive & Almond Conditioner has proved it for me. 
Claims- Conditions, nourishes and detangles the hair
Price- 60 INR for 100 gms. Easily available at Patanjali counters and online too.


Monday, 3 August 2015

Garnier Skin Naturals White Complete Range Review-Fairness Cream and Face Wash & #7DayGarnierChallenge

Hi All, 
I am sure we all must be into basic skincare and usually stick to some tested & tried brands. One such brand for me is Garnier Skin Naturals +Garnier Skin Care, which i keep coming back as it has been something which hardly disappoints. This time it is Garnier Skin Naturals White Complete Range- Multi Action Fairness cream and Fairness Face Wash.
This time i am trying this while accepting a #7dayGarnierChallenge, lets see how it worked for me-

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Khadi Sansthan Glycerin Skin Cleanser- kewra: Review

Hi Everyone, 
Today its a bath & body product from Khadi Sansthan- its Khadi Sansthan Glycerin Skin Cleanser- Kewra Flavour.
Khadi Sansthan Glycerin Skin Cleanser-Kewra Review

Initially while looking for a Herbal Shampoo, i located this at Khadi Sansthan counter. 
But before we go ahead about reviewing this cleanser, let me first clear you all that the brand here is not KHADI but Khadi Sansthan and both are different. The first one is from Gramodaya Ashram which was set up by Mr. Sugrive Singh in the year 1963 while the latter one is a Govt. owned organisation which deals in manufacturing & promotion  of hand woven Khadi garments and other herbal/ayurvedic products.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Unboxing My Style Mile Express (MSM) Box: July 2015

Hi Girls, 
Today I will be sharing the recent box which i have subscribed, its MSM Express Box july 2015 edition. The Box says- 'A lot in a little' is a subscription for Beauty products, Accessories and Allied services. 
My Style Mile - Express Box-July 2015 Review

For more information about Beauty Box services, please read my Posts here & here.
Lets open it & have a fatafat (crisp) view of the contents i have received.
I ordered this box in july and got the box within next 10 days- super fast and Free Shipping.
Now lets unbox it & see the contents- 
MSM Select Box July 2015-contents-review

MSM Select Box July 2015-contents, review

MSM Select Box July 2015-contents, price

Monday, 27 July 2015

Imli Street Jasmine Dry and Damaged Hair Shampoo and Conditioner: Review

Hi All, 
Today i will be Reviewing a shampoo and Conditioner combo meant for dry and damaged hairs- its JASMINE range from +Imli Street . This Imli Street Jasmine Dry & Damaged hair Cleanser and conditioner.
This is for the first time i am trying this range although i have used their essential oils and the quality was really good. Recent sale offers at lured me to try this combo. it was available at 53% off so got it for 299 INR while the MRP is 630 INR.


Thursday, 23 July 2015

Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 Shampoo: Review

Hi Everyone,
Its been few months i got some samples from Reward Me for Review. One of the products which i got was this PANTENE Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 Shampoo- 80 ml bottle. it is a product of +P&G (Procter & Gamble) India.
I liked that they have sent a good sample quantity rather than a sachet or something to test. 
Lets see how it worked for my Dry, frizzy and thin hairs.

You can buy the Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care shampoo from retail outlets or online as its easily available.
Price- 80 ml for 59 INR.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Homemade: Anti Ageing Face Oil for Acne Prone/Oily Skin

Hi Everyone!
Its after a long time i am doing a 'Home Made' post.

Today its about a Face Oil which is not only a good skin moisturiser but has anti acne and anti ageing properties too. After finishing my Iraya Oil, i did little research on benefits of Aromatherapy and essential oils. I made a small batch of this OIL and since then i am using it since long and believe me i just can't stay without it.
So its high time to share the recipe with my readers too.

DIY Facial Oil, Face Oil

All you need- 
1. an empty tinted glass bottle (to prevent the oil getting oxidised)
2. Carrier Oils - 

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Get the 'High Definition Curl' look with BBLUNT

Curls need definition and this hassle-free cream makes it easy. It enhances curls & waves and also tames frizz. Go ahead, show your curls some love.
its about BBLUNT High Definition Curl - Curl Defining Leave-In Cream.
This is a styling product from the world of +BBLUNT Salons + Products + Expertise . Specially created for Indian hair. Protects from the environment and heat styling damage.
BBLUNT High Definition Curl - Curl Defining Leave-In Cream Review

For those who do not know- Even i came to know about this that BBlunt is a brainchild of Adhuna Bhabani (Adhuna Akhtar) who along with her friends co-partnered this Company and gave hair styling a new definition in India.
"We at BBLUNT believe you have a mind of your own have hair that's your own". 
I was bowled over seeing her vision and the journey of BBLUNT on the site page. 
But here i am not to discuss the Company but rather review one of its Product from their styling range- BBLUNT High Definition Curl - Curl Defining Leave-In Cream.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Baahubali: New Era of Indian Film Making Begins...

Hi, should i book the tickets for Bahubali, sunday show?-Me
What type of movie that is?-My Hubby
Obviously a period drama! Which show, tell me?-Me
No i'm not interested, would be surely a violent movie with a hero fighting & hurling severals in a single throw.-My Hubby
Ok Then.
Somehow i had to see the movie , so managed to take grab tickets of a local theatre, at the last moment. By the time we were out, my husband was spellbound, praising the movie and repenting if we could have booked the ticket in a multiplex- Ambience surely matters, right?
I am talking about this Magnum Opus by S S Rajamouli Bahubali- The beginning, the man who wrote & directed the movie-Bahubali (man with huge power/powerful arms). This is south Indian epic historical fiction movie where Prabhas playing the protagonist and Rana Daggubati as Antagonist. 


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