Monday, 30 June 2014

its all about Samples- Aroma Magic & Garnier

Hello my friends, 

Watching those beautiful pictures of various 'avatars' of gods & goddesses in a book of mine, i was so surprised that on one hand we worship 'Kali'-means 'the black one' symbolizes empowerment in our culture while on the other hand how women in India is differentiated for their skin color, so helpless, still struggling for empowerment. Those rapes, honor killings, dowry killings, female infanticide, domestic violence against women is just another news everyday...compels me to think how I or we as bloggers can help? This needs a deep thought & introspection.
You all must be thinking what's this...its not only beautiful things but some ugly brutal facts do occupy our mind.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

11 Reasons Why i ended up shopping @ Nykaa and my haul!

Hi All, 

i have been telling you all that this month i have been on a major spending spree. I was on look out for a good Serum which could provide me hydration and anti ageing benefits and being blessed (should i say 'cursed') with oil skin, i thought serum would be a better option. 

To tell you the fact i am not much of Online shopping kind of person. I like to 'feel' my purchase before i make any decision. But while searching retail counters when i could not find desired products. I kept browsing through several online shopping sites, following some blogger's recommendation's I stuck to Flipkart & Nykaa but later on while comparing the options, offers, products and the services etc i decided to give a try to +Nykaa. (i would give little credit to Ankita from +corallista+Corallista Makeup Blog  too as her reviews helped a lot, Thanks Ankita :-))

Friday, 27 June 2014

Celeb Looks- And Sonam did it again!

Hi you all gorgeous people!

I was about to post some new reviews today but when i saw this new pic of Sonam...i was forced to pick her for my 'Celeb Look' post. So she did it again...maintaining being soooo Gorgeous.
You all know how enticing she is when it comes to her costume and accessories. She is no doubt a Fashionista with her own definitions of Fashion. I have been her fan and like the way she experiments with Sari. Here is her new look- 
Courtesy- NDTV

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Vitamin e- De-pigmentation cream from Fabindia Review

Hi All, 

Looking yourself in the mirror, what is the first thought which comes into your mind?

1. Oh God, im ageing (my open pores, pigmentation, those fine lines) Im still not that Old.
2. Muaaah, you are so pretty, not fair!!!
3. i wish, i could have a rhinoplasty :-P
4. lastly, its all nonsense, I need a new mirror.

Whatever, most of us have this tendency to gaze at mirror, i had this habit of sitting in front of mirror for hours. Infact my aunt had a mirror just opposite to the sitting area in her room and i always used to sit and watch my self for hours. Even if i am in mid of a conversation, i kept peeping into mirror. 

Since last few days my mirror has been very rude to me....probably telling something which i never heard in my teens. but that's the story with all of us. isn't it?
you all might be thinking what am i up to...just a beauty banter.
Ok my post was about Fabindia Vitamin E De-pigmentation cream from +Fabindia 

Vitamin e- De-pigmentation cream from Fabindia Review

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Nature's Co Beauty Box - June 2014

Good morning to all my beautiful readers!

I was super happy yesterday as i got all my haul shipments yesterday....super excited to try them. Very morning as i reached my office i received this pack from TNC- The Nature's Co- Beauty Box and by the end of the day...haul shipment from my online purchases. Good na!!

So here's my Beauty Box from +The Nature's Co

The Nature's Co is one of the few companies to start this beautiful concept of beauty boxes for their brand promotion and one can subscribe this box at 595 INR (which is reduced to 495 INR) here

Monday, 23 June 2014

Celeb Looks- Glittery Karishma

Hi Girls, 

Today when i saw Karishma's pics, added to my admiration for her. its not only her attire but the way she has maintained after two kids and carries herself so gorgeously. But whats more significant is that she has evolved!!! yeah, she was not that drop-dead-gorgeous from the beginning.....
Thought of sharing this beautiful pic of hers, also one of the most wearable and beautiful creation of Kanika Kedia- 

Picture Courtsey- NDTV.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

FIGS & ROUGE- Aloevera & Mint Balm review

Hi dear girls, 

last night when i was trying to organize my make-up and skin care stuff, saw this...... lying ignored (by me) but my kiddo just loves it. Don't know why? never forgets to apply this every night.


Its FIGS & ROUGE- Aloevera & Mint Balm. I got this full size one in my Fab Bag. 

Although used it for continuously for 2-3 months but then got ....better alternatives!!
Thought to share my experience with you.

Company Claims- 
Soothing and protecting. 100% Natural and Pure. Certified organic (which i appreciate). Moisturising with power packed ingredients. Excellent for soothing dry, sore and irritated lips on skin. Intense and Delicious. Petroleum Free.

Company projects it as a multi tasking product good for Lip, face (brows too), hand (cuticles too) and body balm. 
Packaging- a small tin tub, kinda old-fashioned one but looks pretty. sturdy to carry, no matter,even if you drop it...many times, wont even open.

Quantity and price- 17 ml & 549 INR

Availability- can shop at FAB
My experience- when i received this it was start of winters, it was a white opaque thicker than usual balms. it was smooth in application. my lips felt hydrated and stayed longer than usual balms. Had a mild fragrance which i don't remember since its gone now. But later on as climate got colder, it solidified with granules like coconut oil so hindered smooth application. Also got very sticky but provided good base to my lip sticks or glosses.
i started using it during night time and so my little boy too. Tried on my cuticles but could not find any major difference.

Probably because of its natural contents it needs to finished in few months of opening. although it never warns of any expiry. its good that its organic, petroleum free but still Improvement is quality is needed, specially stickiness. Also i prefer retractable sticks and tubes for balms, i find tins or tubs quite messy.

Rest is on you guys....International Brand, worth a try but expensive.

My Rating- 4/5

Friday, 20 June 2014

Shopping Haul

Hi all, 

This entire month...i was on a spending spree (although my birthday is 2 months away)...spending on Spa, Clothing, Accessories and my Beauty shopping, Window shopping, checking outlets, counters in local market....on and on and on.
But i absolutely loved it!! -(not burning hole into my hubby's pocket) 
here is one of my recent beauty haul- 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Stains VANISH-ed from my clothes..

I remember once when i left my ink pen on my bedsheet and then my favorite sheet was never the same again. That large blue stain ....took so much of my mothers efforts but in vain.
After 20 came to my rescue and i don't need to fume looking those stubborn stains on my kid's bedsheet or his dress. How?
Ok lets come back to present day.... you have piling laundries and its your awaited Sunday...given a choice, pamper yourself or just move I need your time (my house screaming!!!!!!).
Dumping your laundries in washing machine with the best available detergent always don't work.
Vanish Liquid Review

This is VANISH Fabric stain remover, safe on colored & whites (as company claims) by Reckitt Benckiser

Monday, 16 June 2014

Home Made- Face and body scrubs for monsoons

Hi all,

 i am back with some home made recipes for SCRUB. These scrubs are meant especially for monsoons. lets start- 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Combat summer tans with KOZEM Soap

Hi all, 

Today morning i was rhyming.....

Rain Rain make your way...

Cant wait for another day!
We all want to play!!!!

and guess what???...i found a similar version on one of the famous beauty blogs too. I was thinking how come two minds can think so similar? anyways you all would think i will keep on discussing summer and its effects on my skin till monsoon arrives. but i guess this time its toooo hot and also observed that i missed one of my daily routine-Summer savior and got this extreme tanning.....what was that????

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Sip of health with Organic India- Green Tea

hi to all the gorgeous beauties,

You all would surely agree that staying healthy is primary to being confident and beautiful. In my quest of looking good & staying healthy i came across benefits of Green Tea and i must tell you- i am a green tea drinker and i absolutely love it but not addicted to it.
Not because its fashion but i find it helps me staying active, light and controls my weight. im still sipping my tea while writing this article.

Great Indian shopping site with great indian

Hi All, 
This is for the first time i am discussing a shopping site. Reason being i am a fan of the site when it comes to collection whether its Clothing or accessory, Home & Living- amazing collection. I am talking about, an NDTV venture.
For the first time i noticed an exciting contest- its all about SELFIE's-most raved & popular topic in media.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Current Empties#1

Hi All, 

You all might have understood by now that for me beauty is more being 'myself". skin care  plays a major role in my beauty concerns and just stick to makeup for certain occasions but skin care???? its always on top of my charts. 
Here again its about my recent empties although i had several empties before but never got time  to share. Rather should i say thay in my cleaning spree...they were disposed off. At times my 'boys' also could not understand what i am upto? hoarding or disposing?


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Summer Escape- Jaipur-Part 2

Hi all the gorgeous ladies, 

This post is in addition to my previous post of Jaipur Visit which continues here with my Haul. You may see my previous post here.
This time its all about my jewelry haul from Jaipur. 
customised those flowers


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