Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Blossom Kochhar - Aroma Magic Sunblock Lotion spf 30 PA ++

I absolutely love the concept behind Aroma Magic. They believe in Natural ingredients and all their products would be AROMA based ones, with logic behind using a particular Aroma for a particular product. Have you seen blossom’s FB page, quite nice &  informative!!!
Aroma Magic Sunblock Lotion Review

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Winter Cares! In my Bag - AROMA MAGIC, VLCC, STREET WEAR……..

Being in the MALWA during winters is an advantage at times. When other regions of M.P. like Mahakaushal which is quite chilled, impact of winter winds is much less here.
I can say i am spared but still my skin does not feel the same.
Apart from the night care, touch ups in day time is now a necessity…...reminds me of a recent AD by a pain relief balm…...head, back has got a mouth and a voice to cry, shout with pain. probably similar happens to our skin, crying loud and we keep ignoring.
This time my symptoms were little grave, specially with my hands. I had every thing in terms of a problem, be it pigmentation, dryness, patchyness, lines, you name it and its there. So i decided to be little more careful rather consistent in following my skin care regime.
Being a working women, we are always short of time and keep hunting for tips and tricks to manage personal routine while not disturbing work. one of the ways...’’carry it”.

Samples from AROMA MAGIC

Samples from AROMA MAGIC -

Wow…..look at those cute samples from AROMA MAGIC.

i’ve got these as reward of AROMA FB contest win. I am excited to try them. Would get back to you with sample reviews soon.

Aroma Magic Samples

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Home Made - Growth Booster Hair Oil.

Hi All,

its been a long time since i have posted something on my blog, reason being besides being a mother to my 5 year old, i am a full time working professional which at times do not allow me to dedicate my time any where else.

Any ways i have decided to pursue my passion of blogging seriously any how so here’s one more informative post on one of our biggest concerns - Falling and Thining hair. One of the primary concerns of working women.

This herbal Recipe is actually my Mom’s preparation and has been using this since years. This oil would not only boost Hair growth but effective in improving  hair texture, handling problems like thining, greying etc. this has been my personal experience. Also it is completely safe as it contains no harmful chemicals.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wass’up these days?-OCM….Clean & Pamper your Skin.

As soon as I started realizing that I should be little more serious about my skin care and physical fitness, I delved into all possible online sources to find all GOOD ways of finding methods for skin care, makeup and fitness regime for me. Apart from maintaining a healthy lifestyle its essential that skin should be kept clean and with some topical treatments as well.

OMG! All what I came across was little difficult to believe yet an amazing way to SKIN CARE. Can you believe it was Oil Cleansing Method, popularly known as OCM.  Although it’s hard to believe that how OIL can be a good cleaning agent…..when it is one of the biggest culprits!!!!  Cleaning your face with oil....have I gone crazy, No Way! When whole world is looking for oil free skin care products why would I do this folly? But but but the answer lies here-----

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Oriflame Veryme Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow

Here I am reviewing one of my current obsessions-tinted moisturizer or as the company says bronzing Moisturizer. This is one of the most popular range of Oriflame-veryme. Here comes my favourite, Oriflame’s veryme PEACH ME PERFECT SKIN GLOW.

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