Friday, 25 April 2014

2 States...Movie Watch

Hi All, 

How was your Polling Day???? I hope you all must have casted your votes. Being educated and aware Indians its not our RIGHT but our responsibility, I did mine and actually felt great.
Proud to be an Indian and promised to do my best for my India.

Although this post is not about Voting and Indian politics but just started with it since i am a firm believer that WE can bring Change!

Anyways i didn't mean to bore but rather discuss entertainment.....its about a recent Movie which we watched yesterday...2 STATES.
This is my first online movie review but being a general audience its an AUDIENCE REVIEW not a movie critic one.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Nail Art on EARTH DAY

Hi Beautiful ladies, 

its been little long i was out from blogger world..I was busy with my hectic Travelling and professional occupancies. Anyways these days i have been experimenting a lot on my nails. I remember i was never a FAN of Nail Arts but now i feel No harm trying a good design that too when it matches my outfit.

So on occasion of EARTH DAY...two of my novice arts..


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