Friday, 8 May 2015

Rahul Phate's Roopada Oil Control Peel: Review

Hi All, 

Today i am back with an Oil control face mask which is from one of the lesser known brands in India - Rahul PhateIt is one of the best skin and hair care brand i have tried so far. This time it is Roopada Oil Control Peel (actually it is a mask). As per my Salon girl, this is meant for both Salon and personal use.

Rahul Phate's Roopada Oil Control Peel-Review

Price - 115 INR for 50 gms. (i usually source it through my salon girl). The site is under construction so probably will be able to source it online after that.

Rahul Phate's Roopada Oil Control Peel-ingredients

Ingredients- you will notice that it has all exfoliating ingredients like Glycolic and lactic acid and has salicylic acid too for acne or pimples. Along with these it has Bentonite too. Bentonite is a mineral based clay usually derived from Volcanic ash. it is known for treating blemishes and skin infections like abcesses. the clay constricts the skin and pushes the toxins out of the skin. It is also a good absorbent and exfoliator hence is good for oily skin. it effectively absorbs oil and exfoliates to resurface the skin and smoothen the fine lines too.
But it is not free of parabens.

Rahul Phate's Roopada Oil Control Peel-Review

Rahul Phate's Roopada Oil Control Peel-Review

Rahul Phate's Roopada Oil Control Peel-Review

The mask is comes packed in a plastic opaque white jar along with spill proof lid and a screw cap. Packaging in not attractive but is simple and sturdy.
The mask/peel is a thick paste, muddy lavender in colour with a mild fragrance. It needs to be little diluted for proper application and spreadability. I usually mix rose water to dilute and also added few drops to any essential oil to enhance the efficacy of the product. it could be either frankincense or tea tree oil. This helps targeting concerns like my acne or pimple along with fast healing.  I usually apply this at night after cleansing and leaving it till it completely dries.  A little amount goes long way as it spreads well but on damp face (also i would recommend using this on damp skin as it sits on dry or flaky skin). it feels tight as soon as it dries.  i never had any irritation or burning sensation after applying this. Only a little warm sensation but not strong enough to bother. Adding Essential oils may add to that warm sensation. I usually spray little water on my face and remove it with circular motion. It is quite easy to remove with simple water splash and does not stick to face. My face is squeaky clean without any residue left behind. 
I have been using this mainly in summers. I wont say that it clears away pimples or acne but it has been quite effective in keep my face oil and dirt free
it is suitable for oily to combination skin while dry skin people would find it quite drying. 

Overall i would Highly Recommend this oil control mask/peel to all the Oily skinned beauties. 

My Rating- 4.9/5


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