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Rahul Phate's Detoxifying Skin Pack: Review

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You all might have noticed that most of the products i review are specifically targeted to my skin/hair issues. I usually do not entertain samples/products which do not cater to my needs.  Today its again a skin care product from Rahul Phate Research Product. It is Mrunalini's detoxifying skin pack -Spa solution
One of my friend suggested this to me saying that this is a skin cooling pack which really works for dullness, acne, blemishes etc. if you might have read my previous few posts, you must have read about Roopada pack. She suggested to mix both of this in equal ratio for enhanced effect. 
Rahul Phate's Detoxifying Pack Review

Price- 140 INR for 30 gms of pack. Availability can be an issue since this is not easily available on retail counters. You need to have spa/salon contacts for sourcing this. The Rahul Phate website is also still under construction so even full information about entire range of products is not available.
An entirely ayurvedic preparation targeted to skin curing and healing.
Rahul Phate's Detoxifying Pack Review

Rahul Phate's Detoxifying Pack Review

Rahul Phate's Detoxifying Pack Review

My experience- 
its been quite a long time (more than a year) i am using this but never thought of sharing it with you. So better late than never, lets see how it works?
it is creamy white powder finely grounded and smooth like a talcum powder. it smells of fresh mint. it comes tightly packed in a polypack housed in a opaque plastic tub which again is covered with a carton pack. Packaging is simple, travel-safe & sturdy
I used to mix this with plain water and apply this on face. it mixes well to give a smooth paste and quite easy to apply with fingers/brush. At times when i had severe acne/pimples surfacing then used to mix this with Roopada pack too.
Alone when used it gave an instant cooling and tingling sensation for initial few minutes. it dries up easily since it is a clay pack. I usually keep it for 10 minutes and keep spraying rose/jasmine water in between. it is quite easy to clean and leaves no residue behind. Even it removes every trace of dirt, grime, makeup or oil from my face.
After washing, i found an immediate feeling of cooling & freshness. Dullness is replaced with glow while it tightens a little and also helps in reducing redness & inflammation around acne/pimples. Using for 3-4 times also helps in reducing acne & pimples. 
Mixing with Roopada pack also helps in cleaning oil, dirt and drying pimples.
If you are going for a party and need an instant perk up, just apply this after a little facial massage/scrub. You will find that your fatigue & dullness is all gone.
Rahul Phate's Detoxifying Pack Review

Overall Mrunalini's detoxifying skin pack -Spa solution from Rahul Phate's research lab is an amazing formula, espacially for oily to combination and pimple prone skin. Highly Recommended! The only downside is availability.

My Rating- 4/5


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