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Wass’up these days?-OCM….Clean & Pamper your Skin.

As soon as I started realizing that I should be little more serious about my skin care and physical fitness, I delved into all possible online sources to find all GOOD ways of finding methods for skin care, makeup and fitness regime for me. Apart from maintaining a healthy lifestyle its essential that skin should be kept clean and with some topical treatments as well.

OMG! All what I came across was little difficult to believe yet an amazing way to SKIN CARE. Can you believe it was Oil Cleansing Method, popularly known as OCM.  Although it’s hard to believe that how OIL can be a good cleaning agent…..when it is one of the biggest culprits!!!!  Cleaning your face with oil....have I gone crazy, No Way! When whole world is looking for oil free skin care products why would I do this folly? But but but the answer lies here-----

A little research-The fact is its sebum …body’s natural secretion-natural oil which when accumulates beneath the skin creates problems. Wiping off frequently aggravates more sebum production extra sebum when accumulated is WHITE HEADS and when gets in contact with external environment gets infected and hence we have those tiny bumps and dents called as BLACK HEADS and even PUSTULES.  And all we do is using harsh chemicals as cleansers, ointments etc to cure, but of no use rather stripping natural moisturizer-oil.

Let me tell you my skin gets really unmanageable in summers, my oil factory runs with complementary whiteheads…thank god not much of them turning into black ones….aaahhhhh. but its still few of them turns unruly and my face is spoiled. I hate looking into mirror. AND believe me,  this formula of drinking LOADS of water just don’t work with me as my body immediately flushes it out and I get sick of visiting Loo repeatedly. Body just craves the required and we automatically quench the thirst but not beyond that.

How it works- OK lets come to my OCM talk….we all know Like Dissolves Like and so do this.
Oil on your faces cleanses our extra facial factory production without leaving it dry. Phenomenon says it needs a primary oil- preferably CASTOR OIL and a Secondary or Carrier oil- according to skin type.
Why Castor oil? – Best known for its traditional use as laxative is widely available in all drugstores, the same has been considered as a good moisturizer and tightening agent for skin. It has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties to treat variety of skin disorders plus free from harmful chemicals like parabens etc. It can be massaged into your scalp and may help increase circulation, stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. So in brief, good topical remedy for skin and scalp.

Here Castor oil is essential but may give allergies so a patch test is required. In case if it does not work, replace it with other lighter oils like Jojoba oil or sweet almond oil. Important to mention it is quite drying for skin so a right proportion is needed as per skin type.
For secondary or Carrier oil- many options are available, just need to experiment.
1.      Extra Virgin Olive oil – good for all skin types (but for me, its heavy)
2.      Sunflower seed oil – good for all skin types and little light in consistency
3.      Avocado oil- for dry, itchy, aging or sensitive skin.
4.      Jojoba oil – good for all skin types and resembles our body sebum or natural oil.
5.      Apricot Kernel oil – for dry skin
6.      Grape Seed Oil – good for acne prone & oily skin.
7.      Sweet almond oil – for oily skin.
Whatever we choose, essential is to opt for cold pressed oils, free of chemicals.
Composition Ratio normally can be –  for Castor oil : Carrier oil
Normal Skin – 1:1
Dry Skin – 1:3
Oily Skin – 3:1
You may try this as sample and get the right proportion for your skin type and then even a large volume can be prepared to keep it handy.

Procedure – it is very simple, just take the mixture and apply generously on your face with circular massage motion. Give it a little time to reach your pores and dissolve the dirt & oil. Wait for say, 5 min and meanwhile boil water. Take a clean, soft cloth or tissue napkin and immerse in hot water ( not boiling one to burn your hands & face). Cover your face till it gets to normal temperature and then with a gentle pressure rub the face to remove oil. Steaming would help open up your pores and remove dissolved dirt & grime off your face. Repeat the step of covering the face with wet napkin and cleaning face till oil is completely removed. (make sure not leave oil residue on your face). That’s done. But yes if your face gets dry and feel stretchy, take some drops of same mixture and apply as moisturizer. Here is new YOU with clean and glowing face. It feels smooth, soft and so nourishing, believe me.

What I observed- Initially when I started this, was little doubtful but then more curious to try.
1.       Initially when tried can lead to eruptions but not to worry as it is initial cleaning process and would disappear as your skin adjusts. But if problems persist, discontinue immediately. I also had certain eruptions which faded later on.
2.      Castor oil is surely drying but not to larger extent.
3.      Proportions can be customized and should be.
4.      This is not a universally applicable method; suitable for all. May have contradictions.
5.      Weather conditions matters; should change proportions accordingly.
6.      I have experienced good results for my skin- naturally glowing and healthy skin with little tightening too. Dark Circles – not sure as I have not experienced noticeable change.
7.      Works for all age groups.

What I recommend –
1.      Patch Test for every oil & combination is required.
2.      I had included essential oil in this mixture- my ratio was Castor-almond-EVOO-essential oil (1:1:1:4). Can choose any essential oil according to skin type like Lavender, Neroli, citrus, ylang ylang, chamomile etc. I used FAIRY oil from AROMA MAGIC.
3.      You can also use and mud pack following the cleansing, it will ensure oil removal completely from your face and also close those open pores. Mint mud pack in summers is awesome.
4.      If your face feels dry and you are acne prone then apply aloe gel as mosituriser.
5.      Applying mud pack and following with aloe gel with ensure dead skin removal, treating pigmentation too.
6.      Always prefer organic or cold pressed oils; preferably local made as they are free from chemicals.
7.      Prepare it fresh but with fixed proportions, maybe in drops.

Do tell me how this article was and of any help?

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