Thursday, 19 December 2013

Winter Cares! In my Bag - AROMA MAGIC, VLCC, STREET WEAR……..

Being in the MALWA during winters is an advantage at times. When other regions of M.P. like Mahakaushal which is quite chilled, impact of winter winds is much less here.
I can say i am spared but still my skin does not feel the same.
Apart from the night care, touch ups in day time is now a necessity…...reminds me of a recent AD by a pain relief balm…...head, back has got a mouth and a voice to cry, shout with pain. probably similar happens to our skin, crying loud and we keep ignoring.
This time my symptoms were little grave, specially with my hands. I had every thing in terms of a problem, be it pigmentation, dryness, patchyness, lines, you name it and its there. So i decided to be little more careful rather consistent in following my skin care regime.
Being a working women, we are always short of time and keep hunting for tips and tricks to manage personal routine while not disturbing work. one of the ways...’’carry it”.

1. VLCC Mint Lip Shield
2. AROMA MAGIC hand Cream
3. AROMA MAGIC Sunblock Lotion
4. LOTUS HERBALS lip therapy -cherry
6. Face wipes
7. HIMALAYA Pure Hands- herbal hand sanitizer
8.A little makeup-  STREET WEAR - STAY ON eye liner, Lip Liner in Pink & Coral,Revlon & Maybelline Lippies in pink and nude, small bindi pack (attending a family event after office...its highly needed in marwadi culture), FACES Comb.

VLCC Mint Lip shield - moisturisation is good but lasts not more than 2 hours but i like that it has that mint flavour which gives a little coolness while applying. it also has spf-10 which is good for day use. Also it claims to light pigmentation which is little effective. Comes is small tube which i don’t like at all but carrying till i don’t find a good substitute.

AROMA MAGIC hand cream - Oh God! I Love AROMA and my faith on AROMA products reaffirms with every new purchase. Nice tube packaging with flip cap-so easy to carry.This hand cream is too good with thick consistency and good moisturising capacity. it has very mild citrus fragrance which i totally love. it works well on cuticles too. you are in hurry just rub the cream on your hands while you are at work and its done.

AROMA MAGIC Sunblock lotion - Broad spectrum sunblock with spf-30 & PA++ with UVA & UVB protection. Again travel friendly flip cap tube packaging.This is also one of my recent AROMA purchase which seems good as of now. (will come up with a
separate review soon)

LOTUS HERBALS lip therapy (cherry) - I like the way it gives a subtle tint and also its moisturising power which stays for 3- 4 hours.
(although you need to reapply every lip balm every 2-3 hours what ever brand it is untill it is little sticky like Oriflame or FIGS & ROUGE ones)

FACECLIN Gel - Clindamycin and Nicotinamide gel from Abbott. it handles my abrupt acne and dark marks very well.(was prescribed by my dermatologist)

FACE Wipes - Aloe Vera baby wipes from CARE MATE….good quality and soft, non-alcoholic. Good to wipe and clean face anytime without hunting for clean and lukewarm water.

HIMALAYA Pure Hands- herbal hand sanitizer- Good and very effectively cleans your hand. Being herbal we can also use it for children. ITS A MUST FOR TRAVEL. i love the citrus smell its has.

MAKE-Up for after office touch ups  or if required in office too. You may see a cute purple wallet which holds my make up stuff well. I love it. Along with you may find a small yellow Tupperware box to hold my stuff which i keep munching to satiate my cravings. Believe its also a must in your beauty routine.
I keep applying and reapplying these as per my needs and so far they have handled my winter probs well.

WHAT I MISS - a nice ROD (Roll On Deo) - What do you say, any suggestions on that?


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