Thursday, 16 January 2014

Skin Care for the Working women

Being a working women myself its not difficult to understand the struggle for being a perfect mother, perfect wife, perfect and smart professional; we keep on juggling and swapping roles.

The biggest challenge here is where ‘me’ as a smart & attractive women stands here? .‘myself’ comes down in the priority list but still can never be and ‘should never be’ ignored but still TIME has always been a deciding factor. we keep ignoring ourselves but we need to understand being healthy, smart, updated and attractive is also essential..
So lets just prioritise on to the very essential but basic thing for being healthy and glowing- our SKIN Regime-

1. Cleansing is essential - however tired you are clean your face at least 3 times - morning, afternoon (even if you are not outdoors), night (before sleeping) to ensure not only removal of dirt and grime but also for germ protection.
- I personally prefer antibacterial face washes with ingredients like neem, tea tree oil, salicylic acid etc
- Fashionistas wearing makeup daily should start with a good make-up remover. Can try Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) with your custom made preparations. you can find about it here..
- Face wipes or  wet tissues are a boon to a working women. Reviving freshness in a minute with a wet wipe is so easy while sitting on your chair.

2. I have seen most of the working women applying only a simple easy available moisturiser or thick cream avoiding the skin basics in their rush. Toning is essential- to close open pores. moisturiser would find its way to get absorbed but open pores would invite skin infections. Avoid alcohol based ones.

3. Hydration - keep yourself hydrated and so your skin will be. can be naturally by consuming fluids like water, juices, green tea etc  and by applying Good Oil free moisturiser.  it maintains ‘dewyness’ of your skin. Controls sebum which is produced to balance dryness and even preps your skin for makeup.

(it hardly takes 3 min to finish with this CTM)

4. Sun Block- never move out without it, the best anti aging formula. keep it handy for reapplications.

5. Give Extra - never wait to cross 30’s and start looking for extra nourishment like Serums, Night Creams or Day creams for extra nourishment and anti aging benefits. These can take care of that extra work stress which makes you vulnerable to fast aging.

6. SPA Sundays- a day in your busy routine where take time off for yourself and pamper yourself for a  hour or so. A body scrub or Ubtan, nice face clean-up  or hair massage with a home made pack and its all done.

8. Keep munching - Dry fruits, Chikki, Fruits to satiate hunger and avoid mood swings, its  proven!!! Side effects- nourished skin :-)

9. Exercise- Oh God, not again…(expression on your face). But believe me you can combat age and health issues well. so only 10 min pranayam or surya namaskar would work (either in morning or evening)

10.  Sleep- Nice sleep for a minimum of 8 hours would maintain your psychological and physiological balance. Stress reflects on your skin making it lifeless. When i am damn stressed, i prefer to sleep.

Tips -
Try multipurpose products - like Moisturiser with sunscreen, body lotion with sunscreen, Lip & Cheek tint, Tinted Moisturiser, Tinted lip balms - saves your time.
Keep bare essentials handy - like Lip balm, Kajal, Face wipes, Tinted Moisturiser, sunblock, sanitiser so no panic attacks! and you are always groomed and ready; be it a presentation or a party.

Last but not least ENJOY every moment of your life!! Stay Happy, Stay Beautiful.


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