Friday, 25 April 2014

2 States...Movie Watch

Hi All, 

How was your Polling Day???? I hope you all must have casted your votes. Being educated and aware Indians its not our RIGHT but our responsibility, I did mine and actually felt great.
Proud to be an Indian and promised to do my best for my India.

Although this post is not about Voting and Indian politics but just started with it since i am a firm believer that WE can bring Change!

Anyways i didn't mean to bore but rather discuss entertainment.....its about a recent Movie which we watched yesterday...2 STATES.
This is my first online movie review but being a general audience its an AUDIENCE REVIEW not a movie critic one.

2 STATES ...most awaited flick,  marketed not only by makers but Writer-CB too. probably one of those few where a successful novel was transformed to movie without any objections or controversies, even CB supported it..probably paid too ;-P (for those who don't know its Chetan Bhagat).
Every single day i opened my FB page-  with his posts of countdown for States.
So guys you might be aware is based on CB's novel...2 STATES.
Movie is a complete adoption and transformation of the novel. In fact i liked that Director-Abhishek Barman has done full justice to the story and maintained the flow and charm, even for those who had read the novel, like me :-) otherwise it may be big bore when you already know what would happen next..
I was feeling as if i am reading the novel again as it exactly copied the emotions and portrayal of the novel.
When it comes to Actors- Arjun Kapoor, Alia Bhatt as a lead pair were GOOD and i loved Alia this time (more than Student of......) Arjun Kapoor,has lot of potential and loved his refined and urban look in contrast to his previous movies. Both of them had an amazing chemistry just like actual pairs do have. 
Veterans like Amrita Singh, Revathi, Ronit Roy and Shiv Kumar are AWESOME. Song filmed on Revathi reminded me of her LOVE days. Amrita Singh and Ronit Roy's performances are beyond comments.
Movie Sets, Background locations etc- portrayal was nice especially scenes of their college days in IIM A (in fact while reading novel the kind of college and environment you can think of...exactly the same).
Music...melodious but i liked MAST MAGAN more than any other. (i realised it while we were driving on our way back to home and listened the same song on Radio)

LOOKS.....Makeup-Minimalistic, I liked Alia's fresh and dewy look with tones of Pink and corals used on her were really pretty. Costume and Jewelry was ethnic with earthy shades of long skirts combined with razorbacks, halters etc to give it a modern yet little seductive one but it was no where Vulgar. 
As i told earlier, Arjun was good in his sober, subdued & cultured looks. 

Overall its a nice attempt except at certain points where Director loose hold of story and audience too.
When it comes to my choice, I am a NO-Nonsense kind of Audience so its my type of movie.
Its one time watch with GOOD entertainment.
Direction and Filming- 4/5 
Actors and their Acting- 4/5
Costume, Makeup, Jewelry etc- 5/5

GO WATCH..if you have not watched it as yet.


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