Thursday, 16 October 2014

Patanjali Neem & Tulsi....Gel Face wash- Review

Hi All, 

Past weeks were really hectic and was hardly left with time to post on the blog. Apart from job occupancies and daily chores at home, i got chance to research and take trials of essential oils. I am in love with these oils. They are super effective.
But today its not about any Essential oil, its another Ayurvedic product in line- Patanjali Neem & Tulsi Face wash. 

I am a fan of Patanjali Face washes, they are super effective for my oily skin. I have been using their previous creamy ones and still hoard them. This time when i saw several new launches in gel form, i picked my usual favourite, an antispetic one- with Neem & Tulsi.


Product Description- 
Neem Tulsi face wash is a soap free herbal formulation. Its gentle cleansing action controls moisture (guess it should be oil) and natural balance of skin. Neem & Tulsi kills germs while Honey and Aloe moisturise and rejuvenate the skin tissues to make complexion fresh, smooth and beautiful. it also helps to prevent pimples. Claims to be an Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.


Key Ingredients- 
Aloe Vera, Azadiracta Indica (Neem), Ocimum Sanctum (Tulsi) along with Gel base, Perfume and preservatives.
Directions for use- 
Apply on wet face, massage gently for 1 minute with water and then wash. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water immediately.
Quantity and Price- 
60 gms for 45 INR. Available at all Patanjali outlets and local stores too.

Product packaging- 
comes in white plastic tube with a flip open cap and has colour theme of Green and purple with images of Neem and Tulsi on it. Tube is quite sturdy and travel friendly.


Texture & Fragrance- 
its a green gel with a artificial Floral smell added to it but its not strong enough to bother


My Experience- 
 I am using this since last one month and about to finish. You need only 2-3 gms to massage and wash your face. its easy to remove as compared to the creamy face wash. But cleaning is good and leaves your face moisturised. At times i did not even felt need of Moisturiser after washing. 
But for my Oily skin which gets greasy by the end of the day, i at times skip this and use the Creamy Face wash-Saundarya with which i use to have a squeaky clean face with no oil or makeup residue left on my face. So I would still prefer creamy face wash- Saundarya from Patanjali.


Overall this seems to be a good option for sensitive to normal to dry skin but for severely oily skin...better skip it.


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