Saturday, 28 February 2015

Womanhood- Would i pray reborn as a woman again?

Hi Girls,

You all would be wondering, where was i these past days...No posts? No updates?
Well, these are phases of a my life where blogging is my passion, an outlet of my feelings & views. So i am today sharing some of experiences (of being a woman) which made me think- Would i like reborn as a woman again? 

You all must be thinking that i am going negative...No, i'm not. its about self- introspection.

Instance #1
The friendly smiling face in my neighborhood and exchange of  our traditional dishes- mine marwari ones with her Sindhi ones bonded us. The old lady who is an ideal indian woman - expert home maker, loving mother and caring partner. But ignoring her very 'self', like most indian women, bearing yet ignorant- with the deep lying cause of her pain and agony. That Report showing the possible malignant cells doubled that chest pain by fear & shock. Sadly her years of love & care was punified against that huge medical bill. This was a woman who gave her whole life to her family with that selfless love and care and now......

Instance #2
Cooking in a rush to catch with office time, i was feeling the pain, still ignoring it. But of no use, took some pills and a hot water bag to relax and relieve the pain. By the evening, pain increased and pills, injectibles were rendered useless. it was 2:30 pm midnight, after series of tests, the doctor declared- its Ectopic Pregnancy. yes, for those who dont know, its a medical condition where the foetus develops outside uterus, like fallopian tube. The tube being too narrow to handle the increasing foetus may burst and probably may have serious consequences. I was operated on time and saved. My loving & supporting husband- who was there, always with me, helped me recover soon and i was so thankful to God for giving me this amazing family.
I was a few among those few lucky ones to have a this adorably loving & caring family. 

Instance #3
Surprised to see, One of my friends from my neighborhood, crying with pain sitting at her husband's back on his bike. I inquired & came to know that she is trying for a 3rd baby. The amicable lady with a loving husband, blessed with pretty daughters. Chirpy, outgoing and amiable to be friend with every women in the society has lost that usual smile of hers. Could easily understand that it was that 'social pressure', her duty to bring an heir- male, for her family. Her self acclaimed 'Liberal' In Laws were completely indifferent to her pain and distress of going through 'those' tests. 

But this whole series of events, made me think, is our womanhood - which gives us those special abilities to bring a new life to this world and our inborn qualities to nurture the family with that selfless love, compassion and care is our curse? taken for granted by our own people around. I would say, we women are also culprits in a way,raising this society. 
Is that what we women deserve? 
But I strongly believe, No- its a blessing, a boon that i am born with this power, with these special abilities. I would surely like reborn a woman, every of my birth & would always thank God for that.

Being the Integral part of this society which we women have given birth to- i will be the one to bring the change i want to.
 i resolve to bring that change my way. I would mould the new generation to respect and care for women. My Son would be the one to give women her due respect and position in the society.

Happy Woman's Day to all of you!


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