Wednesday, 21 October 2015

nYah Rose & Honey Natural Face & Body Gel

Exploring with further more bath & body options, I tried a new herbal brand- nYah. I was looking for a soothing, cooling and fragrant body wash and whats better than a Floral one? I got this nYah –Rose & Honey, Natural Face and body bath gel.
nYah Rose & Honey Natural Face & Body Gel

Price- 110 INR for 70 ml. I got this from You can order it here.
The body wash looks pretty attractive with its vintage packing; transparent plastic bottle sealed with a cork cap. But the packing is not spill proof and safe as soon as its opened. The cork jumps off and does not get sealed again properly again. I always keep it erect on my shelf and avoids it lying horizontally.
Ingredient information and company details are missing.
nYah Rose & Honey Natural Face & Body Gel

nYah Rose & Honey Face & body gel is a gel with a medium consistency, baby pink in color and smelling of fresh rose flowers. You will feel bathing in fresh rose water pond.  It makes the whole bathing experience refreshing and soothing. Its perfect for summers and if you are felling tired after the days’ work- just have a nYah bath, you will love it. It cleans well and leaves a mild rosey fragrance behind but the fragrance does not last long on my body although it keeps my bathroom fragrant for hours after bath. It would not leave skin dry or stretchy. Although it is meant for face too but I did not try this on my face as I am acne prone with sensitive. But looking into the results on my skin I felt it would suit dry to normal skin for face too.
This reminds me of Khadi Rose andHoney gel wash.  Both these gel washes are same but Khadi one is better priced. Looking into the price,packing & performance, I would prefer Khadi Rose and Honer body wash then.
nYah Rose & Honey Natural Face & Body Gel

Overall nYah Rose and Honey body is a good body wash to try and would not disappoint for the results given but looking into the missing ingredient list and other details, you can not say about if its safe & chemical-free or not. Worth Trying!
My Rating- 3/5


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