Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Remedies for a cleaner scalp with natural ingredients

remedies to clean itchy, infected scalp

Hi Girls, 
If you keep struggling with your dandruff which recurs every few months or you are embarrassed when your scalp gets too itchy to resist.  
Today its all about hair care-I will be sharing some easy home remedies to treat itchy and infected scalp. I have been trying these remedies recently and was pleased to find satisfactory results. 
Although You may find several medicated and herbal treatments in the market to treat the scalp but then the results are temporary and moreover putting so much of chemicals on the scalp calls for other troubles. 
In my case, I have dry hairs and dandruff prone scalp, in attempt to keep my hairs free of dryness and frizz, I use a lot of conditioning products and probably the reason why my scalp catches infection. This time its all about remedies with NATURAL ingredients- 

1. Apple Cider Vinegar- Mix 10-20ml of Apple Cider Vinegar in a mug of water and clean your scalp with the solution with little rubbing action. This not only cleans scalp of deposits, dandruff but adds shine and bounce to your manes. 

2. Neem Oil and Lemon- Take a Table spoon of your daily oil ( I use my home made oil) and mix 2 teaspoon of Pure cold pressed neem Oil (make sure the oil is extracted from Neem fruits -nimboli and not by boiling neem leaves with a base oil) and heat the oil mix. Let this cool a little and squeeze half a lemon in scalp the oil mix while it is hot. Now apply the mixture on scalp with cotton wool. Leave this one your scalp for half an hour and wash it with herbal shampoo. This would clean even the most itchy scalp and conditions your hair boosting shine and bounce. 

3. Amla and Aloe Vera- Mix Amla (indian gooseberry) juice and Aloe vera Juice in equal ratio. if juice not available grind aloe vera pulp with amla and sieve. Apply this mixture on your scalp and leave it for half an hour. Wash it with a chemical free shampoo. This would remove dandruff and even last traces of any deposits from scalp and conditions hair.  You may try Patanjali Aloe Vera and Amla Juice too.

Above Hair Care for itchy scalp remedies have been really effective in my case and has even helped in controlling hairfall. Try these remedies at home and tell me if it worked for you. Moreover I would like to know what are your tips and remedies for keeping scalp clean...???
P.S- I have heard about Onion juice as a remedy too but not tried this so far but if any of you have tried, please do tell me.


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