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Aura Vedic Kumkumadi Oil for Face & Body

Aura Vedic Kumkumadi Oil Review
Aura Vedic Kumkumadi Oil for Face & Body
Facial is probably one of the most popular skin treatments in Beauty Salons and has become an integral part of beauty Regime. Although I have not been to Facials frequently, reason being I was not sure if this would treat or aggravate my skin problems. Their Sooo enormously creamy massages and heavy scrubs were actually led me withdrew everytime. 
But recently while I was introduced to Oils and Aroma Therapy with Essential Oils, I found that Facial Oils are one of the best ways not only to clean but rejuvenate the skin. Initially I was only sticking to my DIY Face Oils for Cleansing and Massage. But recently gave a try to one of my most trusted Ayurvedic Brands- AURA VEDIC
I have been using their Oils, masks, gels etc but was dying to try their Kumkumadi Oil. So here is my review of Aura Vedic Kumkumadi Oil. 
Price- 250 INR for 100ml. 
Availability- available on all online stores.  I bought this one from Amazon. 
Claims, Usage and Ingredients- 

Aura Vedic Kumkumadi Oil Review

Packaging, texture and Fragrance- I love Aura Vedic’s packaging- Pretty, Simple and Sturdy.  The square plastic bottle sealed with a gold metallic cap with the red oil is good enough to lure. The oil, as I said is Red and smells of Pure Saffron. Extremely light and spreads well. But what was little surprising is its slippery and smooth texture- like oils with silicones. Although the ingredient list does not mention anything of this kind. 
How I use it- Usually in 3 ways- 
a. For Oil Cleansing- Apply Loads of Oil on my face, massage it with my fingertips in circular motion and wipe off the excess with tissue. Later steam the face with Hot water dipped towel. Clean off with a mild cleanser.  It cleans every possible trace of dirt, grime and greasiness from my face.
b. For Facial Massage- Apply 2-3 ml of Oil and Massage it properly on face till it is absorbed. Steam the face with Hot water dipped towel. Apply a face mask and Toner. A visible difference where my face is not only clean but glowing.
c. Night Treatment- During Winters, when my skin had dry patches, I have been applying few drops on my face, Massage a little and leave on. Wash off with Plain water or mild cleanser in the morning. I can bet, you would be extremely pleased to find that your skin is all plumped and hydrated and with an all day healthy glow.
d. Body Spa- Occasional body pampering session. I use this oil for Body massage, at times mix it with a carrier oil like Coconut Oil or Sunflower Oil. Just Massage well and followup with a Ubtan. You will not only be relaxed, this oil ill get you rid of pigmentation, tanning etc. 
Probably this is one such oil which is different from usual Kumkumadi Oils, not only in packing, quantity, price but also in usage.
The Best Part- I have combination to Oily skin which is highly acne prone but this Aura AuraVedic Kumkumadi oil did not break me out. Rather My skin loved it. After every use, my skin is all bright and glowing.
SO this is not like usual Kumkumadi Oils with a little thicker consistency and which have their proven claims but with a heavy price tag. Talking about its claims of providing radiance and removing Dark Spots and Blemishes, yes it does but gradually and that too with consistent Use.
 Another KUMKUMADI Oil which is not only effective but Inexpensive too; I am loving it so much and would highly recommend Aura Vedic Kumkumadi Oil to all. 
My Rating- 5/5


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