Thursday, 15 January 2015

Female Modernism or Chauvinism???....Ad by Titan Raga

Hi Girls,

With the dropping temperatures and chilling waves around, a weekend afternoon with a cup of hot coffee,  all you need is a good movie to watch. While Father-Son was out for thier shopping, cozying up myself on the couch sipping the hot Cappuccino , i switched on the TV in a mood to spend the eve watching a nice hindi classic romance.
The first view, an ad- a women (Nimrit kaur) waiting at airport cafeteria for probably her ex (lover/husband)....not willing to watch but...a new ad & it hardly takes few!!!
This was a TV Commercial from Titan Raga, (+Titan Watches )their new line of watches for women; highlighting #HerLifeHerChoices..

The Ad made me little uneasy and compelled to think , probably because i could not identify myself with it. All i could gather was that they represented a 'Modern' woman who prefers being committed to herself than to her relations.... Then RAGA watch symbolising the new relation with 'herself' or should i say 'her lone self'. Was that Modernism or Chauvinism?

Obviously choices would be ours but not at cost of other's choices and dreams.
Saying 'No' to a relation for a Career is no crime for a woman but expecting your partner to sacrifice is not a solution. Modernism does not mean being self centered. Holding a  self appreciating relationship can never define a modern least i am not convinced. 
To Me,  Modern women is one who manages personal and professional front well while staying as strong support to her partner. I am also a working women but then i am a mother and a wife too; holding a family and an awesome relationship with my spouse & kid. Mutual respect and freedom strengthens our bond. 

That reminds me of my grocery selling woman...the lady wearing sari with pallu and big bindi & a deep long line of sindoor on her head adorned with all the traditional symbols of her marriage from her bangle laden wrist to her toe rings depicted the very traditional indian woman but dragging her cart with her toddler sitting on it too. She is also a 'working' independent woman but a responsible one. Isn't she a modern women? what if she is not highly educated to operate a laptop like me. But yes she is an integral part of the young modern society, nurturing the new generation with her hands.

To me , Modern women is Mary Kom, who again is a wife, a dedicated mother who never sacrificed her dreams neither escaped from her very 'womanly' responsibilities Still she is successful career oriented women with #HerLifeHerChoices. Its not only her efforts but her spouse's too, made India proud of her. This is what i call evolution of modern Indian Women- independent, confident and self assertive.
Born and brought up in India with Indian Values, I strongly believe that cherishing, respecting and caring for my relations is all what i am....Cant run away from my responsibilities towards my family, my society and my country. I need to return and rejoice with my people around.

yes, its My Life My Choices...but not in seggregation.

What do you think is Modern Woman all about? Would love to know your views.


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