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New Anti Acne Find....Soulflower Anti Acne Neem & Turmeric Soap

Hi Girls, 
its not that i do not like non organic products but the way i am smitten with these Vegan and Herbal formulations and their effects on my skin...just cant get over it!!!
Today its again a herbal product which claims to be an anti acne one...gotcha, my reason to pick this one.
Soulflower Anti Acne Neem & Turmeric Soap- Review

Soulflower Anti Acne Neem & Turmeric Soap- Review

it is Anti Acne Neem & Turmeric soap from +Soulflower . I got this as a part of anti acne combo pack of Primrose oil and the soap worth INR- 600 which i got at 50% discount from my +Nykaa purchases. 
Soulflower offers a wide variety of hair and skin care Aroma products from Essential to Carrier oils and thus the same benefits through their handmade aroma based soaps too.

About the Product- (from Soulflower
We love Fresh & Organic Soulflower Soap is made with vegetable oils of olive, castor, coconut & palm oil. During the natural saponification of these oils, soap is produced.
Glycerin is a natural byproduct of our soap making & has humectant properties, attracting moisture to your skin making it softer & smoother, one of the reasons that our Soap is so beautiful on the skin.
Soulflower offers more than 50 variants of soap and use only the freshest organic fruits, vegetables & purest essential & carrier oils.

We love Handmade
Soulflower products are created by hand by artisan & craftsmen with lots of love and attention to detailing. Our soaps are hand poured, hand milled, hand cut & hand wrapped with lots of goodness for the skin and love for our consumer

How to Use
Our soap is 100% veg soap, made from natural herbs, essential oils & vegetable oils. Glycerin, which is produced naturally during the soap making process moisturizes the skin. These natural ingredients make our soap bubbly, creamy & soft. Our soap comes in large bar sizes; you should cut how much you need, and store the unused soap in a cool dry place. This way you can make your soap last for a long time. Keep the soap in a soap dish, so that water drains away & the soap is dry when not in use. Does not contain artificial hardeners & preservatives. Store in a cool dry place for longer shelf life.

Product Packaging-
Comes in carton pack firmed with gelatin cover containing Square soap bar of 90 gms. Quite simple but attractive pack with ingredients displayed

Key Ingredients- 
As mentioned Neem & Turmeric Essential oil, Neem Leaves along with other pure organic materials. Pure, handmade and with 100% organic with cold pressed method. So no parabens or harmful chemicals to harm your skin. 

Soulflower Anti Acne Neem & Turmeric Soap- Review

Soulflower Anti Acne Neem & Turmeric Soap- Review

Soulflower Anti Acne Neem & Turmeric Soap- Review

Texture and Fragrance- 
Dark beige coloured soap bar quite smooth and has a predominant fresh turmeric fragrance. you will enjoy your bath with the fresh scent floating around while it does not linger on and faints soon after bath.

My Experience- 
As suggested, i followed the 'saving' method by cutting bar into halves and using it one-by-one. The soap lathers well but not as good as ordinary soaps with loofah.  Can be used on face to entire body. 
it does not melt away to get wasted and dries soon in the dish without sticking around.
What i liked is that you get a squeaky clean skin with out being robbed of the essential moisture from your skin. Skin is not at all dry or stretchy after bath. you wont even feel if missed the moisturizer post bath.
For anti acne benefits, can't expect miracles like vanishing your acne or pimples but yes it works well to control the sebum/oil level. The ingredients surely helps keeping infections at bay. Long exposure to skin (for a consistent period) would surely help.

Soulflower Anti Acne Neem & Turmeric Soap- review

Soulflower Anti Acne Neem & Turmeric Soap- review

Overall  Nice handmade soap with 100% organic ingredients and is a MUST TRY for all the combination to oily/acne prone people. You will love it this Summer!

My Rating- 5/5.


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