Wednesday, 25 March 2015

10 Summer Essentials for your skin

Hi girls, 

Leaving the scorching heat, i love summers as we enjoy all 'cooler' things this season. Climatic changes demands an immediate change in your diet and routine...Ice cream parlors are on full swing and paani puri wala, shikanji wala and Fruit juices tents around every street corner.
This time i am sharing some, Summer Essentials for your skin. The only mantra here is ' Go green, Go herbal' and appreciate what nature has bestowed us with.

1. Face Wash/Cleanser- most of us deal with the skin oiliness during summers which invites several infection too. Harsh weather, extreme temperatures is sure to harm the skin. Keep it clean and free of oil & dirt. All you need is a good cleanser or a face wash. Opt for herbal or organic ones as far as possible.
I recommend- Medimix Ayurvedic Face wash, Patanjali Saundarya Face wash, Himalaya Neem Face wash.

2. Facial wet Wipes- The ultimate saviour while you are sitting in the office. Just a swipe on your face and you are free....from oil, dirt and worries too. Try to use alcohol free wipes. You can use baby wipes too.
I recommend- try brands like Kara, Himalaya, Johnson & Johnson or Pigeon.

3. Floral Waters/Face Mists- cool, fragrant floral waters on your face.....ahhhhhh, would not only refresh you but would cool and maintain pH balance of your skin. Try Rose, Kewra or jasmine waters.
I recommend- Rose water from Oriflame, patanjali. Kewra, Panchpushp and rose water from Oilcraft naturals.

4. Body Mist- Swap your Deodorants with skin friendly fragrance mists (try alcohol free if possible) and feel the magic....long lasting natural scents would uplift your mood instantly.
I am currently loving Fragrance mist- Aimi from Oriflame, you can even try The body shop or Forest Essentials.

5. Body Oil- Include an oil for body for post or pre body massage in your daily bath regime. This would change your entire skin care routine. They are available in all kinds from heavy to light & dry types as per your body needs. if not, go for a DIY with a Carrier oil and some essential oils of your choice. You will love it.
I recommend Body oils from Aura Vedic and Soulflower.

6. Body Scrub/ubtan/Cleanser- Most amazing formula from Indian Kitchen, mix of lentil, gram and rice powder with herbs like Tulsi, Neem and triphala  in milk or cream and apply it. Remove it in semi dry state with circular massage movements. You can try some fresh fruits pulp body wraps like papaya, banana, kiwi etc

Their n number of recipes to keep you cool and calm during these soaring tempertaures. if you dont have time- buy some good ubtan from Vedantika, Iraya, Khadi or Patanjali. Use them atleast once a week. you will notice the difference.

7. Sun Screens- Needless to say that all you need is to save your skin from the harmful sun rays. Cover it but also protect it with good sun screen formulas. 

I trust brands like Lotus herbals, Aroma Magic and Vaseline for face and body sun screens.

8. Gel Masks- Indulge yourself into 'at home spa' every weekend. Take a simple Aloe gel and apply it all over your body. Wash with little massage and feel the cooling difference in your skin texture. This would also absorb your body heat. 
I recommend Patajali Aloevera gel.

9. Fluids & fluids...Keep your body hydrated with lot of fluid and fruit intake. Include Fruit juices, shakes and mocktails etc in your diet at least twice a day. 

We north indians have a tradition to drink 'Thandai' or 'Badam Kesar' drinks in summers. This is not only calming, soothing and hydrating for your body but for your brain too. 
Try Thandai and Badam Kesar syrup from 'Guruji'.

10 Go ethnic with a twist- add trendy vibrant and colorful cottons, khadi to your wardrobe with a twist of ethno western looks and dive into the cultural bliss of india.
Cottons keep your body cool and also never iritate your skin. Try purchasing hand woven or hand printed ones. Not only would that give you anew look but help you combat heat.

You also must be having your summer tips...Do share it with me. I will publish this with your name.


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