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Natural Bath and Body: Grapefruit and Vitamin C Gel Face Masque

Nature’s most powerful antioxidants - Vitamin C, grapefruit oil and plant extracts team up together to create this whitening gel pack. This citrus facemask gently removes impurities and reveals skin that’s remarkably lighter, whiter and brighter. Formulated with a precise concentration of Vitamin C that is known for its anti-aging and antioxidant powers, this gel also nourishes collagen fibers to maintain skin firmness. It is combined with Grapefruit extract to enhance it’s ability to lift the skin complexion and protect it from environmental damage.

Today I'll be reviewing bath and body product from the house of Natural Bath and Body.
It is face pack but with a twist- Grapefruit and Vitamin C Gel Face Masque
price- 325 INR for 100ml. Is easily available online and you can buy it from their site too.

Natural Bath and Body: Grapefruit and Vitamin C Gel Face Masque Review

I have combination skin which is extremely acne prone so most of my skincare products are targeted ones, either to treat acne or absorb excess sebum. But that leaves my skin deprived of required nourishment at times. So during the changing weather I was looking for a product which would nourish my skin and also help in removing the acne marks & blemishes. 
Although there are several options available in the market but they narrow down to few when you look for herbal/organic products.

I found this - Natural Bath and Body: Grapefruit and Vitamin C Gel Face Masque and was lured to buy while going through the Ingredient list.It was all Natural or Organic and now it was the time to test it.
Purified water*, Vegatable Glycerine**, Propanediol*, Arginine*, Indian Goosebery Extract*, Aloe Vera Extract*, Panthenol*, Niacinamide*, Allantoin, Biosodium Hyaluronate*, Calendula Extract*, Cucumber Extract*, Grapefruit Oil*, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Ascorbic Acid*(natural Vitamin C), Xanthan Gum* * denotes NATURAL source ** denotes ORGANIC source

The Natural Bath and Body: Grapefruit and Vitamin C Gel Face Masque comes packed in a plastic tub with a black screw cap and orange accents; to give that citrusy feel.
The company claims this to give instant lighter-whiter-brighter fix. 
it is a gel with citrus and plant extracts which would not only nourish but would clean and lighten the complexion with anti ageing benefits through those antioxidants.
The gel is yellowish brown with mild citrus fragrance. It has minute white granules which are probably for mild exfoliation.

Natural Bath and Body: Grapefruit and Vitamin C Gel Face Masque Review

How To Use
Avoiding the eye area, apply the pack evenly on the face. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse with cold water and pat dry.
I use to apply the mask every alternate day after washing my face with a mild natural cleanser like the Just Herbs Silksplash ( tip: always try to use a single genre product like if you are using a natural scrub/mask, try and use other products which are also natural for your skin care regimen, avoid chemical laden products).
The Natural Bath and Body: Grapefruit and Vitamin C Gel Face Masque is spreads easily on damp skin. Only 2-3 gms is sufficient to cover face and neck. This feels quite light and will not give any stretchy feeling ever drying. Keep this for 10-15 mins and wash off with cold water. its quite easy to remove; just splash water and massage with your finger tips and its all gone without leaving any residue. The granules were all gone, guess they all got dissolved.
The gel masque gave little hydration although it was not super hydrating but my face was plump, hydrated and glowing after every wash. Since it is a gel masque it would suit almost all kinds of skin types. Apply it daily or 2-3 times a week.
I have already finished this halfway and never noticed any side-effects. I could find little improvement in my acne spots and blemishes on my cheeks and forehead.
One can not expect miraculous results since the ingredients are natural and it usually takes time to show up. 
For anti ageing effects, one may reap the benefits with consistent and long term use as anti oxidants from natural sources works but slowly. it could be a great addition to your skin care and anti ageing regimen.

Overall Natural Bath and Body: Grapefruit and Vitamin C Gel Face Masque is great gel masque if you are looking for a brightening & hydrating mask. Quite safe and super light, apt for summers. Recommended! Rating- 4.5/5

Which is your favourite face mask? What kind of face mask do you prefer? 
Is this the one you would like to purchase?


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