Saturday, 28 May 2016

My New pair of Wedges from

Hi Girls, 
I have been a frequent online buyer if its beauty products & Gadgets but when its about dresses or footwear, I lay back. 

I always had this impression that virtual representation of the stuff is not sufficient. Whether its dress or footwear, it does not give complete idea about the product. I am not satisfied unless I touch or feel the product. You need to wear your dress or footwear to feel it, find if it actually fits you, looking good on you.
Today itself while purchasing my pants, i tried a single piece several times- even post alteration to ensure that it fits me. Thank God! I got to try my dresses so that I can find if my body really fits into it :-).
I am not a Model with a perfect figure to fit into the given size without any alteration so a trial is a MUST. I am sure many of you would agree with me. But .....what if you do not have time to roam in market and still your shopping list is going long day by day.....???
I was in dire need of a nice pair of footwear and this time I tried LIMEROAD, can say just gave a chance.

I was happy to find huge collection and variety of footwear online at LIMEROAD that too with wide range of price. So you are sure to find the stuff in every possible range, budget ones too.
This site has a unique concept of 'LOOKS' which helps you to get an overview of an entire look with the assorted stuff from dresses, shoes to accessories. I liked many of the looks but since I was focussed on my search- footwear. An look what I got- shopping experience

But viewing the entire stock in the intended category was not easy. Initially I browsed several sections from watches to dresses and lastly footwear. 
The menu bar rolls down every time if you hover the mouse upside by mistake. Moreover the menu bar does pull back till you make a deliberate effort by clicking around or on the sides
but then OMG! make things worse, you will find that your search is all gone, you are on top of the page. Oh sucks. The site takes years..I mean years! to scroll down. Its took me more than 3 days just to finish searching their footwear section. 
As soon as you reach to bottom of page, every time they want you to press that 'Load more XX images' Why? 
Dear Website designer, why would someone not like to see more of the stock when page has come to end. If I am scrolling down that means I wish to see more, Why to ask every time to load moreLike with other sites, when you are at the bottom of a automatically starts loading more images.
Again when I wish to preview something and while returning to my search, it jumps to beginning of the page most of the time which is irritating.

Limeroad guys, I appreciate the Idea behind the blog, scrapbook, lookbook etc but If It will eat up so much of my time, I would prefer to go to another site.
Also I even lost count how many times I pressed my mouse,down arrow, page down to scroll down but then it hardly moves an inch. it gave me pain in my neck. In desperation /irritation if you tend to push that down arrow button hard, you will repent for sure as it wont be easy to go back to find something you missed while scrolling down.
The BEST patience test one can have is here.
Midway I thought might be there is something wrong with my internet speed. Instantly I opened few more websites and searched for the stuff I was looking for at Limeroad. Oh Boy, they were at rocket speed. Means I was not wrong about limeroad speed. 
The stock is good but improve page navigation, scrolling, uploading issues. needs improvement. Strangely it was slowest with footwear search while comparably fast with watches.

I was happy and contented to find that stuff of my choice.  Just need to order the one, get delivery. Touch it-feel it- try it. if not satisfied, return it- No Hassles at all. You just have to wait till your order comes.
But I would appreciate their delivery and pick-up services.  
I had to return my order two times because of fitting & other issues and they were really prompt to arrange a reverse pickup and faster delivery of the next order. 
So what I got- These pretty GISOLE RED Wedges for me. I am loving this! They are pretty, sturdy and comfortable too. shopping experience

Overall is really a good site with the huge collection and variety of stuff. But they really need to work on site loading issues. Ordering and delivery is real quick with prompt services. You can surely give it a try. 
My Rating- 
Site Design and Loading & Navigation- 3/5
Variety, collection, Price Range and availability- 4/5
Ordering, delivery- 4/5
Quality of Products- 4/5
After sales, Customer Care- 4/5


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