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Aura Vedic: Eladi Thailum- ultra skin detox treatment

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Aura Vedic: Eladi Thailum- ultra skin detox treatment review

Today i am reviewing a herbal body oil from Aura Vedic.  This is usually peak time where I contract skin infections like pustules to blisters which spreads over my body and are immensely painful. So when the dermatologist suggested to use Coconut oil after bath, I religiously followed it. 
Now I was looking for something more potent to fight skin infections. So a safe & potent formula- Aura Vedic: Eladi Thailum- ultra skin detox treatment
Price- 350 INR for 250 ml. Available online here & here at Amazon and Flipkart but currently going out of stock.

It fights skin diseases like, dermatitis, rashes, dryness. Skin detox treatment is the main function of Eladi oil. Used to improve skin texture and complexion, pimples and acnes are easily removed when one uses Eladi oil frequently. It is very gentle with a base of Coconut Oil. Regular usage can help improve skin luster and keep dryness and peeling away from the skin.
* Free of Parabens
* Against Animal Testing

Key Ingredients- Cardomom, Black Cardamom, Indian Frankincense, Costus Root, Beauty Berry, Muskroot, Coleus Vettiveroide, Indian Geranium, Persian Zalil, Angelica root, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Valerian Root, Common yew, Nutmeg, Saffron, Common myrrh, Calcined conch shell, Caparis, Jujube, Himalayan cedar, Agarwood, Chir pine, Creep Ginger, Guggul, Sal, Calophyllum inophyllum, Ceylon ironwood, Coconut Oil.
You can see its all 'herbs'- free from chemicals. 

I have been using Moha body Oil till now which was again something nice and gave good results. But my love for oils- never lets me stop and stick to one. The Aura Vedic: Eladi Thailum- ultra skin detox treatment is a body oil intended for body detox. 
The oil comes packed in a transparent plastic bottle sealed with metal screw cap and inner lid. Packing is quite simple and sturdy with all the details of the product on its labels. 
One thing which I missed was a pump dispenser which would have made it easy to pump out the required amount with out any spill or wastage. 
I filled half the amount in an empty pump dispenser bottle for the same. 

The Aura Vedic Eladi Thailum is chrome yellow oil which is not thick or viscous and smells its ingredients. One can easily smell nutmeg and cinnamon in it but not strong enough to bother. 
One can use it in two ways for complete body detox-
1. Apply it lavishly before bath. massage it well and then wash off. 
You will feel it light and easy to work. Body absorbs lot of it and after bath you will feel your skin soft & supple. I hardly need body moisturiser then. Its a boon for winters while in summers its quite relaxing, soothing and helps in depigmentation too.
2. Apply it after bath.
Apply this all over the body while your skin is damp. its quickly absorbed with a little massage but do not go overboard else will leave stains on your clothes. 

but the best & most desired part, it surely heals, detoxifies and even treats skin infection. I applied this every time I had blisters/pustules on my body. And they dried within 2-3 days. 
The quantity is again good enough to last for couple of months with daily use so its a budget bargain too for the results given. 
Yes, I never tried this on my face so cant say much about its effect on black heads, pimples, acne etc.
Aura Vedic: Eladi Thailum- ultra skin detox treatment review

Overall I loved Aura Vedic: Eladi Thailum- ultra skin detox treatment and would highly recommend people who love using body oils. 
My Rating- 4.9/5

Do you also love oils for your face and body? Which one is your favourite?


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