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My site haul & Review

Hi Everyone, 
Being a working woman, we are on toes all time and when its family- kid, hubby and so much of daily chores, you have to be geared up with all types of tools, aids which may help you or save your time and energy- online shopping is one such thing. 
Every of my stuff (leaving clothing) i am heavily relying on online shopping these days, it saves so much of my time and energy and of course money. This time again when I was looking to replace my kitchen stuff, I was ll out if time so Tried some new sites for kitchen stuff. haul and review

One site which I liked was- (
1. Amazingly large variety of home utilities- from furniture, decor, furnishings, kitchen,      Garden and even for kids. 
2. Free Shipping
3. Browse and choose from wide range of bespoke styles.
4. Wide variety of pretty kids stuff- I loved those cute furnishing stuff.
5. Easy Returns- although i did not try that.
6. They are currently running- CASH ME NOT Offer too. 

I was browsing Kitchen  & garden section. While I was looking for a good lunch boxes- saw some citrus juicer, Garden tools, pots and planters and found them good too. You would love Home organisers and Home Storage stuff too. 
you will be surprised that most of the sections have lucrative discount offers
I chose two lunch boxes since this was something urgent and wanted to give the site my first try.
1. Cello Max fresh green polypropylene 300 ml lunch boxes with bag- set 4 (INR 558, offer price- 369 INR)
2. Nayasa Airtight Blue plastic 7-piece lunch box with bag set (INR 579, offer price- 349 INR)
I have been using tupperware since last few years and was quite satisfied with the quality but now i could find several other better options which are not only at par with Tupperware in quality but are better priced
I placed my order on 5th Nov and got the delivery in 8-10 days. Got both the tiffins shipped separately (probably from different vendors) but they were packed really well. The lunch boxes although were in bag, still wrapped in bubble sheets and in a large spacey cartons to avoid any damage in transit. 
I was little skeptical about the quality as the images displayed at the site was good but if the actual quality is same? But when i opened the boxes, I was super happy. 
Cello Maxfresh Lunch Box- set of 4

1. Cello Max fresh green polypropylene 300 ml lunch boxes with bag- set 4 
Its pretty dark green compact zipper bag with long shape so as not to look to big to carry. same coloured 3 large size boxes`and 1 small size box with spoon & fork and net pouch at back to carry napkins etc. I loved the quality of bag which was easily washable and easy to store too. Although I have used this for a couple of times but still can say the containers & bag are not only easy to carry along but easy to wash as well. The containers are big enough to carry sufficient amount of food without spillage and do not get stained easily or retains food smell for long. (provided you avoid using in microwave, which I feel; although not tried with this). Cello has always been known for its quality and its obvious here with these Lunch Boxes. 
Nayasa Blue plastic 7 piece Lunch box

Nayasa Lunch Box- inner view

Nayasa Lunch Box- 7 pieces

2. Nayasa Airtight Blue plastic 7-piece lunch box with bag set- This was again a pretty blue but a little bigger one than cello. Nice blue carrier bag with stripes an quite spacey. Storing- 3 Airtight Containers + 1 Airtight Sipper + 1 Fork + 1 Spoon + 1 Handkerchief + 1 Soft Insulated Bag. Again it was pleasant surprise to find an equivalent good quality from Nayasa- Good size, attractive colour, spill proof locking and food grade plastic.
Both the bags can easily store food for two and can be carrried, stored and washed easily. 
I have tried retail counters like D-Mart, BiG Bazaar etc for such lunch boxes but could not find this variety- that too at a single shop. 
So is really a good site to try for Home Utilities, One stop shop for most of the Home, Kitchen and garden utilities. Highly Recommended!
While the stuff I purchased- Cello and Nayasa lunch boxes are a must buy, if you are in habit of eating home cooked food like me. 
My Rating- 5/5
Cello Lunch Box- 4.9/5 
Nayasa Lunch Box- 5/5.

Have you ever shopped from What was that? and how was your experience with the site and stuff?


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