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Organic Hair Care with Bon Organics: Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi Everyone, 

My Mother used to tell me that Hairs need more care and attention than skin as its equally affected by climatic changes as our skin. But for skin we are usually particular and careful as even a slight change is easily noticeable while for hairs it takes time to show up but meanwhile damage is already done. 
I wont say that I did not cared but then over a period of time, I realised that Organic and Herbal formulations are usually better. Obviously they are free of chemicals and hence irrepairable damage can be avoided. 
Recently when saw several good reviews about a brand from several users on Insta, immediately grabbed my most wanted, hair care products. I am talking about - +Bon Organics, Which means 'good' for everyone.
Brand which deliver the organic experience of ‘true nature’ by offering 100% hand made, hand filled and packed by hand in small batches based on Indian Ayurvedic recipes.
An Indigenous brand from Auroville, South India is all committed to Women Empowerment through its wide variety of Cruelty free, Organic and Environment friendly products. 
You can find more about them from their website which also lets you shop securely- www.bonorganics.com
Bon Organics Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner

What I picked- 
As I told my first preference- Shampoo and Conditioner
Bon Organics offers three varieties of Shampoo- Aloe Vera, Herbal and Dry Shampoo
While in conditioner- Aloe Vera and Herbal. I purchased
1. Herbal Shampoo (126 INR and 246 INR for 100gms and 200gms resp)
2. Herbal Conditioner (380 INR for 100 gms). 

I placed the order on their site for the products on Feb 23 and received the order within next 10 days, all securely packed in carton and bubble wraps. No leakage or damage. 

Packaging- The shampoo and conditioner comes packed in a transparent plastic bottle with a flip cap. Infact they look so alluring in those pretty bottles, probably this made me explore more about the product on Insta. 

Ingredients- Here comes a little ambiguity as the brand claims that the products are free of animal derivatives, parabens, sulphates etc But then the shampoo would not lather without a surfactant. So what is that surfactant??? Again what kind of preservatives are used in both the products as the label mentions a shelf life of 2 years??? no Clarity. 
Bon Organics Herbal Conditioner Review

Bon Organics Herbal Shampoo Review

Product Texture, Colour and Fragrance- Bon Organics Herbal Shampoo is all leaf bright green with a runny consistency and smells amazing. Its  smells floral with a mix of some culinary herbs. I loved the fragrance as it caress your senses while washing the hairs. But is it added?? not sure. 
In case of Bon Organics Herbal Conditioner, its transparent like water and is runny gel as if Aloe vera is liquified. In fact my kiddo got so curious looking into a water like product in a pretty bottle that he opened and mixed a lot of it in water to find out what it actually is!!!!. I was like ...oh god i cant explain, wasted more than half the bottle of such expensive product. Sob!!!
I could not smell any particular fragrance so probably conditioner is fragrance free.  

Washing with Bon Organics Herbal Shampoo
The shampoo although is runny but for my mid length all i needed was just a capful of the product. I tried this directly on my scalp and even diluting with water, it worked both ways well. lathers amazingly well and cleans all dirt, grime and even oil in a single wash. 
Its mild and would not leave hairs dry and frizzy. It would not even mess up or entangle the tresses. its easy and gets removed easily with water, leaves no residue on hair or scalp. 
After a long time I found my natural shiny and bouncy hairs back. 
I am having hairfall since past few months and tried several products but none worked to stop the hairfall, rather aggravated it. This shampoo was safe, it did not stop but then did not increase my hairfall. 
Bon Organics Herbal Shampoo Review

Conditioning with Bon Organics Herbal Conditioner
The Conditioner was real surprise for me. Would a runny watery gel condition my super dry hairs??? I applied this just after washing my hairs; applying in small amounts in portions of my hairs. Left this for few minutes on my hairs and washed it away. it takes a little more water to remove the conditioner but then I was totally awestruck to see my shiny, bouncy hairs and that too with my waves and curls back in full form. My hairs were not only mess free but frizz free too. I was super happy!
I have mixed this with my hair spray (diy) too, in a small amount to tame 3rd or 4th day frizz and revive my curls. This works perfectly the way it should. 
And the best part, i hardly need 5-10ml of conditioner for my hairs (i apply them leaving 1 inch from roots till ends). 
Again My hairfall was that high with the conditioner as with other brands.
Bon Organics Herbal Conditioner Review

Overall Bon Organics Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner are mild and safe for all hair types. they are my holy grail hair care products these days and looking forward to repurchase (as my conditioner got wasted). Would be exploring some new products too from the brand. Highly Recommended!
My Rating- 4.9/5 for both. Would suggest the brand to be little more clear in their ingredient list to reaffirm the faith on the brand.
Have you tried any of the Bon Organic product?? Which one do you like?? 
Which other organic brand would you refer for me to try???


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