Monday, 22 May 2017

Spring Flowers Toner- Punchpushp

Spring Flowers Toner- Punchpushp review

Couple of months back i did a small Purplle haul, you might have got a little information from my last post and my insta posts...
One of the haul pick was this Spring Flowers Toner- Punchpushp
INR- 115 INR for 100ml. 
The two words- "Punchpushp" and "Toner" lured me. I am floral water fanatic and keep trying my DIY's with several types of hydrosols. But Punchpushp is something I have still not tried. Above this was quite inexpensive. So lets see if it was worth the purchase......
Spring Flowers Toner- Punchpushp is a product manufactured by a pharma company and marketed by a pharma company again. So cant say its 100% herbal. 
The product Spring Flowers Toner- Punchpushp has a simple packaging - transparent plastic flip cap bottle and simple labeling. Bright orange liquid with a floral fragrance. nothing too attractive to win your heart except the name- punchpushp. 
So how it was a punchpushp and whether it worked???

The ingredients list mentions- Rose, Indian Lotus, Jasmine, Mexican Marigold and french Lavender flower extracts along with other herbs like neem, salampanja etc but it has some preservatives too. So not free from Paraben(sad)..
Spring Flowers Toner- Punchpushp Review

Spring Flowers Toner- Punchpushp Review

Spring Flowers Toner- Punchpushp- review

" Spring Flower toner is a dynamic blend of most effective flower extracts that removes excess oil, impurities, hydrates, tones, soothes, refreshes, revives skin and provides natural glow"
On My skin- 
As instructed, one need to take a small amount on cotton wool and apply on skin, wiping the impurities and oil away. 
I tried this way initial few days but later transferred it to a spray bottle. it was easy for me. 
Once applied on cleansed skin, i saw there was an immediate glow on my skin. It tingles on my skin probably because of some alcohol content which i am not sure of. 
I saw it soothes and calms my irritated and inflamed skin, even calmed my red hot bumps too. Although i wont say it shrinks pores immediately but yes it does gradually and cleans away excess oil from the skin too. 
As claimed this is surely hydrating and at times during these scorching summery days only a spray of the toner worked for me. although i carry flower waters with me in my bag, this could also be a good replacement for acne prone oily skin like mine. 
Spring Flowers Toner- Punchpushp Review

Overall Spring Flowers Toner- Punchpushp is a nice toner for acne prone/oily skin people but the only disappointment is parabens. Else it is  nice to try with the kind of results it gave. Recommended!
My Rating- 4.5/5


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