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Facial Oil: Kaircin from Kairali Ayurvedic

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While sharing my Great Grand Mother's beauty secrets, my grandmother used to tell that how she used to apply things available in kitchen like butter milk for cleansing and detaning, Ghee for hair massage and Almond oil for skin. 
She was very particular about applying ghee/almond oil to skin to keep it healthy and glowing. Later I also started using oils and found how good they are contrary to the usual belief that they may harm oily/acne prone skin. Infact my skin is far better since i have started using oils on face. 
I usually keep one or two kinds of facial oils along with several carrier and essential oils for my own DIY's for face oils. I can say i cant think of day going out or sleeping without ,my favourite oils on my face. 
So today again i am sharing one of the recent face oil i have tried and tested- it is Kaircin from Kairali Ayurvedics. 
If you are following my blog posts, you must have read about Eladi Thaliam from Kairali which became an absolute favourite as body oil. Even I have tried the oil on face too and it worked really well. SO this prompted me to try their Face Oil- Kaircin. 

Kaircin Face Oil Review

Price- INR 700 for 10ml. Available online on purplle and the company website.
Company Claims and Usage Directions- 

Kaircin Face Oil Review

Ingredients- key ingredients mentioned are Saffron and Lotus which is evident from the ingredient list too. Sorry for the poor image quality as the font size was too small for my camera to capture properly. 
Kaircin Face Oil Review

Packaging- Tinted green bottle with a dropper housed in a white carton box with all the details and ingredients list printed on it. Though the bottle is glass one but still can be carried along while travelling due to its compact size and carton packing- could not find any leakage or spilling till now. Packaging is all simple and nothing luxurious about it. I even do not advocate lavish packaging for a company rather would like them to spend on the formula and ingredients. So packaging is good enough to go.

Kaircin Face Oil Review

Kaircin Face Oil Review

Kaircin Face Oil Review

The Oil is saffron yellow with a mild sweet fragrance which hardly bothers. Oil is neither too thick nor too light. As i always follow- 3 drop rule!
Damp your face with a floral water/toner and take 2-3 drops on your palm. Rub the oil in palm and apply with patting movements. You can see immediate glow on face and the face skin stays moisturised throughout the day. Sometimes i forget applying a moisturiser or day cream even then there is no stretchiness or dryness later. 
Long term effects- As the company claims, it prevents pimples- not 100% true in my case as i still have 2-3 occasional breakouts. But if some appears , the oil surely helps in drying them out by reducing the pain, inflammation and redness. 
yes, it helps in fading scars but then its too slow. Anti Ageing effects like tightening and pore shrinkage, there are hardly any visible effects as of now after a couple of month's usage. i am still having few white heads near my nose which was all gone when i was using Kumkumadi Thailam. I guess this oil needs more time to show visible effects. Looking into the effects and price of the oil I would rather prefer my Khandige Kumkumadi Oil.

Overall Kaircin from Kairali Ayurvedics is good oil to try and people who are not having acne issues or have dry mature skin would love it. 
My Rating- 4/5.
Do you also use face oils? Which is your current favourite?


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