Saturday, 1 July 2017

Cleansers: Hits or Misses

Drugstore Cleansers Review

Hi Everyone, 

Today its about some common Cleansers which I have been using quite often lately and if they really worked or not??
These are most commonly available ones- can say Drugstore brands. 
Reason behind using them- all of them are not only cleansers but were claimed to be packed with targeted actions like acne clearing or Blemish or dark spots fading etc
And as I said in the post topic- some were real big Hits for me and some....thumbs down!!!!

1. Ponds White Beauty daily spot less lightening facial foam- I bought this tube as it claimed to lighten dark spots or acne marks. This a a thick pearly white creamy cleanser which lathers like anthing- even a pea size is enough. It gives a squeaky clean skin but but but.....then ripping off all the moisture along with sebum from my face. Very soon my skin retaliates for the loot and gifts me with several red bumps. Spot less lightening- I cant say so as i could not find any such result on my face which usually have a minimum of 2-3 spots on cheeks. MISS..terribly failed.

2. Ponds Pimple clear face wash- All i could say, same creamy formula as mentioned above in different packaging so obviously- same effect as above. MISS....failed.

Ponds White Beauty and Ponds Pimple Clear face wash Reviews

3. Lotus Herbals tea Tree and Cinnamon Acne Control face wash- My second or third tube...dont remember! I loved this light gently gel formula with mild exfoliating beads. It really helps in cleansing but effectively stopping new acne or pimple formation. I even did a separate review post on this- here. Highly Recommended!....Back-to-back praise post for the Cleanser. (even praised this in last empties post) HIT beyond doubt. 

4. Clean and Clear Natural bright face wash- This was a recent entrant in the market. Claims to have rose water and honey for mild wash. This is baby pink gel with a mild rose fragrance. as claimed this cleans really well without stripping off essential oils and moisture from the skin. Its gentle, mild and soothing. No harms....also reduction in white/black heads with consistent use. But dont expect this to treat pimples  like drying etc. One of the best cleansers so far. Infact if you are fan of Kama Ayurveda Rose jasmine cleanser, you will love this thoroughly- effective and reasonably priced too. 

5. Clean and Clear foaming face wash- the classic one form the brand. The bright orange runny gel and that same signature bottle (i love this bottle design). its cleans well but again dont expect this to remove makeup. I liked this cleanser for daily use and even my hubby too. Of course no pore clogging etc and surely helps prevent pimples as since last few days while using these two cleanser i haven't had any major break out. This is again quite gentle for facial skin and would suit almost all skin types. Clearly a HIT!

I would say that Clean & Clear has been my favourites since long and hardly disappointed when it comes to claims and results. Love them!
Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash and Natural bright face wash Review

6. Saundarya body Cleanser from Patanjali- the only body cleanser in this post. I have been a patanjali loyal for cleansers and this adds to the row.

What are your favourite Face or Body Cleansers???


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