Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Jasco Aloe Vera Bathing Bar- enriched with Lemongrass

Hi Everyone, 

Today I will be reviewing one of the recent Bath and Body product I have tried from Not-so-popular brand. This is Jasco, company involved in organic products made of Aloe Vera and Gooseberry produced in their farms. 

I have previously used their Aloevera Gel and still using their Trifala Juice but not tried any of their skin care products. When I saw the soap at one of the local store, sniffed it and the enchanting lemongrass fragrance was something to try for.
So here is the review of the Soap- Jasco Aloe Vera Bathing Bar- enriched with Lemongrass
Price- 99 INR for 100 gms. Its available on local counters in Indore but you buy them through their site- www.Jasco.in. You can find details of otherv variants available like Shea Butter Soap, Orange Soap, Green Tea Soap but i could not find the same information properly on the site. I tried contacting the company people but could not talk to them.

Jasco Aloe Vera Bathing Bar- enriched with Lemongrass Review

Packaging- The Bar is housed in a thick plastic peep through pouch in colours of green and white with a image of Aloe Vera Leaf at the front and with all the details about the product at the back. Packaging is good enough to carry during travel too as the pouch is a zip lock pouch and can be re used to store the soap back after use.
The Bar is all creamy white and opaque with an enchanting and refreshing fragrance of lemongrass and covered with a butter paper wrap. 
Ingredients- Key ingredients are Aloe Vera Pulp and Lemon Grass Oil along with other base ingredients but the brand claims the product to be 100% Vegan, paraben free and dermatologically tested. Also as per the brand this is an Ayurvedic product with no Animal content and any harmful chemical. So we can say its 'SAFE'. 

Jasco Aloe Vera bathing bar is made with extract of natural Aloe Vera which gives soft and smooth feeling on your skin. Enriched with Lemon grass and added moisturisers for refreshing bathing experience.
Jasco Aloe Vera Bathing Bar- enriched with Lemongrass Review

Jasco Aloe Vera Bathing Bar- enriched with Lemongrass review

Jasco Aloe Vera Bathing Bar- enriched with Lemongrass Review

My Experience- I have used translucent glycerin soaps but this is probably the first ever opaque one like Shea Butter soaps. The soap does not lather like usual soaps you can only feel the creamy leather instead bubbles. But the soap does its job of cleaning fairly well. You would love the invigorating lemon grass fragrance but wont stay on your skin for long. 
The soap bar is solid and wont melt like usual glycerin soaps. i liked that its not depositing on my soap dish and dries soon. 
As the brand claims, it surely moisturises and you wont mind skipping the body lotion. No dryness or itchiness like usual soaps.

Overall Jasco Aloe Vera Bathing Bar- enriched with Lemongrass is nice bathing option and people who like good and natural fragrances would love this soap. Recommended!
My Rating- 4.5/5


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