Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Skin Care Haul- The Body Shop, Farsali- First Impressions

Hi Girls, 

Past few weeks has really been hectic as i was too occupied travelling but then my favourite escape to the boredom and monotony was (and would always be) online shopping. 
Was excited to see year end sale offers  & discounts so some of the picks were like...lures and while others were new and some were on my wishlist.
Lets see some of them which i have in my bucket..

Skin Care Haul- The Body Shop Products

1. The Body Shop Haul- This was like the one most awaited one. flat 50% off sale on The Body SHop site!!!. There were real good products on offer and it was difficult to choose few but then after a lot of random thoughts i picked- 

a. The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Sleeping Cream (INR 2495 for 80ml)
I bought this as i was looking for a good Night cream which addresses my Acne prone skin and aging concerns. i was all done with my Kama Ayurveda Night Cream and it worked amazingly well on my skin so that i had too high expectations for others to match. But then Oils of Life was a good deal at flat 50% off although I was eyeing Tea Tree Anti Imperfection mask along with The Charcoal Mask but then its better not to be greedy...hehehe.
My first Impressions- Nice gel cream with pleasant aroma; is so calming and soothing for face. Have used it for 5-10 days and always woke up with plumped, hydrated and glowing skin. No side effects so far. 
b. Satsuma Body Polish (INR 625 for 200ml)
I was in love with Satsuma fragrance since the time I had got TBS Satsuma Body mist and the flat 50% off with free shipping was enough for me to pick this one. I was all over with my body scrubs so whats better than this.
So far not used this but would soon come up with a detailed review.
Skin Care Haul- Farsali Oils

2. Farsali - It was a pleasant surprise to find that Farsali is available on an Indian shopping site. yes, I am right, its Shopclues. 
I was looking for some other options for Face Oils and had been shortlisting some insta sellers since most of them were charging high for shipping, was searching online for other alternatives and brands too. Knowing that Farsali is available at Shopclues and that too at more than 70% discount!!!! Initially I was bit doubtful about their authenticity as I have heard a lot about Indian sellers selling fake products online and may Shopping sites so not even bother verifying the authenticity of the products. But then my Love for the oils was too strong...

a. Farsali Volcanic Elixir (INR 1799 for 15 ml) Available at 72% discount on shopclues.
Highly Raved and Recommended by Bloggers. 
I am acne prone so the pure Tamanu Oil from the soil of Volcanic eruptions is known for its Anti microbial, Anti Inflammatory and Anti Oxidant properties with Its High Nutritional Values was worth trying.
My First Impressions- Luxurious Glass black bottle with a thick Oil. Has Nutty fragrance and just 2-3 drops are sufficient for damp face. Dab it or Massage it, Leave it for a glowing skin other day. I am using this day and night and it has actually started working on my blemishes and white heads. SO Far its GOOD....wait for detailed review.

b. Farsali Rose Gold Elixir (INR 1999 for 15ml) Available on Shoclues at 60-70% . There are more than one sellers offering different discounts. So better explore the site for all best possible discounts. 
Do i need to give reasons why i got this Gold infused serum??? I am crazy for oils and keep trying all possible ones i could. 
My First Impressions- Luxurious packaging in white, glass bottle with dropper and Light Dry oil with infused gold flakes. It feathery light and sinks in within few seconds. Can be used day and Night. I am still in trying phase so cant say much about effects. Will soon post a detailed review.

SO this was a part of my Haul...
What has been your recent beauty buys??? Would like to know what lures you and what is on your wishlist.


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