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The Nalpamaradi Thailam for your skin- Kairali Ayurvedic

Kairali Nalpamaradi Thailam Review

Hi Girls, 
The more I am delving in organic and natural ways of SKin care, more I go close to Oils.  I have oils for every kind of skin care need, be it for face- anti aging, acne or for body, nails and obviously for hairs too. 
You can say, my day starts with oils and ends with it and still my hunger to try oils and concoctions is still not satiated. 
If you remember how i raved about Eladi Tailam and have been using this since quite long. Firstly it was with Auravedic and Kairali Ayurvedics
This would be my third purchase from Kairali after Facial oil. While repurchasing the Eladi oil from Kairali, came across Nalpamaradi Thailam which is again considered to be one of the most effective formula to combat skin infections and also for brightening and glowing properties. So there was a bottle in my hand ! 

Price- INR 130 for 200ml of oil.
Can be purchased online here from company website and also available on too.

A special medicated oil prepared exclusively for skin care. The base oil used is Coconut oil, which by nature has several properties to protect and pamper skin. Itching, burning sensation, redness of skin, infections which causes irritations on the skin surface etc are cured with appropriate use of Nalpamaradi Thailam. Apart from being special oil for skin diseases, this particular Thailam serves the purpose of a preventive measure against skin anomalies, if used regularly. Nalpamaradi Thailam is effective against pitha dominated lesions that affect the skin and is also widely used among children.

Kairali Nalpamaradi Thailam Review

Kairali Nalpamaradi Thailam Review

Kairali Nalpamaradi Thailam Review

Key Ingredients- 
Turmeric and Sandalwood being the major ingredients are anti bacterial and skin soothers. The oil is known for its unique ingredients- Barks of trees like Indian Banyan, Sacred Fig, plaksha and Goolar along with extracts of triphala. Ought to repairing and healing properties. Usually prepared in a sesame oil base but this one is in Coconut oil base. 

Packaging and Texture- the oil comes packed in a green plastic bottle sealed with a screw cap (like their Eladi Thailam). Again I transferred this into a pump dispenser bottle.
Oil is little thick and bright yellow with a sweet aroma which is not strong to bother.

In Ayurveda, Nalpamaradi is known for its skin treatment properties and even advised to improve skin complexion. It can be used for baby massage as it not only cures but brightens skin complexion.

Now how I used it?- Take Good amount, say 5-10 ml and massage and leave on your body for few minutes and take a hot water bath. 
First few uses, i tried massaging this after bath on my body and very few drops on face too. But then i found that it stains! my garments were all faint yellow.
So started using this Pre-bath oil but then its time consuming so spared this for sunday pampering only. Even tried this mixing with other oils like coconut, Eladi oil and Kukumadi one  but it still stains although the results were nice. I use this for oil cleansing- applying loads of oil on skin and let this warm up with a massage so that skin dirt, sebum etc melts with it and gets removed as soon as it is washed off.
Results- yes it surely brightens up the skin and helps eliminating marks and blemishes. Minor infections, rashes and even tanning is all gone after using this. Uptill now have not had any reactions or side-effects. if you are getting married soon, add this to your daily skin care regimen- a little massage daily before bath works really well, just follow it up with a ubtan and you are ready for the D-day with few days of use. 
Would I repurchase- probably no. I have many more oil variants to try and staining is one major issue for me.

Overall Nalpamaradi Oil is one of the most natural and organic formulation to rely on for your skin concerns. Is a great pre- bath oil/massage oil. Worth trying!
My Rating- 4/5
Have you ever tried Nalpamaradi Thailam- Which brand? What was your experience?


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