Thursday, 22 May 2014

My new Section- GHAR SANSAR & first review of Robin Cuff & Collars

Dear working women, 

Today i'm starting a new section of -Ghar Sansar, which would comprise views and reviews related home whether its Storage or organizing, Housekeeping or home decor, tools or appliances etc. Ultimately its all about being a smart Manager- at home too.

Being a working women that too in a nuclear family, you tend to juggle between several daily chores and office jobs but we all know a little awareness and sharing helps. when you are back home clean and organised home keeps you energetic n motivated isn't it?

So here it is-
my first review on Managing laundry cleaning- by Robin CUFF & COLLARS.
when it comes to this section - laundry cleaning, nobody can ignore it, right?
clean and tidy dress up definitely plays a vital role to portray a better image and good impression.
I have been struggling with this extremely stubborn dirt on Cuff and collars of my Boy's Shirts, extreme brushing or applying too much of detergent further deteriorates the quality and shine of the material. CUFF & COLLARS came to my rescue.
Product Name- Pre-Wash Robin Cuff's & Collars
Company- Reckitt Benckiser Ltd.
Price - 44 INR
Quantity- 200 ml
Packaging- Flip cap or spray nozzle cap bottle
Availability- on all counters over India
Claims- Ideal for tough to clean areas cuffs, Collars, saree falls etc. Clothes not only become spotlessly clean but last longer. Tough on dirt and grime but gentle on hands. Safe for use on whites, colored and delicate fabrics.

Robin Cuff & Collars Review

My experience-Its a pre-was as name suggests, to loosed tough dirt & Grime on areas like Cuff, Collars etc. Follow the given instructions and there you are sorted!!!
Completely lives up to its claims. has reduced my time on rubbing laundries to zero.  The only problem is that it does not spread hence 5-10 ml is required for one shirt cuff & collars.

Robin Cuff & Collars Review

Robin Cuff & Collars Review

Repurchase- of course, emptied several bottles by now.
Recommend- Highly recommended. 4.5/5.
Tell me have you used it? what is your experience?


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