Friday, 30 May 2014

Must Have Toners from Himalaya & Oriflame

Temperature soaring high, last night it was 43 degree Celsius. I am for the first time in my life sweating profusely. i don't know whether its good or bad for me.
searching for good skin care products like serum, day care creams etc but meanwhile something has been keeping my skin calm and waiting (for more good to come)
Those are my favourite TONERS from HIMALAYA Refreshing & Clarifying Toner and ORIFLAME Pure Nature Refreshing Rose Water

Lets see how they are- 
Himalaya Toner- Blue plastic semi transparent bottle with flip cap to open, sturdy to carry while travelling. Available in 100 & 200 ml packs
Oriflame Toner- Transparent bottle with spray nozzle, easy to carry while travelling too. my SIL gifted this to me. available in only 75 ml pack.
Himalaya- 90 INR for 100 ml, 180NR (not sure) for 200 ml although they are available at cheaper rates online.
Oriflame- 200 INR for 75 ml.(but available in 100 INR in some offers)
both are runny, watery and light. one to apply with cotton while other can be sprayed on face directly. both spreads easily and non greasy and non sticky.
this is himalaya one
Himalaya one claims to have Lentil and Citrus Limon extracts and also not to contain Alcohol (you can feel it too) and has all ayurvedic contents but does not mention any details about parabens while Oriflame although claims to have pure refreshing Rose Water and contains parabens and also contains  a form of alcohol - Panthenol although it has moisturising properties and has not carcinogenic or other side effects. 

My Experience-
I am using Himalaya one since last 2 years and guys i swear its awesome. It is bluish in colour & smells good and will not hurt your nose. Take small amount on cotton wool and apply on face after bath or washing your face and here you go. its a part of my daily CTM routine and has been keeping my zits at bay up to a greater extent. it burns a little if gets into your eyes. it has well suited to my combination Acne prone skin.

Oriflame toner as it claims is a refreshing rose water, yes it is. it has a mild soothing smell and effect on skin. spray on your face as when you are tired, wipe off if you feel like else you are left with fresh rose fragrance and moisturised skin. I never liked Rose fragrances but this is my summer favourite now. Wont hurt your eyes.

1) Wiping with Himalaya toner helps with dirt, traces of make-up and oil removal too. 
2) Rose water is an excellent toner but freshener & moisturiser too. A little spray on hair gives you shiny and fragrant tresses.

Overall- as claimed Himalaya Refreshing and Clarifying toner certainly refreshens and is GOOD and gives desired results i.e. clarifying and same applies to Oriflame Refreshing Rose Water too- soothing and refreshing.


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