Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Summer Escape-Jaipur-Part I

Hi friends, 

I was planning to do this post since last one month as we had a short trip to Pink City-Jaipur...can say just escaped from our daily routine.

Hawa Mahal

it was completely worth it, infact we are planning to have long trip again...to Jaipur and Nearby areas.

So here is some snaps from the trip...i maintained a complete ethnic look while on trip to combat and look good in scorching heat.

Jantar Mantar
 Jantar Mantar....amazing architechture with perfect means for astrological calculations

N number of Tourists

Oh God...i cant believe this!

My Little thinker.....

Lemme join u my Baby...
Jaipur Museum....good collection, liked those jewel pieces
with a family friend

My kid got bored but not his friend...thats where lies the difference btw girl & boy... haha
 Amer Palace....Awesome architecture and artwork, was in Love with the palace
Inside the Qila...Gallery,where Rani used to spend time with Raja

Awesome Artwork...mantramugdh!!!

Wish to create the same on my Wall!

Mela....in the Qila

My Family....!!!
So, tell me how it was...next part shows my HAUL from Jaipur...


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