Saturday, 30 August 2014

Garnier White Complete Gentle Exfoliating Scrub for daily scrubbing

Hi All, 

This festive month was full of vacation freaking, isn't it??
I had a blast as i got chance to meet my In-laws and my parents after a long. Believe me no Holiday outings can match up to family fun.
Today we are not talking about vacations but about one more product from +garnier light  GARNIER WHITE COMPLETE range- Gentle Exfoliating Scrub. Gentle exfoliation...its fine but White Complete??? lets see how. I purchased it as i was looking for daily use gentle scrub which can handle my acne and dark spot troubles well. In a way i was looking for a substitute to my favourite Clean and Clear daily scrub.

Product description- (as per site)
Segmentation- Fairness scrub/Exfoliator
Effectively cleanses the skin for optimum brightening result. Micro-beads gently remove impurities and exfoliate dull cells accumulated on the skin surface, leaving your skin soft, smooth and even looking. It is a gentle exfoliating scrub which can be used as a daily cleansing step to reveal brighter, more radiant skin.

Product Claims- 
Pure Lemon essence and Long dan effectively cleanse the skin for optimum brightening result. Micro-beads gently remove impurities and exfoliate dull cells accumulated on skin surface leaving your skin soft, smooth and even looking.

it comes in a simple white & yellow plastic tube with flip open cap. Quite an unattractive one but yes sturdy to carry along. (my cap got broken :-p). Again the problem with flip caps...settling on the brim.

As you can see it contains Salicylic Acid (not as major ingredient) along with little lemon extracts. But it contains loads of chemicals, SLES and parabens.

Quantity and Price- 
i got it 100 gms at 150 INR. Good quantity at a reasonable price. You can purchase it here.

Texture and Fragrance- 
now comes the lovely part of the scrub. First of all its gel based and tangerine yellow in color with those micro granules for mild scrubbing. It has little strong lemony smell which i like, actually while bathing its a refreshing experience with such lemony fragrances although it does not stay for long to bother sensitive noses but you may enjoy it while taking your bath. it is little runny but can be controlled with being little cautious while extracting from tube. 

My Experience- 
I am using it since last couple of months but not regularly. Can say 2-3 times a week when i have time and i need little exfoliation along with deep cleansing. As i said i enjoy the smell and scrubbing, yes its gentle and effective. Its not harsh to scratch your skin. Since gel based no harm for oily/combination skins but it is not drying so people with Dry or normal can also use it. it cleans dirt & grime well and also clears tanning to a greater extent but removal of pigmentation or dark spots will be disappointed. Presence of salicylic acid probably helps in controlling acne and scrub uproots them well too. But don't expect this to work and deliver within few usages. You need to use it at least for 2-3 weeks regularly. Looking into my type of oily and acne prone skin, it would work well in Winters and Summers but not in Monsoons as my skin behaves irrationally and needs extra attention, care and selected safe products to use. If compared to my favorite daily scrub from Clean and Clear, i would still prefer Clean and Clear.

Overall nice scrub for daily use and good for all skin types. Recommended!!

My Rating - 4.9/5


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