Tuesday, 5 August 2014

LOTUS NUTRAEYE Rejuvenating and Correcting Gel

I was reading a post of one of the famous bloggers today and the post was about her health and wellness concerns but when she wrote that those who are in the same boat would understand well; i realised its so true. if i would not have been struggling with same issues i would have not related with it so well.
it made me think that its so hard to understand some one's pain until and unless you experience it by yourself. In hindi we say-
"jiske pair na phati bevai wo kya jane peer paraiye" so its about sharing someone's pain.
I learnt 2 things-
First its never too late for a good initiative so leave your lazy pillow and hesitations behind & move. Secondly, being a blogger you have a leverage & get enormous opportunities to experience and share other's pain, so lets be together and be little more empathetic.
Today my product is an EYE Care one which i usually never felt need of as i did not had much of serious issues like dark circles etc. But then hitting my late 30's, i was looking for a preventive care so here it was from one of my most reliable brands- +Lotus Herbals .
Its LOTUS NUTRAEYE Rejuvenating and Correcting Gel, if you had been following my blog, you must have noticed this in my june's Haul. you can read the post here.

Product Packaging- its a slim attractive golden tube packed in a see-through carton pack. it has a narrow mouth to dispense the required quantity. No product wastage and quite sturdy for travel.

Product Description-  it is a Rejuvenating and Correcting Eye Gel. Reduces Under Eye Dark Circle, Wrinkles & Crow's Feet.

Product Claims- It is a specialist product that gently cares for the skin around the eyes and rejuvenates it. It reduces under-eye dark (non-genetic) circles, wrinkles and crows feet AND puffiness. it is meant for all skin types from normal to Dry, Combination to Oily.

Major Ingredients- Hydrolysed wheat protein - diminishes under eye-lines & crow's feet. Soy Bio peptides- Diminishes under-eye circles, Rice Bran and Vit A & E- Rejuvenates & hydrates skin .

Directions for use- Refer the pic above.

Texture and Fragrance- its a clear transparent gel with hardly any significant smell to bother.

Quantity and Price- 10 gms at 275 INR.  Quantity is less. it is available on all the retail counters  also you can purchase it here.

My Experience- This transparent smooth gel spreads quite easily and a small quantity as shown in pic above is sufficient to cover your single eye. its been more than 40 days  and i am still left with ample amount. 
I apply this every morning and evening after my CTM routine. it gets absorbed well within next 1-2 mins of application. I could vouch for this being applicable for all skin types as this suits my combination & sensitive skin and then it can surely suit others too. I am saying this because its a gel which has no Oil base. I have not noticed any break outs or white heads in my under eye area. Also my lids are oily but felt no heaviness after using this. 
As far as results are concerned, i don't have dark circles so cant say anything about the effect but yes i found that it relaxes and soothes my eyes. Next morning i find my eyes without any puffiness or signs of tiredness even if i had late nights. Crow's Feet, cant say as i don't have those too. But i have few fine lines under my eyes in which i could not find any major improvement but yes no more lines appeared later. But if any of you had noticed any major anti-ageing effects do tell me. 
Although quantity is less but lasts long and good for the price.

Overall its a Good gel for people under 30's who do not have much of ageing issues but wants a preventive care. Also suits all skin types so no worries. 

My Rating- 5/5


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