Friday, 21 August 2015

Himalaya Herbals Intense Oil Clear Lemon face wash- For Him:Review

Hi All, 

Today's post is little different, Why?
its because this time its my Man, who is sharing his views about a product which i brought but its for him. So he is the one who can tell you about - 
Himalaya Herbals Intense Oil Clear Lemon face wash- For Him from Himalaya Herbals India. +Himalaya Store 
I have just pen down his experience. 
Himalaya-Herbals-Intense-Oil-Clear-Lemon-face-wash- For-Him-Review

Dear Boys, firstly i am not quite a shopper (as we all men are). when it comes to personal products, all i need is a good face wash to keep my face dirt and oil free. 
Till i met my lady, my purchases were limited to Himalaya Neem face wash when i talk about any toiletry product apart from Soaps.
Thanks to my beauty freak wife & so many brands who came up with the idea of separate products for Men. So she has something more to add to her shopping bag and ME to loose!

Himalaya-Herbals-Intense-Oil-Clear-Lemon-face-wash- For-Him-Review

Himalaya-Herbals-Intense-Oil-Clear-Lemon-face-wash- For-Him-Review

Ok- The 50 ml of face wash is priced at 70 INR. Ok kind of price but i always think its high for a face wash. (after all i am a marwari baniya!) She bought this probably last month- see her Himalaya Haul.
This tube with not so 'manly' packing- Turquoise green(she told me the 'color') with hints of black and white, has sufficient information about the product on its back. Is quite an hardy one- give a good squeeze and still you've a little drop of that yellowish jelly kind little runny liquid on your palm. I am okay with it as it ensures no-wastage and also i don't need anymore-that's sufficient for me. Just add little water to foam and wash your face till neck. it smells like- lemons, i guess.
They say its fortified with- Lemon extracts, Indian Willow and menthol. Well i think i can feel that cooling sensation but very mild.
I felt that it cleans dirt, oil and even the last traces of pollution from my face. Days of acne and pimples are left behind so cant say about it...but hey is it meant for that?
Company says it has an 'Active Boost' which cleans and refreshes. I feel its right to a greater extent. 
My Lady- she is continuously prompting & directing me with several Q's i should answer, like any allergy/reaction with the product? No, i never had.
Himalaya-Herbals-Intense-Oil-Clear-Lemon-face-wash- For-Him-Review

I would say All i need is the Himalaya Herbals Intense Oil Clear Lemon face wash- For Me and i am all set for the day. yes i recommend this to all my readers out there.
My Rating- 5/5
So that was my dear hubby- and it was me there too nagging and coaxing him to write properly. Anyways i did not edit that and left it as it is for my readers. Tell me how was that?
Also have your tried Himalaya Herbals Intense Oil Clear Lemon face wash- For Him, as yet?


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