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Wipro Safewash Fabric Conditioner- Ocean Breeze : Review

Hi Everyone, 

Safewash helps to retain the newness of your clothes longer. it prevents them from fading while retaining their shine and softness. Safewash also neutralises the damage done by harsh detergents and hard water, filling your life with fragrance at the same time.
its been quite a long since i have written a post for Ghar Sansar section. Today i am reviewing Safewash Fabric Conditioner in Ocean Breeze. This is a fabric softener after wash from +Wipro . 
Safewash Fabric Conditioner- Ocean Breeze : Review

Most of you being homemakers or working women might definitely be looking for handy options to manage your laundry. But this time it is not about cleaning, its about keeping them soft and shiny post wash.
Price-  48 INR for 200 ml. (got 15% free), easily availble on retail counters and malls.
This is a blue liquid with medium consistency and nice fresh fragrance packed in a thick plastic bottle. Liquid is safeguarded with a screw cap and label with all details about the product. 

Safewash Fabric Conditioner- Ocean Breeze : Review

I bought this product as`my mom told me to try this. As we all know that what ever brand you try for detergents they are always harsh. My mom told me that this conditioner really works. i was already using Wipro Safewash Liquid detergent and was quite happy with it so thought its worth trying with this product too. Lets see if i share the same view.
How to use- 
1. Handwash- a) pour 1 capful in half a bucket (10 lts) of water, stir gently. b) soak clothes already washed with detergent for 5-10 minutes in the bucket. squeeze them gently. do not wring.
c) Take out clothes and do not dry. Do not rinse clothes in water after using Safewash.
2. Machine Wash (fully Automatic)- add 1 capful in softener/conditioner department.
(sem-automatic)- add 1 capful in last rinse.

Product Claims and my Experience-
All Day Fragrance- Encapsulated Crystals burst with fragrance when clothes make contact with your body. While ordinary conditioners tend to loose fragrance in storage. Safewash offers a whole day of fragrance when you need it most.
I have even tried an another brand but never found this long lasting and amazing fragrance. True that it stays long and keeps my laundry fragrant till next wash.  The Fragrance- Ocean Breeze is so nice and i loved it. 
So Soft, So New- Safewash has active conditioning agents which keep clothes soft, shiny and looking as good as new even when washed in hard water.
Washing in hard water kills clothes but one cant do much about it. This conditioner comes to your laundry rescue while surely keeping them soft and shiny to a greater extent but retaining their newness is little exaggeration.
Anti bacterial Protection- Safewash keeps your clothes germ free and hygienic and this helps to keep you healthy. 
its so important that while we look for anti bacterial bath and body products we can get something more to add to our hygiene and prevent us from further infections. I keep contracting skin infections easily due to my dry skin texture. I think this conditioner worked to a greater extent in this too as i have not contracted allergies since long.
I have tried this on all kinds of fabric from cottons to silks, synthetics fabrics, and even woolens and it worked. I wont say my clothes were new again or something but yes they were better in terms of shine and of course fragrant.
Safewash Fabric Conditioner- Ocean Breeze : Review

Safewash Fabric Conditioner- Ocean Breeze : Review

Overall i am happy that i adhered to my moms advice and bought this and am planning to repurchase a full size bottle of Safewash fabric conditioner. Would try other fragrances too now. Recommended!
My Rating- 4.5/5


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