Monday, 28 December 2015

6 Skincare Goof ups! to avoid

Hi Everyone!
Today i am going to share some of my personal experiences and some from my people around, about skincare goofups!. Actually i should say- they are tips or tricks, usually suggested and recommended. But how they actually turnout. lets see-

1. Cleaning face with Baking soda or Toothpaste/treating acne with mix of Baking soda and toothpaste- 
this is one BIG goof up i did relying on some beauty tips from my social networks. Believe me girls DO NOT TRY this. Its going to mess up things rather add up to your skin woes. I got major rashes and acne after this and that too after single application. 
Advice- if you are so keen to try, give a patch test at the back of ears or below jawline. 

2. Applying Garlic on acne or pimples to remove them overnight- 
Oh God! this trick is soooo risky. It can burn your face from slight to severe burns, can you believe that? i wont say anything more but have met many more victims where the acne/pimple got severe rather than treated. Garlic or garlic juice is too strong to apply on your facial skin. NEVER try this.
Advice- I wont even suggest a patch test. Forbidden!

3. Applying oils directly on face- many facial oils ( even though i prefer many facial oils) and cleaning methods like Oil Cleansing etc are good but for them too, give a try rather than slathering. Identify what type of Oil suits your skin with patch tests and that too for atleast a couple of days. If you do not get any side effects, start with a once a week/fortnight regime and then increase the frequency as per your suitability. 
Advice- If possible consult your doctor or natural therapist for use of oils.

4. Drinking gallons of water to get glowy skin- Its good to drink water for your whole body mechanism and so for skin too but gulping gallons (read liters) of water may not be possible for everyone. It even triggers urinary or other medical troubles if your body does not adapt. 
Advice- start with small quantities and drink only when you feel thirsty. You can increase intake with other liquid options like juice, crush, flavoured water, green tea etc (but no soda, tea or coffee)

5. Steaming your face- Steaming your face obviously puts you to risk of burning but also opens your pores. And frequent steaming can do a long term damage. Since facial skin is very thin, you have to be very cautious.
Advice- steam your face under a trained professional's observation or unless you are trained to. Also never forget to follow up with a calming mask.

6. Shaving your hairs- obviously you are not a boy to shave your facial hairs but then why for your hands and legs? Have you ever noticed your man's beard, its so hard and poky. The same happens to your hairs whether on hands or legs. Whatever they say- to sell their products but shaving is surely not your thing.
Advice- look for milder and safer options which do not cause permanent & undesirable changes like waxing.

So girls this was something i thought should share with you all to save you from these mistakes and harm yourself.
Stay safe and beautiful.


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