Wednesday, 9 December 2015

STOP #Hairfall this winter!

Hi girls!

As the season changes, we gear up with our skin and hair care arsenal...and when its winters approaching....
I love winters as i can apply loads of skin and hair care products and can pamper my self.
but the biggest problem we usually face is Hairfall. My mum always used to tell me that its the time when hairs always fall but then its the time too to take the utmost care. So here are some of my tried and tested tips- 

1. Diet matters first- Try multivitamins, iron, zinc, folic acid with biotin as supplements. The season accompanies with lots of fruits and green vegetable varieties. Add a bowl of fresh fruit/veg salad to your meals. Drink fluids (if not water) to increase water content and stay hydrated. 
2. Stay active- Dont snooze your alarm, move out of your bed. If not a full fledged exercise, atleast a brisk walk in morning and evening. This would increase body metabolism and will help to keep you and your hairs healthy.
3. Hair wash- Wash your hairs not more than twice a week but try to have a oil massage night before. Avoid hard water, if possible boil some neem leaves in water and use the water for hair wash.
4. Protect your hairs- keep your hairs braided or tied while sleeping and also do not leave them open always during the day. If going for a long drive- tie them and cover them with a bandana or scarf. Of course your hairs need air but leaving them untied for entire day/week would entangle and mess them to add to your hair woes.
5. De-stress- You can never avoid work pressure whether at home or at office. Shoo away your worries with some entertainment club or spend quality time with family to de-stress yourself. What about a family outing at weekend? Believe it works beyond you can think of.
6. Scalp infections- Dandruff and other infections usually trigger during this season. Invest in a good anti dandruff shampoo. You can also use apple cider vinegar for last rinse. it not only conditions the hair but also removes scalp deposits.
7. Some hair fixes- try these hair packs. You can also try the hair oil recipe shared here & here.

Apple curd pack- Add 1 tbsp of apple juice to a bowl of curd(fatless) and apply it to your hair roots and scalp. Keep it for 20 mins and wash with regular/anti dandruff shampoo. 

Neem and Methi Pack- Take 100 gms of methi (fenugreek) leaves and 50 grams of neem and guava leaves. Blend them in a grinder along with few drops of olive oil. Add 1 tbsp of fatless curd and apply it from roots to tip. Keep it for 30 mins and wash. But do not apply shampoo for the day. You can wash it day after.
These pack would nourish and also treat scalp infections.

So tell me whats your hair saviour? how do you pamper your manes.


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