Saturday, 6 February 2016

Garnier Men: PowerLight FAIRNESS Moisturiser SPF15

Garnier MEN PowerLight FAIRNESS Moisturiser SPF15 Review

The 1st moisturiser for men with a fairness performance so intense that you can measure it. Now, get fairness performance you can measure!
Hi Guys, 
You all might have understood that today its Men's Day- Yes i am reviewing Men's skin care product. its is Garnier MEN PowerLight FAIRNESS Moisturiser SPF15 from +Garnier Skin Care 
Price- 180 INR for 45gms. Easily available on retail shops and online stores.
Ingredients- Long list of chemicals with parabens too.

Garnier MEN PowerLight FAIRNESS Moisturiser SPF15 ingredients

When i search for a good skin care for my man, its usually something nourishing yet targeted at pigmentation; something sun safe too.
I spotted this and had all the reasons to pick this-
1. Obviously a day cream cum moisturiser with spf
2. Prevents skin darkening from sun
3. Enriched with brightening lemon extract that removes dark dead cells; it reveals visibly fairer and smoother skin immediately. It is also enriched with anti pigmenting Long Dan which prevents production of skin-darkening melanin.
Garnier MEN PowerLight FAIRNESS Moisturiser SPF15 review

Packing- The cream comes packed in black-green squeezy tube sealed with a screw cap housed in a similar kind of carton. Packaging is good -masculine and travel safe. 
The carton has all the details printed about the product. To justify their claims they have even provided a Fairness scale (i dont understand why they market such product under the Fairness tag)

Garnier MEN PowerLight FAIRNESS Moisturiser SPF15 Review

Garnier MEN PowerLight FAIRNESS Moisturiser SPF15 Review

Now how did it performed?
He (my man) applies it everyday after washing his face and its done. No reapplication not even in night and as we all know THEY do not have any skin regime so no question of night regime too. 
The cream is thick white with the typical man's deo fragranceI could see his skin fresh with no white cast or something due to spf although the spf factor is not high.
I noticed that he is not generous while applying so less is more. it immediately sinks with a matte finish-so no oily or greasy layer.   
Then too i can see visible improvement in his skin tone- it was even with pigmentation marks faded. I wont call it FAIRNESS and it was neither needed. Spf is quite low-15 but i guess the contents worked more than sun protection here.
His skin was nourished with significant reduction in melanin from his cheek bones and forehead. 
Infact this is something i am looking in my creams (wink).

Overall Garnier MEN PowerLight FAIRNESS Moisturiser SPF15 is a great moisturiser for normal to oily skin. Fully lives upto its anti-pigmentation claims and quite affordable too.
My Rating-5/5

Whats yours(for men)/your man's most loved/used face product?


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