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hiphop Salt & Sugar Face Scrub with Micellar Water

Traditionally Salt and Sugar were the only and the most effective source of exfoliation, being simple, gentle and purest form of scrubbing. Hiphop has combined traditional and modern science and produced a "Salt & Sugar face scrub with Micellar Water". It exfoliates and moisturises the skin. it is very effective with balanced pH for unclogging pores, speedy turnover of skin cells, controlling sebum and smoothing skin tone gently. it also improves skin texture by reducing dry, rough skin and removing layers of excess dead skin. The exfoliating factor leaves the skin rejuvenated, vivacious, soft, healthy and glowing.
hiphop Salt & Sugar Face Scrub with Micellar Water review

Hi Girls, 
Today its a skin care product from one of the Indian Companies, Venus Drugs and Cosmetics Ltd- one of the early partners of Zandu. They have their skin care/cosmetic products under the brand name- hiphop. 
I got their scrub- hiphop Salt & Sugar Face Scrub with Micellar Water. 
Price- 125 INR for 100 gms. Easily available on retail counters and online too. I got this from Amazon.
Suitable for all types of skin
During the last few months while combating my cystic acne i used several anti bacterial products which left with severe dry patches on my face. I had to fight my acne and simultaneously cure those dry patches. So I grabbed this.
You might have read in the claims that this scrub is not only for exfoliation but for hydration too. 3 words which tempted me- Salt, Sugar & Micellar water, for cleansing.
sugar and salt are excellent exfoliatiators which retains skin moisture too and when combined with a well known cleansing agent- micellar water, its worth trying. Although i have never tried the traditional method of salt or sugar scrub at home but never heard of a combined product. 
hiphop Salt & Sugar Face Scrub with Micellar Water review

Ingredients- Salt, Sugar, Lactic Acid, Micelllar water(charged water), NMF(sugar based), Honey, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, EDTA salt, urea, Phynoxyethanol, Micro granules of salt, sugar, polyethelene, Fragrance, Aloevera, Micellar Water & Fragrance. 

The whole ingredient list although seems safe but is quite confusing with the key ingredients doubled up in the list and moreover no % of the content used????

The hiphop Salt & Sugar Face Scrub with Micellar Water comes in opaque plastic squeezy tube with flip top cap. The whole packing & labelling in white & blue is not very attractive or classy but its ok since its fuss free and easy to carry.
The scrub is creamy, white with tiny white/transparent granules. it has a mild smell which wont bother. A small coin size is sufficient to cover face, apply it on moist skin and massage with light circular movements. This is creamy soft, lathery and granules are not harsh. My face was clean and hydrated with the first use. The scrub is mild and soothing for dry or irritated skin. You will find this calming and my dry patches were soothed. 
I liked that it also has good cleansing property as i used it after wiping my makeup and it removed the last traces even (not around eyes ofcourse)
The scrub surely removes dead skin and also i never felt my skin oily the whole day after using this. For unclogging pores- i did not find much of that on my skin. 
This is my first hiphop product and the first ever cream scrub i applied on my face but i liked the way its cleans, exfoliates and moisturises skin. This is one such scrub after Oriflame Milk & Honey Scrub which has good exfoliation & moisturising property and i liked it.
hiphop Salt & Sugar Face Scrub with Micellar Water Review

hiphop Salt & Sugar Face Scrub with Micellar Water Review

Overall hiphop Salt & Sugar Face Scrub with Micellar Water is nice exfoliating cream which is gentle, calming and hydrating and suitable for dry, irritated skin. Recommended!
My Rating- 4.5/5


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